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I have been dreaming of a nose job since I was 10-...

I have been dreaming of a nose job since I was 10- that's a 23 year old dream I'm finally taking action on! I was so nervous and anxious to tell my husband. I've never spoken a word of this dream to anyone. Took me years to verbalize this! I'm so glad I finally did! I have a consultation next month with Dr. Kim in Portland! I hear myself saying I'm being too vain and it's a wait of money, then I'm saying I'm worth it and it will always haunt me. I'm just going to take it one step at a time! I'm very nervous and not sure how my family and friends will take the change... And my kids! Will they be confused why mommy changed her face? I worry about judgment. Hoping for the best.

Every day mom

It's hard for me to visualize what a different nose would look like! I have had my fist injections of Sculptura but results won't show until December. I want to do my chin to look aesthetically proportionate but not sure how to approach that.
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