27, 5'4, 135lbs | 548cc Butt Implants Fat Grafting with Dr. Grawe!!! Powell, OH

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I will be seeing Dr. Grawe in Powell, OH next...

I will be seeing Dr. Grawe in Powell, OH next month for butt implants and fat grafting. We decided to do AART 548cc round implants on me with lipo to my flanks/upper & lower abdomen/upper & lower back and fat grafting to my hips!

I can't believe I'll be spending roughly $26,000 for my butt! From my BBL last year with Dr. Hughes (which was $9,500 not including travel/hotels and food) to my butt implants + fat grafting with Dr. Grawe next month. A part of me wishes I had done implants together when I had my BBL last year with but I didn't think I would keep losing fat passed the 6 month mark and a lot of it!
I did a few consultations with two other surgeons before deciding on Dr. Grawe. Both of them were in CA and well known butt surgeons. One suggested 450-460 Ovoids (oval-rounds) with no fat grafting and the other surgeon only uses 350cc or less butt implants. I wasn't too excited to hear both recommendations as I wanted something more dramatic that would turn heads, especially since I'm paying a pretty penny for a new behind lol. Currently my butt/hips measures around 37 inches right now, I want to be around 39-40inches post op with hips.

AART Round implant sizes

Dr. Grawe was nice enough to link me to the AART implant website. Here's a screenshot of the available implants sizes they have for rounds. The biggest you can go before it turns into custom implants is 712cc.

They also have different oval shaped implants available. You can check them out on their website. Just do a search for AART implants online.

If your not a stomach sleeper. Get this!

M.A.T. Medical Therapy Body Positioning System

So I was reading a review from a girl who had a BBL done and she recommended this product. Now if you're like me, and your not a stomach sleeper then this is a must! I absolutely hated sleeping on my stomach for 6 weeks when I had my BBL!!! I had neck/ and back pain for weeks and I will not be putting myself through that again! LOL ..It's quite pricey but shop around and you'll be able to find it for less compared to other places. The lowest I found it for was $130 (cloth version) on AllegroMedical. They also had two reviews from girls who had a BBL which I thought was pretty cool and helpful. I am opting for the vinyl version as its easier to clean and I'll just put a sheet over it so its comfortable to lay on.

Other items I will be getting is a Reacher and a step stool. I will not be bending down for 2-3 weeks so this may come in handy when hubby isn't around or when I don't want to bug him lol. A step stool because I have a SUV and I remember how difficult it was for me to climb into the back to lay down after my BBL.

I will be getting a BBL Pillow/Booty Buddy once I'm ready to sit down.

Here are my Post-op BBL photos/wish pics

These are my post-op BBL photos that I had with Dr. Hughes. They range anywhere from 2-6 months post-op. It was cute while it lasted but my butt just kept shrinking after that, even past 6 months post-op. This is why I'm doing implants and fat grafting. I want something permanent this time.

Hoping to have this fullness/shape back and maybe more.. booty greed :P

Surgery in 2.5hrs!

I can' believe it's finally here!!! My surgery starts in just 3.5hrs. I'm so excited that my nerves haven't hit me yet. I'm sure I'll start having anxiety once I'm laying in the hospital waiting for it all to begin. Lol

So I'm not sure you all know but I traveled by car from the west coast all the way to OH just to see Dr. Grawe. It was a 3 day journey but I wanted the best of the best and Dr. Grawe is THAT! I was able to meet her at my pre-op yesterday right went I arrived into Powell, OH and let me just say she is sooo nice and makes you feel incredibly comfortable! It just confirmed what I been reading from the reviews about Dr. Grawe and her staff.
So my sx will take about 5.5hrs long. She will lipo my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and upper back. Then transfer all the fat into my sides for hips once the implants (548cc rounds) are in. She also told me she would be using the same small incisions I had from my previous BBL sx last year to lipo the areas I'm getting done today. I thought that was pretty neat and my BBL lipo incisions are all faded and in discreet areas.

