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I am a 27 years old with under eye circles caused...

I am a 27 years old with under eye circles caused by hereditary loss of fat under the eyes. The hollows appeared very dark and no amount of concealer would cover them. I looked like a raccoon, spending hundreds on creams and cosmetics.

I tried every known solution and home therapy out there, before I went to see a reputable UES doctor. I did an enormous amount of research before I went to see him. I was encouraged by the fact that he had injected fillers under the eyes and had participated in the first clinical trials of Restylane.

The doctor took time to explain to me the different options I had and what to expect from fillers, as it was my first time with any injectables. He recommended Prevelle Silk under the eyes, as it is thinner and easier to manipulate than Restylane and reduces the chances of lumps under the eyes.

I had Prevelle Silk injections under my eyes and the results are gorgeous (believe me, I am hard to please). These are expensive at $700 for two vials, which last 6 - 9 months. After the injections I applied ice packs and I had bruising that faded completely in a 10 day period. To help with bruising I applied Arnica gel and consumed Arnica orally also. I look so refreshed now - not perpetually tired like I did before.

Overall I've had a positive experience with Prevelle Silk - although a great part of the credit has to be given to my doctor. I think a good product in the hands of a good doctor provides the best result, so do your homework.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Lorenc after much research. I saw that he had participated in several clinical trials of Restylane. Further more, he had experience dealing with my problem, which was using fillers to correct hollowing and dark circles under the eyes. He was very precise in his injecting, not injecting too deep or too close to the skin. Years of experience that was obvious to see. He was an extremely easy person to talk to, and made me feel very much at ease. I am sure I am not the typical UES clientele that he is used to, but never once did I feel uncomfortable. His staff is wonderful and warm, extremely professional and thorough.

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