33 Years Old, Mum of 2, Excited About Getting Rid of These HUGE Boobs! - Prague, CZ

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Has anyone had surgery in Turkey? Specifically...

Has anyone had surgery in Turkey? Specifically with Clinic Centre / Dr Caghan Baytekin / Dr Guray Ye?iladal? ? Im wanting a breast reduction. The prices are great but not many reviews on the surgeons or the clinic. Alternatively, im looking at Prague or Belgium. Any opinions gratefully received.

33 Years Old, Mum of 2, Excited About Getting Rid of These HUGE Boobs!

It seems like my boobs went from non-existent to ginormous over night when I was about 13 years old. They've always drawn a lot of unwanted attention to me, girls were bitchy and boys were pervy. They still are. It drives me crazy!! I hate not being able to wear nice clothes, I hate having to wear big ugly bras that dig in everywhere and cost a fortune, I hate having boob sweat all the time (yuck!), I hate that my boobs define me - its how people describe me...."the one with the huge boobs", I hate how saggy they are since breastfeeding my 2 babies and I hate the back pain they cause me. My husband loves them but that's the one and only positive part. Ive been trying to get them reduced on the NHS for years now but there's always an excuse and I got tired of waiting. Then I found out how much cheaper it is to have surgery abroad! Ive been obsessed with researching all options and am so happy that Ive finally decided on a surgeon and clinic to do the reduction! There is finally light at the end of the tunnel!! The deposit is paid, the flights are booked and this time in 6 weeks I will be waking up to beautiful itty bitty titties! SO EXCITED!!! :)

Dr Ondrejka

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