I picked up all my prescriptions yesterday after my pre-op appointment. I got Hibiclense, anti-nausea pills, antibiotics and 3 different pain meds! Dr. Grawe is not playing LOL! She defiantly wants you to feel comfortable and with as little pain as possible post-op.

Anyways I am heading to the Hospital now where I'll be getting operated so I'll try to update when I can. I'm sure I'll be out of it for the first couple days. Also, my sx will be on Dr. Grawe's Snapchat today if you girls want to check it out! Her snapchat is: drgrawe if you're not already following.

Wish me luck ladies! Yayyy

Current measurements:
Chest: 30
Waist: 29
Hips: 37 & 38 is largest area of my butt

I did it!!!

Pictures from my surgery!

Recovery for this surgery is no joke ladies! This is my 6th cosmetic surgery that I've had and is also the hardest so far! I broke down and cried once I got home from the hospital yesterday. I think it was a combination of pain and just being in shock post-op. I was leaking blood/fluid everywhere, it was a mess! Heck I was a total mess LOL! You'll definitely need someone there with you to help you for the first 2-3 days. I'm so thankful my hubby is with me on this journey taking care of me and being so supportive.

I'm about 1 day post-op now. I'm feeling a little better. I'm on top of my pain meds and making sure I'm taking my pills as directed. It's making recovery a little more tolerable. My back hurts, I feel really sore where I had liposuction done and tightness in my buttock. My legs are very swollen and so is my face. I tried to walk around the house a bit today but I noticed I get tired easily and dizzy after awhile so I've been laying down and resting a lot. I have 3 drains in, THREE DRAINS! One in my abdominal region and two in each butt cheek, right where the leg crease is. I'm hoping that they'll be removed before I head back home in 2 weeks. I've been draining a ton of fluid. Hubby has been keeping track of how much I'm draining. I seem to draining more in my right butt cheek compared to my left butt cheek and abs. I'm also on the protein diet that Dr. Grawe suggested, 100g of protein a day for the next 2 weeks to help with recovery. So far I've been drinking a ton of Boost chocolate protein shakes, ate a couple protein bars, had cottage cheese with pineapples for lunch and a hamburger (the frozen kind in the grocery store) with spinach and mozzarella cheese for dinner.

I get to shower tomorrow!! I'm looking forward to that! It will also be the first time I get to see my entire body post-op without the compression garment on. I'm excited and can't wait to see how I look! Small waist, hips and a big ol butt!! YESSS lol

Anyways that's it for now, I'll update again when something new happens. Thank you ladies for the well wishes and for following me on my big booty journey!

Feeling better!

I was able to shower tonight! It felt so nice getting clean and rinsing off my body from my surgery. I was also able to see my body for the first time tonight! Dr. Grawe IS THE BUTT/BOOTY QUEEN!! It's hard to capture how small she made my waistline in pictures and how big my butt truly is in real life but it's amazing!! Hubby kept saying wow and kept staring at my new behind! Lol I know I'm still swollen but I can already picture my end results. I'm very happy and am still in shock at my new body!!

I was leaking a bit of fluid before and after my shower. The blood/fluid in my drains are getting lighter as well, more pinkish red. Still on top of my meds and keeping up with the 100g a day protein diet.
I slept most of the day away today. Only got up to eat, walk a bit, use the bathroom/ shower. TMI WARNING but I haven't had a bowel movement yet. I'm so scared!!! LMAO I don't want to rip my sutures and what not lol. And I skipped my colace today because I didn't want to have a BM soon. Idk is there any advice you girls could give me? I know I need to hover facing the toilet. I just don't want to break a stitch or do something wrong... Aghh lol

