31, Just Had Restylane in Tear Troughs

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I am 31 and recently (just over 2 weeks ago) had...

I am 31 and recently (just over 2 weeks ago) had restylane injections for my tear troughs. I went to an Ocuplastic Surgeon in the UK. People were always telling me I looked tired/run down - my eye bags/dark circles were really quite deep and made me look exhausted.

The procedure itself was ok (nearly 1 full syringe in each eye) however I had considerable swelling and bruising afterwards. Bad swelling lasted about 5 days and bruising for just over a week. Now that things are settling down and 'socking in' I am starting to look better however I am not totally happy with what I am seeing now.

My tear troughs are definetely MUCH better however there are contour irregularities (made worse by fact i seem to be retaining fluid) which although not asthetically great I can live with. Main problem is that I have darkness/bruising (slight in-dents)on my cheek area that although you cant really see in natural light is terribly noticeable under certain lights - looks like I've been punched.

Follow up appointment with Surgeon the other day - he says that he felt the treatment was a success and that he picked up under skin bruising I was talking about with a different flash on his camera - he says this will go away... fingers crossed because I am getting married in 5 weeks and feel upset at the thought of my pictures picking this up or the idea of long term damage to tissue/blood vessels?

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