Problematic Botox Injections

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Well i had botox in June this year, 2010 and i was...

well i had botox in June this year, 2010 and i was pleased with the results apart from the brow area that i had had smoothed out because a few days after the injections i suddenly looked in horror at my reflection and saw that my eyelids were all droopy and i had lost the look if 'wide blue' eyes i had so had a nice feature for so long. Anyway it wore off and i decided not to do that again and had a fringe instead ..much easier!!!

I was a bit fed up with the crowes feet around my eyes so thought as the practitioner had sone a good job on these previously i would go back to her. Well she injected three areas around the outer eye area then she said to me 'lets get rid of those little bunny feet on your nose' so she injected 3 injections each side of my nose. That was all the treatment i had done and paid and left.

I left it three days and every morning i coudl see that the eye area under my eyes was tightening right up and causing more wrinkles than before. I left it another day and it looked worse still so i tried to call the clinic but with no response as it was xmas time. I waited a while it did not improve so i eventually went back and she explained that by leaving the undereye with no botox treatment it had caused the muscle to spasm and any loose skin was caught up and it made it look worse!!! she then relaxed the under eye area to try to encompice that whole rubber bad effect of which an eye muslce had and maybe in a few days things will settle down!! I am mortified and will never ever tamper with my face again and in 3 months will hopefully be back to normal but meanwhile have to put up with the effects and make the most of it.

I do not understand why this happened maybe because she injected my nose area to get rid of the lines..i should of said 'no' at the time but hindsight is always a good one eh!!

So no more botox for me ever!!

Its a gamble.

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