Custom Butt Implants, Labiaplasty, and Flankplasty - Powell, OH

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It's going down you guys...I'm going to Dr. Grawe...

It's going down you guys...I'm going to Dr. Grawe (in Ohio) next week to get butt implants!!! My Brazilian Butt Lift looks AMAZING I can't even believe how I walked around for so long with the flatty patty cakes I had before my bbl. it saddens me to think about it lol! Dr. Balgobin did one FANTASTIC BBL on me and I continue to turn heads and get compliments regularly.
I would just like to have more projection and fullness and I don't want to have to put stress of gaining weight again on my body. I'm opting for implants and I feel really comfortable with my decision.
I have more than enough fat back there to cover the implants thanks to my BBL. Now I'm looking forward to an even rounder, higher, tighter backside! Look out world on August 26th I'll be a new woman all over again LOL!
Stay tuned...

The Booty Queen has arrived lol!

Soooo I am finally here for my consult the day before my surgery!!! I was greeted by name and with smiles. These ladies are awesome! Can't wait to get this done and over with. I'm having a butt augmentation with implants, labiaplasty, and a flankplasty (removal of excess skin and fat around waist-basically removing my mini muffin top). I am SO happy and I'll post updates ASAP!!! Thank you all for the support.

Snapping my surgery on SnapChat

Tune into snap chat tomorrow to watch my surgery! Follow Dr. Roxy on snapchat!

First pic & EXTREMELY happy!!!

I'll post more pics later but wanted to let you guys see what it looks like immediately after surgery. It's also on Dr. Grawe's snapchat.

1 day post op pics!!!

I'm feeling great given that surgery was just yesterday. My butt feels tight-the best way to describe it is that it feels like I did a million squats nonstop, but there is no real pain per say. Just feels like a REALLY tight muscle. I am on my medication around the clock and I'm sure this is why I feel great and have no pain. I will shower tomorrow and post "fresh" pics lol!

My flanks (sides) do not hurt I have no pain on my sides and having a nice waist without extra skin is FINALLY happening for me!

My vagina feels fine as well from the labiaplasty. I slept with a frozen maxi pad on my vagina and that kept swelling down which in turn kept the pain down.

Thank you for following my 750cc custom butt implants, labiaplasty, and flankplasty journey!!!

Dr. Grawe is THE BEST!!! I'm SO happy!

2 days post op butt implants and took my first shower!!

I'm still feeling great. I'm following my post op instructions to the T. I invested too much to screw up these results. I'm up walking around at a very slow pace. I'm eating very healthy and staying hydrated. Lots of green veggies and plenty of water.

Ok, so as you can see I am wearing depends (what has my life come too?) LOL!! I decided to wear adult diapers because I am waiting to have my first bowel movement and believe it or not standing up to do this will be much more comfortable than risking pulling my incisions. I am taking colace (two pills daily) to soften things up. My stomach is ok for now (no bellyaches) and I'm hoping I can avoid becoming constipated by being proactive with colace and drinking a gallon of water daily.

The pics I'm sharing today aren't flattering by any means but I just wanted those that are interested in having butt implants to see what my post op day 2 consists of and so that you can see that it is not a bad surgery by any means. Granted, everyone heals differently and tolerates pain differently but you will still be able to move around, dress comfortably, and not feel as restricted as you might think. My butt still feels tight more so after I get up from having been laying down but once I slowly start to walk it feels better. Staying on my pain meds is helping to control how I feel as well.

I'm still extremely happy and I'm looking forward to the end of this week to see how things are healing.

Quickly-my labiaplasty and flankplasty feel fine I have zero pain in those areas.

Thanks for following!!

Day 4 post op

I decided to put on a loose fitting dress because I still have my drains safety-pinned to my spanx underneath it and a fitted dress with bulky drains wouldn't look cute lol. This dress is an x-small tee shirt dress by old navy. My projection is insane I'm telling you this pic does my booty no justice. Please believe me when I say it's poppin' lol! I will post a pic with jeans on once the drains come out. Just wanted you guys to have a peek at what today looks like. I feel amazing and finally had a bowel movement. I still have swelling from the labiaplasty but no pain. My flanks feel fine as well, no pain from the flankplasty either.

