Primary rhinoplasty regret - a smaller nose doesn't equal better

Primary rhinoplasty regret - a smaller nose doesn't equal better

I never thought I would want my big nose back. But I do, badly. Below is a summary of what I'm going through

I've always hated my nose.. and that's the common story you hear from most people that opt for Rhinoplasty. I hated it. I would start a my reflection at cry. I would turn my face the other way when sat in traffic so that people couldn't see my profile and I would refuse to go out when I thought my nose was looking particularly bad. I've also been bullied about my nose and I thought I would leave comments like that in my past (I'm 29) but only last year in Summer someone shouted out their window that I should get a nose job. This was the turning point for me. That, and getting married next year. The thought of being photographed without perfectly positioning my nose so that it looked *somewhat* acceptable sent me into sheer panic and didn't want to spend my wedding day anxious of what angles guests were capturing my nose. So I finally decided to go ahead with surgery.

This was propelled when I saw a reality TV star in the news that had her nose done. Her results were extremely natural and subtle and that's exactly what I wanted -I wanted the bump taken down, less projection and I didn't want the tip of my nose plunging down like a witches when I smiled. So I went full steam ahead and booked a consultation with the surgeon that did her nose. As I wanted a natural result also.

The surgeon didn't do computer imaging as he felt that it can sometimes give an unrealistic idea of the result as it's not until he operates does he see a full picture of what can and cannot be done. So I had to explain as articulately as I could my expectations. I really liked the surgeon, very calming and it seemed a simple procedure.. I was going for closed rhinoplasty as I'm tall, he felt an open rhinoplasty scar would be visible and I could risk the scar not healing very well too. During this process I did also consider Lucian Ion but he had a very long waiting list, and stupid me and my impatience decided to just go ahead with this surgeon. I was excited at finally having a nose I no longer felt ashamed of and I could start enjoying my life. I foolishly thought it would make me more attractive as I felt that my nose took over my face.

My surgery was booked on 6 January and I nearly backed out. I woke up and I thought 'I'm I being completely ridiculous risking something on the middle of my face' But my Fiance reminded me that I had wanted this since 18, which was true and that if I didn't have it done I'd regret it.

I don't want to bore you with the details but a day after the operation I spiralled into panic and regretted my decision. I looked at the state of myself and wondered what the hell i'd done.. whilst looking at my old photos thinking 'my old nose wasn't THAT bad'. I had to keep my cast on for 2 weeks and it was a total NIGHTMARE. Spent most days crying in panic, wondering what on earth was beneath the cast.

My surgeon strongly reminded me that the nose will swell when the cast comes off within minutes and that the tip can retain swelling for 18 months. Well, I never took that comment too seriously when considering Rhinoplasty and I wish I did.

When the cast came off, I liked my nose, it looked refined and straight and a smaller version of my nose. Within was a swollen fat, mess and I haven't liked it since.

My nose now looks very rounded on the end and i also have a curved profile which I didn't ask for or want.. it wasn't curved when the cast came off so I'm not sure if there was swelling concealing the curve or where the tip is swollen, creating the illusion of a curve.

In addition my nose has been upturned.. I didn't want this. I only wanted my nose not to dip when I smile. I also have a longer looking lip now and I think this is because my nose has been upturned it creates the illusion of a longer lip which makes me look plain weird. I feel fake and ugly

Other things I didn't know about rhinoplasty:

-After surgery I couldn't smile and my lip covered my teeth. This lasted 4 weeks and was very scary.
-When the cast came off my whole face was stiff especially at the base of my columnella. But this could be because my surgeon had to break that bone (unexpectedly) because during surgery it looked bent once everything was straightened.

I'm trying to be patient as I know that Rhinoplasty has a long recovery time.. but I am honestly struggling. I have never felt so ugly and disgusting in my life and never did i think i'd want my old nose back because i think it suited me much better. I just hope I have tip swelling that will go down in time.

I encourage everyone to think long and hard about rhinoplasty as it's not a simple fix, it can affect the other features on your face and I didn't consider that. I wish i realised my large nose wasn't such a big deal as having a smaller nose doesn't necessarily make you prettier, it can have the opposite effect.

It's early 3 months since my procedure and…

It's early 3 months since my procedure and Im severely depressed. I absolutely hate my nose. It's upturned when I didn't ask for that and bulbous on the end. I liked my nose when the cast came off as I had a straight profile which I asked for. But within 24 hours I had a curve on my bridge that hasn't gone away. My nose looks fake. I askEd for a really subtle change and this is so vastly different from what I wanted. It doesn't suit my face. My eyes now look piggy and I have a long upper lip where he has upturned the tip. Please can someonever help. Do you think my nose will return to when the cast was removed? I'm in utter despair. Please don't ever have your nose operated on. It's ruined my life.

3 month visit to Surgeon

So I saw my Surgeon yesterday. He said I was 'on-track' and that I still had a lot of swelling and that the tip of the nose swells disproportionately to the bridge. Since a lot of the work was done on the tip I have a lot of swelling.

I then had photos taken and then a before and after comparison. I do not think they look good. I just think my nose looks fake. He said he raised the tip a bit and my old nose was pointing downwards which is 'masculine' apparently. But I dont think a raised tip suits the rest of my face. However he did say it could drop some more. He also admitted to putting in a slight curve to my bridge!! Again I didn't ask for this.. even if apparently it is more feminine. I don't think it's natural or what I asked for.

All in all, he said I still have lots of swelling to go down and that I should come back in December to review. If I'm still unhappy he said we could discuss what he could do to make it better but he's confident that that won't be the case once the swelling goes away. I'm praying this is the case and that the tip drops some more.

All in all I feel in mourning for my old nose. Yes it was big and projected too much but in hindsight it just suited my face so much better. He said I need to just forget about my nose for now as I won't notice the changes by constantly obsessing over it.

If I could turn back time I would. After being tormented about my nose and feeling so self conscious of it, I thought a rhinoplasty would finally allow me to live life to the full, but it's only made me feel far worse.

Curved bridge

My nasal bridge looks terrible. He put a scoop in it! And in the three consultations I had prior to my operation I told him I wanted a straight bridge. It looks so fake..I'm so upset that he didn't listen to me. I don't know what I can do except for wait a year for a revision..more money and more risk. I'm getting married next year and this was meant to give me the confidence I wanted to have pictures taken without being anxious. But now I feel more ashamed of my nose
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