Anyways here are some pics! xoxo

8 Days Post-op (pics included)

So I am 8 Days Post Op. Recovery is going well and getting easier as the days past by. I'm finished with my antibiotics, and 1 of 3 pain meds that were prescribe to me. Still on naproxen for 3 more weeks and I take oxy as needed now. I have better flexibility at 8 days post-op so I'm able to dress myself most of the time. I'm still not able to bend over and pick things up yet but I wasn't really expecting to this early on. After my last post I started taking Colace to ease my bowl movements AND the next morning I had my first BM. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My stitches did NOT break like I feared it would lmao. I've been going to the bathroom regularly now and I do make it a habit to shower and clean myself after ever BM. So thanks to my realself sisters who helped and gave me tips! Haha

I'm still keeping up with my 100g a day protein diet. I think it's helped out with recovery but man am I bulking up from all this protein or is it swelling? Maybe a bit of both lol. I definitely know I'm still swollen, especially my legs, arms and face. Hell my knees and ankles aren't even distinguishable lol! I do keep the areas that were liposuctioned heavily compressed so all the swelling ends up else where on my body. My butt has gone down a bit which I'm fine with. It matches my frame better. I think 548ccs was PERFECT for me! 455cc would of been too small/natural and think the 712cc would of been too big.

As for my drains, I'm draining less at 1 week post-op now. I barely drain from my abdomen so I'm sure I'll have that removed at my 2 week post-op appointment. Hoping my other two drains get removed as well. I'm still draining from my butt drains but not as much as before and the fluid is much lighter at 8 days post-op. I did have this weird looking tissue(?) that came out of my left butt cheek drain around 3-4 days post. Not sure what it was but I'll attach a pic, it was weird and gross so BE WARNED when viewing it lol! I didn't think it was anything serious since I wasn't feeling any different so I didn't bother calling the office about it. I will show Dr. Grawe a pic of it at my post-op appointment. I'm sure it's nothing but it was freaky to look at!

I did have a rough time around 5 days post-op. Hubby and I were between Airbnbs. I was moving and walking a lot trying to pack my things for our next stay and that took a toll on my body. By the time I was done packing my legs were cramping. When we settled into the other place my left foot developed these sharp pains whenever pressure was applied so it made standing difficult. My thighs/hips were still cramping when I tried to walk so I was pretty much bed bound for the entire afternoon and night. After a 1.5 days of bed rest and staying off my foot as much as possibly I started feeling better. I still walk like a penguin though and I do need to hold/lean against something when I stand for long periods of time, like to eat or shower. I can't wait till I'm 75% back to normal. I should be there by next Friday, at my 2 week mark!

Anyways, I'll upload some pics now. And pics definitely do not do my new booty justice. It's bigger in real life ;D

11 Days post-op & post-op Appointment

Just left my post-op appointment! I was on their snap chat today so if any of you are following Dr. Grawe's check it out!! It's a video showcasing my new ASSets ;)
So I was really glad to hear Dr. Grawe was in the office and was going to see me since most of the time the doctors just have there PA or Nurse do their post-op appointments for them BUT not Dr. Grawe. She is just awesome and has great bed side manner and aftercare. You can tell she genuinely cares.

So they removed all 3 of my drains at my post-op!!! I was so happy about that because I felt so trapped having them attached to my body and they were starting to itch like a b***! Lol It didn't hurt at all, it's more of a pulling sensation if anything.
They also gave me scar cream and a script for Valium before I left. I needed the Valium since I was having muscle contractions/spasms. It doesn't happen a lot, it's mostly bothersome in the mornings and it happens a couple times a day because of the implants stretching my muscles out. Speaking of muscles, Dr. Grawe placed my implants intramuscular. I forgot to ask how many ccs of fat was transferred to my hips and buttock. I'll ask her in an email and let you girls know when I find out.

Hubby and I will be driving back to the West Coast tomorrow. I'm ready to be home but am extremely happy we made the trip out to Ohio to have Dr. Grawe perform my surgery. The 3 day drive and recovery was worth it! I can't wait to see my waist shrink even more and my butt to fluff out in the next couple of months.

On to the pics: Finally took some without my garment so don't mind the marks/indents in the pictures. I'm still bruised and swollen in some areas but they are slowly going away and Hubby will start massaging out my lipo areas once we're home to smooth them out.