So far so good! :)

How to go pee pee & poo post butt implants

So I got a direct question asking how have I been avoiding sitting down to use the bathroom?

I ordered a Go Girl from target online back in April prior to my BBL to help me go pee pee standing up. I wash it with soap and warm water after every use. It's been a tremendous help.

As far as number 2 goes, I literally wear a depends (adult diaper) and do that standing up also. It's not the most flattering by any means but when you invest in your body and your doctor says do not sit, well you do what you have to do to preserve your investment and find alternatives. Lol! These two methods have helped me out and maybe they will help someone else out as well.

Good luck!

The O Shot

So after careful consideration, research, and reading reviews, I have decided to get the O Shot on Friday when I go in for my 1 week post op visit. The effects from the O Shot will take about 2-3 weeks to kick in which will be perfect for my healing and recovery time from all of my surgeries (custom butt aug with implants, labiaplasty, and flankplasty). It will cost $1,200 and the results last for quite a long time. It should be a great way to finalize my first visit to Dr. Grawe's office. I fly home Friday after my follow up appointment and O Shot. I will keep you all posted! :)

Day 6 Post Op

Lady in red or should I say dat' booty in red lol!! I feel amazing you guys, I really do.

I had a few sharp pains a few times today but I know that is simply from my nerve endings repairing themselves. One thing about those sharp pains is that boy, did they get my attention or what lol!! Ouch! Other than that I am having my one week follow up tomorrow morning. I plan on getting the O Shot at that appointment. I am scheduled to fly back home tomorrow afternoon and I'm praying Dr. Grawe will pull my drains.

I'll keep you all posted!! :)

One week follow up & Getting the O Shot!!

So I'm here for my one week follow up post butt implants, labiaplasty, and flankplasty. The ladies here are amazed at how well I'm moving around and they say how amazing I look! Definitely put a smile on my face! :)

So I have numbing cream on my vagina and my blood is spinning down. That is the process for getting the O Shot. Once my blood has spun down and the platelet rich blood is accessible they will inject that into my vagina and clitoris and I will then officially have all the bells and whistles!!

I might just change my screen name to I'm A New Woman LOL!! I fly home after this and I'll let you guys know how the O Shot went as soon as I get a chance! :)

O Shot

So I got the O Shot this morning after my follow up from three surgeries and I must say it was an experience lol!

A ton of blood was drawn in order to spin it down to retrieve the blood rich platelets that would be used as the injection aka the O Shot. The spinning process took 20 minutes.

Numbing cream was placed both inside my vagina and outside including on the clitoris. The numbing cream took 20 minutes to numb everything.

Once the platelets were spun down and extracted the Physician's Assistant returned with my very own O Shot to be injected.

Ok so let me remind you I just had a labiaplasty, flankplasty, and butt implants exactly one week ago. I wish I would have thought to have the O Shot while I was under anesthesia. Smh.

So the PA injected my vaginal walls (internally) first and it was easy peasy I didn't feel a thing. The second part consisted of her injecting my clitoris and that burned like hell fire LOL!!!! I must say I really believe my vagina/clitoris was much more sensitive than normal because of my recent labiaplasty. I've watched a ton of ladies on snap chat get the O shot and seemingly had NO reaction at all. I'm proud to say that I have a high tolerance for pain BUT this my darlings brought a tear to my eyes and a quick prayer to Jesus LOL!!! Omg.

I am so glad it was only like 15 seconds total and about 6 seconds was the burning sensation. Other than that it was quick and easy. With the many benefits I will obtain from having this done I highly recommend it....just don't get it a week after your labiaplasty LOL!!!

First night back home and 7 days post op butt implants, labiaplasty, flankplasty, and O Shot today

Here is my first bathroom pic in my own home in a pair of panties I tried putting on over the booty tape lol. I just had to see what I will potentially look like in panties. Can't wait to go shopping for more!!

