I'm 58 and Needed a Face Lift

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It seemed all of a sudden my cheeks was wrinkling...

It seemed all of a sudden my cheeks was wrinkling it really botherd me I felt depressed about I couldn't afford a face lift as my husband has a illness which made him disabled so money was tight so I decided to go and visit the private clinic which told me I would need to lift my face to achieve wot I wanted to get rid of my wrinkles which would be at a price of £1,700 which for me was a huge amount the only way was to get a credit she assured me it would be great I went away and thought about it I was feeling pretty low about myself so I got a credit card and thought well I can't afford it was I've had a pretty rough ride the past 5 years looking afther my dad with demita till the end and then my husband fell ill I needed this my confidence wasn't with me nomore in the way I looked so I made appointment and the day came I was excited a new me I had 5 fillers put in the sides of my face I got home a little swollen but I could see no difference sat in front of the mirror and cried I've spent £1,700 on wot ? I phoned the next day to say I wasn't happy they asked me to go back she gave me another syringe in my cheeks and scriptural 2 in my wrinkles there's no difference in my face I'm so unhappy all I got forward to now is 2 miserable years of paying back the money
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