21yrs. Old 123lbs. Deciding Between 300cc or 340cc Round Moderate Profile. Prince George, BC

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Hi guys! My BA is in three weeks and I still...

Hi guys! My BA is in three weeks and I still haven't decided on a size! I'm a little asymmetrical due to slight scoliosis :O I'm between two sizes 240/295 or 295/340. I really don't know which to choose the 295 looks small but I am scared of rippling and also looking top heavy with the 340. I want to know if it is common for someone my height 5'11" and weight 123lbs to get 340cc or if that is to big for a natural ish look. For sizing what did you girls find more accurate, rice sizers or the mentor gel implants made for sizing?

3D photos

Has anyone had similar 3D imaging done? If so did you find it accurate to your final result or no? I've seen a lot of ladies get 300 or under with nice results. But the 295 in my 3D photos looks small and deflated to me! Please help :)

Bad reviews !!??

Hi guys I just came across some bad reviews and am going to call the clinic Monday. I am scared and am wanting to cancel is it worth possibly loosing $2,000 I asked them to email me the cancellation policy and I never received anything.
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