Rhinoplasty: Can I Get the Nose I've Always Wanted?

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I am looking for a plastic surgeon who specializes...

I am looking for a plastic surgeon who specializes in round, bulbous, and ethnic noses. I have been having a hard time finding someone in my area who specifically states they specialize in this, but I am willing to travel and pay what I need to, as I am very specific about the outcome and do not want a botched result. If anyone could recommend a specialist, that would be appreciated. Also note: I am not looking for a "unnoticeable" or "slight" transformation. I want my nose to be noticeably different, more suitable to my face. I do not have any hang ups about changing it drastically to get what I want.

I have added some pictures: candid ones of myself to show the angles of my nose, hopefully to get a sense of it. My nose is round, but also sort of lopsided: right side of bulb is higher than the left. My nostrils are "small" and triangular shaped, and I rather like them, but would like my nostrils to be pulled in a little more- making for a slimmer nose width. Not sure if this is possible.

The second grouping of pictures is a photo I edited to show variations of the nose I want: to see if what I want can be achieved.

About me:
Mixed race: Chinese, Filipino, Polish. I get my wider nose from the filipino side of my family I think, and the bulbous fat tip from the polish side. I have heard that with asian rhinoplasty, a defined tip is difficult because of thick skin on the nose. I am wondering what is done to prove that a defined tip is not possible, because the few doctors I have seen have not been able to tell me definitively if I do or do not have too thick skin.
I am 5'4" and weigh 130lbs. Fairly active, not overweight, and I have no breathing problems.

What I am concerned with:

I have a fairly fat roundness and almost no "tip" to my nose, and it has always bothered me as I was bullied relentlessly for it in my youth. I also think that it gives my face a immature and younger appearance; and I am tired of being called "cute" at 22, and would prefer a "gorgeous" nose. My face is also very round: there is lots of fat stored in my cheeks as you can see, no matter how much weight I lose it remains. I think a thinner nose with a defined tip would be more flattering, and make my eyes look bigger and not so lost in the roundness of my face. (I would also like to define my cheeks, but that is for another post)

What I DO NOT like:

I do NOT simply want a "reduced bulb" that is framed by "11" contour lines down my nose. I want to eliminate the bulb altogether, allowing for a seamless transition to the nostrils and tip (like Kylie Jenner's).
I am NOT looking for a ski slope or a upwards-pointing nose. I have seen many rhinoplasty pictures where someone with a normal projection has a upwards facing nose after a rhinoplasty, where the nostrils are visible from front-on. This is not what I want. I already think my nose turns up slightly, and would prefer if the front of the nose was straight, or slightly tilted, so the nostrils are not visible (For example, again like Kylie Jenner's nose)

What I am looking for:

I have a few muses in mind: Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, and Liv Tyler. At the end of the day, I just want something that pulls my face together. I feel like my nose has stuck out for so long on it that having a nose that blends seamlessly and contours my face would be amazing.

Has anyone successfully worked on a nose like mine to achieve similar results? What would be the process involved?
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