61 and Waiting for my Surgery Date - Portsmouth, NH

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I have the lost the same 40 pounds over and over...

I have the lost the same 40 pounds over and over for the last 10 years. I believe that is called yo-yo dieting. I promised myself I'd get the weight off for my 30th, 40th and 50th birthdays. Well thise has come and gone. So time to get serious! I'm faced with HBP, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol...............I got it all. I started getting serious about having the Sleeve done last fall. Well, I'm happy to say I've spent the last six months getting ready for my surgery date. I've met so many people, including the wonderful and positive reinforcement I get from this site, over the last 6 moths. I'm charged up and ready. My first weigh in was 267 and I'm down to 248. Slowly losing and learning life style choices. I'll keep you posted on my journey, but wanted to join this group that has been my inspiration for months now. I'm expecting surgery date to be around week of June 13th. I can't wait.

I Was Sleeved on 7/25

I had such great support with the doctors and nurses. It was much easier than I expected. I did/do have a sore throat from the breathing tube. I spent 2 days in the hospital and got home today. I feel pretty darn good. I was so worried about the gas pains, but I didn't have any. Next up: protein shakes for2 weeks. I

Starting weight:267 Surgery day weight: 240 Post Surgery: 230.

Progress, 14 days post op

I survived the 2 week liquid diet post op. It was tough. I've moved on to pureed and soft food. Scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes never tasted better? No nausea and no gas. My staring weight was 266, surgery weight 240, today's weight 225. I'm back in the pool swimming and walking my very active Dog (Aussie) who loves going with me. Life is good!
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