Sub Malar Cheek Implant 29yo

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I had tired looking eyes as you can see in pic, in...

I had tired looking eyes as you can see in pic, in fact the pre op pic was one of my best angles pre op.
I also had small bags some days.
I noticed them about 2 years ago and have a frustrated me since.
I thought I needed a lower trans bleph.
Went to see mr Mellor at spire Portsmouth hospital and he suggested cheek implants.
I went ahead and the post op pic is one week after, still a little swollen but really happy with results.
Looking different to before but it's a look I think I can get used to as I won't be hearing you look tired or you look old for 29 for a while.
Yes I had that a few times ????????????

12 days post op

My right hand side still slightly swollen.
Mr Mellor told me this would be the case post op.
Feeling good about the way I look compared to pre op photos but worried I'm going to answer some awkward questions when I return to work next week.
On the plus side nobody will be saying how tired I look ????.

Implant Design

This is not my image but just a image of the style of implant I had done

Pre Op (bad photo)

This is a image I saw regularly pre op and found it gut wrenching as I'm only 29 and look particularly bad here.
I felt so low after this pic it drove me to do something drastic which in the end was cheek implants.
Hopefully they get better but when you see this image and compare to post op now I think you would agree that I had to do something.

13 days post op

Worst of the swelling

At this point I was day 3 post op.
My face hurt just doing nothing it was so swollen.
On the plus side I could get a really close shave.
On the down side life is pretty shit when you feel like this.
This was as bad as it got and lasted 2/3 days until the swelling subsided.


About ten days ago I noticed a Asymmetry.
But face was still swollen so I ignored it and hoped for the best.
Now the swelling has come down a bit I'm not sure it's subtle and it really troubling me.
If you look at all post op pic you can probably spot it but take a look at these pic and let me know what you think.
The dots are where the implant ends.
I did this useing a pen but made it more clear useing and app on my phone.

Asymetrical bottom view

Right cheek in pic is the higher implant and you can see the shape of it.
You can see on the left cheek where the implant tapers off.
I'm sure that when Mr Mellor did the one on the right he has let the implant roll under.
Dose anybody know if it is Asymmetrical is he under obligation to fix it?


Bottom right pic shows how prominent implant is.
A Few people at work are doubtful of my sinuses excuse because of this side of my face.
I'm calling mr Mellor tomorrow to ask what we can do from this point onwards.
I'm hopping he will repair this issue free of charge and I will pay hospital and anithetic bills only.
Dose that sound unreasonable?

Pre Op Photo

Probably the worst photo I have of my self ever.(pre op)
What I like about this photo is you can see under my eye (sub malor) there is no cheek bone and no volume.
I only realised this recently post op and It makes complete sense now why Mr Mellor suggested sub malor cheek implants and said I shouldn't get lower transconjuntival Blepharoplasty which is was I wanted.
Yes I'm not sure at the moment if he has put them in right but he definitely made the right decision as I still look 10X better even with my Asymmetry issue.

Swelling subsiding

Finally the swelling is coming down.
Not completely but it's getting better.
The dark circle under my right eye is coming back.
But I'm ok with that as I don't look like iv had to much work done.
And it still a lot better than before.
One thing I have now is a bit of shape to my face which I quite like.
Still can't get past the fact the the left implant is much higher.
It's so obvious to me that this is the case but I feel like Mr Mellor will brush my opinion under the carpet to save having to repair the work he has done.
He hasn't said that but that's the impression I'm getting.
I would really like it if you could let me know which side you prefer by leaving a comment.
If I do have revision surgery I'm guessing he will move one to the correct position and I need to choose which one but I am undecided.

Swelling going down

Swelling is going away now and ppl I know have finally stopped asking me what I have had done.
Or have I put on weight.
Still swells up a bit in the morning though.
Here are some pics of the implants.
I'm half guessing their location but I can feel where they are pretty well so I'm sure this I close to where they are.
Please let me know which side you prefer.

8 Weeks Post Op

8 Weeks Post Op now and I think most of the swelling has gone.
The implants have definitely made me look different.
People have noticed I look different but not sure why.
I'm very happy with them at this point apart from what I think is a mistake when placing them and they are slightly asymmetrical.
Dark circles are still there but are less noticeable now.
Never do I look puffy and tired in the morning.
And people would always comment about it so that's a great result.
Starting to feel normalise in my face now.
Not quite as though they are a part of me but there getting there.
any questions you have about Mr Mellor at spire Portsmouth who did the op or about the op itself just ask.
Thanks for reading

3 hours sleep

So I used to look like I had three hours sleep if I'd had nine.
I think in this pic I look like I've had nine when in face I've had three.
Still can't help but see the asymmetry.

One week till I see Mr Mellor again

A am soon to see Mr Mellor so I decided it's best if I take some pics to show him what I mean regarding the asymmetry.
Top photo shows this.
Photo below is just a photo I like.

After Speaking to Mr Mellor

To day I went for my 3 month post op check up with Mr Mellor.
He saw what I explained and didn't try to brush it off.
He apologised that he didn't get it quite right and offered to fix it but made me aware that there are the usual risks and even if he corrected there would be no guarantee it would be perfect.
I couldn't ask any more of him from our meeting today and was very impressed by his professionalism.
I'm not sure yet weather I want to risk surgery again when I don't have the bags anymore but he has said to take till February if I wish to decide.
I feel relived I have the option if it's something that continues to bother me.


I think only now has 100% of the swelling gone.
I definitely look better although I do get the occasional have you put on weight questions.
I don't mind it but if you were worried about this I would consider that big big negative to cheek implants.

Not long until my corrective surgery

So here are a few pic I took at Alton Towers over the weekend.
Very satisfied with my right side now and left side is having corrective surgery in April.
It's probably not to noticeable on these pics but there is a obvious lump where the implant is on my left cheek in certain lights.

10 Days post op

100% happier and loads less swelling this time around ????. Mr Mellor was excellent and honest. I would definitely recommend highly.
Mr Mellor

Very knowledgeable in a number of areas on the face, I went in determined to get one thing but soon realised it wasn't what I needed and got cheek implants instead. He has been very Honest and helpful with all questions. I like to ask a lot of questions I should add.

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