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Hey RS ladies hope your all doing good...those of...

Hey RS ladies hope your all doing good...those of you who have had surgeries, waiting for their surgeries, those who have had good results and those who didn't get what they wanted. I'm new to this but have read soo many reviews of you all. I hope to get advice from ladies who have been thru this to help me understand what to expect. I know each individual is different but guidance is good. I'm going to try my best to put as many reviews and photos up as I can. I'm a lady who doesn't have a great body so basically would rather have sex in the dark. Hopefully after my operation I feel more confident about myself (even if I have marks all over my body) but hey ho can't have everything but if you ladies have advice for that too it would be greatly appreciated....
So basically I'm having a mummy makeover. Breast augmentation, mini abdominoplasty, three areas of liposuction (stomach/back/sides) then fat transfer to buttocks. I would love to hear from all you lovely ladies of your experience or even if you thinking or waiting for your operation.x

Implant size..

As I am currently 34A I am wanting to up my size to atleast a very full C or a small D. When I went for my consultation I agreed with my surgeon to use 300CC NAGOR implants. But now thinking about it and reading reviews of other ladies I'm deciding to change my mind and go a little bigger as I really don't want to be disappointed with the result. I'm thinking 360cc yes I'm feeling breast greedy.....

Oh no!!!!! :(

Right so I'm all there mentally preparing myself for this operation which I have in 4weeks then I get an email from BMI Health! My credit has been REJECTED!!! Noooooooooo! At this moment in time I'm really gutted I have money to do half of my operation but not the other half so I planned the other half on instalments. So now I've ended up going to my last resort and now if this all fails I will be only having my breasts done. Which I will be happy about but not completely as I wanted the full body treatment..... :(
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