750cc AART brand oval butt implants with 6cm of projection. The way to go!!

Roxy Rump in the house!!!!

10 days post op

Hi you all, it's hard to believe I'm already 10 days post op! Recovery is really flying by. I have not had much change in appearance so I'm not posting a pic today. I still have my drains, I still have tape smashing my cheeks together to keep tension off of my incisions. My drainage has slowed down tremendously and I am anticipating that the drains will be removed on Wednesday. The drainage output has to be less than 30 for three days in a row. Overnight it was only 10. As long as it stays low like that I will be good to have them pulled on Wednesday.

My labiaplasty feels better. I still have swelling but I can see how great my results will be and I'm so excited about that! Nothing like being proud of your treasure box LOL!! ;)

My flankplasty (removal of mini love handles) feels great. Not even sore! I still have the surgical tape over the incisions though as I want to keep it on as long as possible to help the scar be as minimal as possible.

My O Shot has already helped with urinary incontinence. I will feel the benefits of the sexual part of the O Shot around 2-3 more weeks which coincides with when I will be healed from my labiaplasty. My hubby and I can't wait to try it out LOL! ;)

I'm moving around flawlessly but at the same time I'm not doing to much to soon. My husband is still doing 90% of everything. I'm not driving. I'm not sitting. I'm not bending. I'm still laying on my belly to sleep and watch tv, hang out at home, etc. I do eat standing up which I'm ok with. I have a regular bowel movement daily and yes I do wear a depends (adult diaper) for that. I take a shower immediately after and get dressed as well as put makeup on. Feeling good comes easier if you look good so I make it a point to look my best during recovery.

Patience is key with all of my procedures and I'm willing to be as patient with my body as it heals as I need to. I want the best outcome for the investment in myself that i have made so I'll be as patient as I need to be.

As soon as my drains come out I'll post pics. Thank you for your support!!

13 days ago I got 750cc custom AART brand oval butt implants, labiaplasty, and flankplasty

Before anyone even brings this up let me set the record straight now: This is me in both pictures I was laying across my bed in my butt implants pic with only natural light from the windows and I was standing in the bathroom with bright lights turned on as I had just dried off from taking a shower. This is the ONLY reason my skin tone appears different. IT IS ME AND I AM ONE PERSON. LOL! Geez.

Anyway, lol, I wanted you all to see that at only 13 days out my incisions are completely closed and barely visible. I have absolutely no evidence of a butt implant surgery outside of the medial or crack portion of my bottom and you REALLY have to look closely to see anything at all. My guess is that my end result will be scar free and I'm loving that!

Secondly, I wanted to share my creative idea for taking a shower with drains. I literally put an old belt around my neck on the first notch so that I do not risk strangling myself. I safety pin the drains into the other available notches. This allows me to shower freely without pulling my drains (which can be very painful) and I avoid stepping on my drains because they aren't dangling as I shower.

Hope you can see that not only is Dr. Grawe passionate about giving her patients exactly what they want but she is also extremely detailed and meticulous while using the BEST technique to give her patients the most natural looking results possible with the minimum scarring possible.

Dr. Grawe is absolutely worth consulting with and believe me she's definitely who you want to have do your procedures!! Team Roxy Rump!!!

Drains are O-U-T!!!!

My drains came out this morning bright and early at my 7:45 appointment! I tossed and turned all night because of the excitement!! :)

So I just couldn't wait to take a pic drain free so here it is!! I am in love with my results you guys have no idea just how much this surgery has instantly changed my life!!! I'm SO grateful that God allowed me to have a flawless surgery and recovery!

So I still have to wear Spanx or some type of compression garment which is fine. I can also start wearing my waist trainer again as my flanks are not sore at all. My labiaplasty feels itchy but I know that is a part of the healing process. I can also see a few stitches sticking out down there but I don't feel like it's an issue. Otherwise it looks brand new again LOL!!