11 Days Post-op Pics - 2

2 Week Booty Anniversary!!!

Okay so short update ladies! We finally made it back home!! It was a long drive but totally worth it! ;) Here are a few pics I snapped right when I got home. I was just sooo excited to try on my old dresses to see how my new body looked! AND I'm in LOVE! Also, I tried both dresses on without a compression garment so you can see how it looks naturally. Anyways, back to unpacking everything! Yikes

3+ weeks post-op

My butt was very sore and tight today but no real pain. I stopped taking pain meds last week. Everything is healing up nicely and my scars/incision area is still scabbing. I think eating all that protein the first two weeks helped a lot with my recovery and keeping my incisions closed. So ladies keep up with the recommended 100g a day protein diet after surgery! I started sitting and laying on my butt around 2.5 weeks post-op using a booty buddy. It's VERY uncomfortable but I'm trying to get used to being on my butt since I have a couple of meetings in the next couple of weeks where I'll be sitting for long periods of time plus a dentist appointment next Wednesday where I'll be laying back.. ughh I hope I'll be okay. Not sure if I should bring my booty buddy but how do I explain that? Lmao.. I haven't told anyone about this surgery and want to keep it that way. It's going to be hard trying to hide this booty from family and friends who already knew what my behind looked like before. I'm not sure what excuse (lie) I'll be telling them lol. Does anyone know how long it takes for the implants to drop? Mine has dropped a bit but not much since I had them. I can't wait for them to settle into place and take on a more natural appearance because my ass right now is just POW in your face.. not exactly a bad problem though ;) Also all my old jeans don't fit me anymore, except for 2 which are the stretchy fit kind. I went from a size 7 to a 9 because of my new behind. I don't mind it, I have an excuse to shop for new jeans now lol. My hips have gone down a bit as expected with any fat transfer procedure but it's no where near as flat/narrow as it was before so I'm happy about that. I also think the 15cm diameter in the implants help give off that hip illusion and that's there to stay. Dr. Grawe did a great job on my Lipo. If your doing lipo on your abdomen. I recommended you wear a post-op flat board and get a massage rolling pin. You can buy them on Amazon. It keeps your tummy area flat after surgery and breaks down scar tissue. Make sure you massage your Lipo areas 2-3 weeks post-op to keep everything smooth. I'm having the hubby massage me every night now. Anyways I will update with pictures at my 1 month post-op.

Jeans Pic

Here's a few pics of me in a pair of high waisted size 9 jeans. My current measurements are: 30-27-41.5 I tried to sleep on my back last night for a couple hours. Not a good idea.. I woke up with my butt feeling numb and my leg/foot fell asleep, I hate that feeling lol. I also accidentally slept partial on my side, I hope I didn't ruin anymore of the fat that was grafted there. I really didn't notice I was laying partially on my side till I woke up since it didn't hurt or feel uncomfortable. I also have to buy a smaller compression garment since all the swelling is starting to subside. Right now I wear a small/medium compression garment, flat board and a XS waist cincher on top to keep things tight.

TSA pattied down my butt LOL

I am at the airport right now, flying to see my family and was pattied down by TSA at security. It was more halarious than embarrassing. The woman patting me down asked if I had anything in my back pockets. I told her YES I have big round implants!! lmao ...Sigh, I guess I should expect this from now on when going thigh security at the airport. Who knew they can see such things in those scanners. I have breast implants and was never pattied down for those lol!

Anyways here's a 7.5 week pic update.

