Post Op 8 1/2 Months Later: Still Unhappy with the Tip of the Nose - Mobile, AL

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I had rhinoplasty in August 2008. My nose had a...

I had rhinoplasty in August 2008. My nose had a very wide tip and a slight hump at the bridge. I was mostly concerned with correcting the tip and my nostrils, as my nostrils flared and the tip of nose was almost a square shape.

He had to break my nose during surgery. I am very pleased with the bridge of my nose, and I really like my profile now (although, it wasn't really bad to begin with), but I am still concerned that only modest work was done concerning the tip of my nose. My nostrils still flare more than I would like, and the tip is still fatter than I had hoped. My doctor said that because I have a lot of fat tissue, it will take about 18 months for the swelling to completely go away, and that they didn't get rid of too much fatty tissue because there was a risk that the skin would die.

I am considering getting a second surgery in 2010 to make the front of my nose even smaller because it still significantly stands out. Any advice on what I should do?

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