This booty tho!!! Yaaaaaaaasssss!!!! Hahaha!!! As soon as I get cleaned up and get all the tape residue off, put some lotion on this dry skin, and go panties shopping I'll be posting all booty pics from now on!!

Thanks again for all of your support and please continue to follow my progress. The drains coming out was phase 1. I'm still recovering and my booty is still changing. Stay tuned...

Just in time for football!!

My hubby is so excited! Today I'm wearing our football team's jersey and a cute pair of lace boy shorts for my hubby! Although he won't be making a touchdown tonight because I'm barley over 2 wks post op he will at least still have an amazing view! LOL!!!

Dr. Grawe designed and I 100% approve!!

Here's to awesome buns & football!!

One more pic...

Me standing wearing a waist trainer...

Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin' Everywhere lol!

Going into week three feeling great! Of course, my booty is still tight, tender in spots, and stitches are still visible in the medial portion of my bottom (crack). Otherwise, I continue to walk around just fine. I'm still sleeping on my belly as well. I did try to sleep on my sides but it didn't last too long. At this point I feel like it's just less stressful on my buttocks to simply rest on my belly as opposed to putting extra weight on one side or the other. Keeping the weight evenly distributed by laying on my belly feels better to me at this point.

I drove for the first time today. I used my booty pillow that was given to me by the doc that did my BBL back in April. I was sore after driving and took 2 Tylenol. I'm still extremely happy with my results so far. I did not want anything extreme but I did want a noticeable change that would enhance my athletic build. Dr. Grawe delivered and I would do it all over again without hesitation! With that said, I highly recommend her! She will listen to your dream booty and give you exactly what you want.

My labiaplasty is healing beautifully. My flanks (sides aka muffin tops) are healed and I'm using scar away strips to help fade the scars.

I'll provide another update soon. :)

ScarAway Strips

These are the ones I use because my incisions are long on my sides. Shorter strips are available. I've successfully used these in the past after previous surgeries and have had amazing and fast results!

Healing well at 4 weeks post op!

So, so happy!!!

6 weeks and a day post op!!!

Dr. Grawe is the best I WISH I was brave enough to post a pic of my entire body because I can honestly tell you my Roxy Rump is amazing! I literally had a guy drive by and yell "omg you have a nice a$$ I love you!" LOLOLOLOL!!! With that said, it truly and I mean truly looks AWESOME!! I'm so happy!

I have a random sharp pain at the top of my right glute (bottom). I think it's safe to say that it's just my nerves trying to repair themselves. Other than that I will have my first gym experience tonight only cardio and abs - starting back slow.

I can't say this enough but DR. GRAWE IS THE ONLY COSMETIC SURGEON I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR BUTT IMPLANTS!!!! She is top notch no questions THE BEST!!!

Just a few quick pics...

I've been really busy lately since I'm back to moving around normally and as the result I haven't been able to post and reply as quickly and often as I did immediately post op. I am still healing and in general still taking things slow. For example before the surgery I was running every morning before I started my day now I take walks. Fast enough to work up a sweat but no where close to a jog let alone a full on run. My booty has softened up around the perimeter but it is still very hard in the middle of the cheeks. I am able to drive and sit but when I am at home I still prefer to lay on my belly to give my bottom a break and keep pressure off of it. I have started to eat more "good" food (sweets, fast food, etc) than normal so I am focusing now on eating healthy as I continue to ease back into a normal gym routine. Hope you enjoy my pics!

3 months post op!!!

These pics do my results no justice. Dr. Grawe gave me the wow factor roxy rump!! Everywhere I go I get compliments from the shyest of women to men on how great my booty looks! I am so thrilled to have these amazing results! What can I say, Dr. Grawe is hands down THE BEST!!!

12 weeks post op in a nude pair of leggings...

In leggings so you can see the natural looking shape just 12 short weeks post op!

I'm ecstatic!!! :)
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

10 stars! The best of the best!! Dr. Balgobin coupled with Dr. Grawe creates the ultimate booty shaping team!! Win-Win!!!

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