2 months+ post-op

SOOO my butt has dropped and fluffed since my last update! I'm sitting and laying down like I used to. I don't feel the implants at all when sitting or laying now. Butt has softened a bit since sx. Hubby felt my butt today and says it got softer and feels like a muscle now. It's softer on the bottom of my butt since the implant doesn't cover that portion of my buttock. I have two little circular scars on each cheek where my drains were. They will fade/lighten over time and I do use the scar cream on them that was provide by Dr. Grawe. I'm happy and love my new butt. I'm also pleased with the lipo! There isn't any unevenness and my belly is completely flat now. I am still contemplating doing custom butt implants (same 5cm projection but wider diameter 16cm or more) in the future with Dr. Grawe. I'm hoping that will give me more hips. My next surgery is going to be a breast upgrade from 375ccs to 500ccs! I will be having that in August! I'm excited and will document that journey as well! Hope you ladies are enjoying your summer and Happy 4th of July!

Update coming soon - 7 months post-op

I will be updating with how things are going so far with pics and videos.

Stay tuned!

7+ month update the good side... (pics & video)

Okay I know you girls have been waiting for this update!

So its been 7+ months now since I've had my surgery. I will just show you all pics and videos on this update and I will do another in depth one right after this, telling you all how I'm really feeling and whats going on so far with my butt implants.

ALSO, the video wasn't made for realself I just found it on my phone and thought my butt looked decent in it so that's why I'm sharing, and sorry its upside down, not sure why it transferred that way.

7+ month in-depth review! (Pics & vid)

Video comparison of my implants
OKAY so here's a more in-depth review!

The good news is that I fill out my jeans better BUT I have to dress my butt down because it gets too much attention. I wear control panties and spanx to compress/control my butt in certain outfits otherwise it looks very fake and obvious because the projection doesn't match my legs. I wish I would have gone down a size. I think the 455cc rounds with a 4.5 projection would of been perfect for me or even the 379cc because I already had good projection to start with from my 1st BBL. My butt only really looks good from certain angles and clothing that I wear.

The bad news... After all the swelling went down so did my hips, none of the fat that was grafted survived. I only look like I have hips in certain angles because of the implant projection. Without clothing, the outline of the implants can be seen depending on the angle and lighting. I can even feel and cuff the bottom of my implants especially my left side. My left implant is the worse! It looks like it fell out of the muscle pocket because it just sags on top of my leg as if nothing is supporting it. I will share a video and pics of what I'am talking about. It looks so gross and its scary to think that maybe one day my left implant might flip like that girl in the video who was on botched. I did bring this up to Dr. Grawe and she was very quick to respond back to me. She told me my left implant malpostioned which is something that can happen with larger implants. The only way to fix this is with another surgery and placing the implant deeper into the muscle. The revision would cost me around $4,000. I would also have to pay for travel and stay which would set me back another couple thousand dollars and by that point I would be spending just as much as someone who is getting their first set of butt implants. I've already spent $20,000 the first time (sx, travel and stay) for my surgery back in April so a $4,000 revision isn't something I can afford to do any time soon. I will have to wait till I come up with the finances and hopefully my butt doesn't get worse by then.

This butt journey has been a roller coaster ride down hill and a big part of me regrets having this surgery. I should have been happy with what I had before or just gotten a 2nd BBL. I feel like my butt is ruined now and I'm embarrassed and ashamed of myself everyday when I look in the mirror. Its also affected my personal/sex life.. I'm not as intimate with my husband like before because of my butt. I'm just too embarrassed to have him see me naked or touch my behind. This whole situation is depressing and I try not to think of it too much or it will ruin my entire day. I've considered just getting my implants removed all together. Go to a doctor close to home to have them removed but I'm worried about how my butt will look after. For now I will just have to deal with the way my butt is and just use spanx on a daily bases to keep my butt from sagging or getting worse until I can afford the revision.

I'm sorry if this update isn't what you girls were expecting. I wish it was more positive but this is the reality of my situation and I can only be honest and share my story with you all. I don't want to deter anyone from getting butt implants or going to Dr. Grawe. That is not my intent! If anything, I hope my review helps anyone out there interested in getting this procedure done and the possibly risks that may occur with larger implants.

Well that is it for now, I will update my review if anything else changes. I wish all you girls (and guys) luck on your butt journey and hope you achieve your butt goals! xoxo
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