20 Years Old Vaser Lipo Review with Dr Wolf on Back Flanks and Abs

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I had been researching this around about 6 months...

I had been researching this around about 6 months prior to having it and Dr Wolf stood out the most for me so I chose him, I also liked the fact he had a blog and a YouTube channel so I could watch all how the procedure works. I booked a consultation with him and found him very helpful and gave me lots of information to have a think about. I decided later that day that I wanted the procedure done and booked it for 8th December.
When I got to the private clinic a few days ago the welcoming was lovely everyone was so nice to me as I was very nervous as have never had any time of surgery or any anesthesia before so I was anxious about that but everyone there calmed me down.
I chose to have my back flanks and upper and lower abs done as I could never shift the weight in these areas I always found these the hardest yet what they have done to me at the clinic is a miracle I even have hips again which I cannot believe. I cannot highly recommended this procedure enough. It's given me the confidence and made me happy again. The aftercare which I'm still in after 4 days is very sore and achy but not painful just a slight nusence.
Peeing is the worst I dread having to go to the toilet or get changed with the compression garment as it's so tight especially with the foam inserts I dread everymorning having them put in as your so restricted I'd definitely say the worst thing about the whole process is the compression garment.
Tomorrow I am seeing Dr Wolf again to get my drains out which I think will be much more comfortable.
So I'll post more tomorrow when that's done.
Also with the leakage it's been alright as I've had all my family helping me and all leakage stopped after 2 days, I would find it very difficult to have this procedure and not tell anyone or not have anyone around as it's very hard to deal with yourself.
I had my first mld sessions too the other day which were really painful but advised they do really help so I'm sticking to them.

Day 6

Still so happy with my results so far.
I feel like each day getting up in the morning and showering and going to the toilet is getting easier and easier which makes life better. I'm still feeling achy and today was the first day back at work since the op and it was all fine!
I'm also now starting to sleep on my side rather than my back, at first it hurts for a moment then the pain goes and it's comfortable so I'm so glad I finally have a good sleep!!
Swelling is going down each day and I have my 3rd mld on Saturday so hopefully that'll help even more. I am only 20 so I have no lumps or bumps as I have elastic skin??? So I am happy with that too.
I'm also using a lot less painkillers as I was taking 3 lots of 2 tablets a day and today I only took 2 tablets once so pain is easing off.
Anyone thinking of having this I will say the aftercare isn't painful it's just sore and achy and it feels like you have done about 500 sit ups!!
Haven't taken any more photos so will do that this weekend with an update then too!

So far, so good!

back before and after - ROLLS ARE GONE YAY

Feeling a lot less happy with the results

I've just realised that my belly button is looking quite mangled and I can't put my belly piercing back in its ruined so I'm really upset about that.
I have had 3 mld sessions yet the swelling just won't go down and I'm starting to think their just lying and that this is the actual results.
All my old clothes still fit so I'm really angry as I'm still the exact same size as before so what was the point??
I haven't weighed myself since as again it's probably the same weight as before and will just get me down.
Just thought I'd update on how I'm feeling.

Feeling happier with swelling gone down!!

So it's been like 4 and a bit weeks since my surgery!! Feels like it was ages ago now, I'm not anywhere near as sensitive as I was before but there's still a bit of numbness around my tummy! I only in total have had 4 mld sessions and the massage lady said i dont need any more as i have 0 bruising and no lumps or anything at all but i am young so expected that!
The swelling has gone down quite a bit and I am so happy with my results on my tummy you can see a little curve and it's getting much flatter!! My back I'm not so happy with, it's a lot better than it was but I feel like as I'm wearing a bra every day again I feel like the bra fat bit is starting to come back which is so annoying!! But again I need to be realistic with my results like what did I think I was going to pay £6000 and become a supermodel?? No!! I've been to the gym a lot and eating healthy so I have in fact lost in total a stone(14lbs) since surgery all together which I'm proud of I think this surgery puts you in the right mind set to be like right I wanna improve what's been done and it just motivates you to be better! I definitely do not regret my surgery and I 100% think I chose the right surgeon for me as he's been great, it's my first check up to see how my results are on Friday so I can't wait for him to show me the before photos he took rather than the ones I took on my phone.
Oh and today at work I wore a tight top and a skirt and got complemented so much on how my waist is so much smaller and it was great!! I bought this skirt before surgery but it didn't fit me at all and now it does so that made me so happy!!
So I'll update when I can!! Thanks xxx


Been about 2 months post op now, I took this before photo in June 2016 and three after is 23rd January 2017 it may not look like a big difference but I feel so much better about myself and can wear tighter clothing, since surgery I have lost around 2 stone which for 2 months I'm so happy with! I go to the gym about 4 times a week now and I'm so motivated to improve my body shape further! I eat a lot healthier too now and havery a cheap meal about once a month! I need to do more stretches and massages on my tummy and it is still quite hard which is a pain to do but I will keep you all updated with photos etc!
Plus please ignore the messy room and my dog in the corner haha

Definitely worth it.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. But I just wanted to say how worth it I think this surgery is. It's pushed me in the right direction and made me feel so much better about myself. I can wear different clothes and I just feel so much more confident within myself. I can't recommend Dr wolf enough and I'm so glad I chose him. Here's some pictures of what my body looks like at the moment. It's still not perfect but I'm so much happier.
Dr. Dennis Wolf

Dr Wolf has been amazing. He was so lovely from the get go and answered all my questions. He gave me a call on his mobile the day after to see how I was doing which I thought was lovely and he's always making sure I'm OK.

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