Lipo Sculpture on Hips, Thighs, Abdomen and Back - No Change! - Portland, OR

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Summer of 2007 I was overweight for 5'6"...

Summer of 2007 I was overweight for 5'6" @ 248 lbs, so I thought if I got a jump-start by having my belly fat removed I'd be ahead of the losing game.

I saw an ad & called to make an appt for an interview. I asked the doctor up front if I was a good candidate for the lipo-sculpture that he'd advertised & he said yes, of course! We made an appt. for the following week do have the proceedure done, & it took just a little over an hour. The nurses gave me something that made me drowzy, then the doctor injected some sort of liquid 'serum' under the skin into the fatty areas of my belly, back, & thighs. He said this was to "dissolve" the fat deposits, then he used a 'suction wand' to remove the 'melted fat'. After that I was zipped up into a semi-body suit (knees to bust) & told I'd need to wear it for 6 weeks. The nurse said it would help my skid re-adhere, & to come back in a week.

I had monthly check-ups after the first week, & after the 3rd monthly check-up I was still not seeing any change in the size of my belly roll. I was told it might take up to 6 months for the "swelling" to go down.

At my 6th month check-up I told the Dr I still couldn't see any difference in the size of my belly fat. It was only then that he told me 'due to my size, I might need to have a second proceedure before I would see any changes'. He should have given me that information up front! I feel I was ripped-off for $9,000!

Dr. May ~ the Lloyd Center May Clinic

It sounded too good to be true... I was initially charged $4,500 for the belly lipo, then another $1,500 was added for hips & waist, $1,500 for both thighs, $500 for my back bra rolls, and finally another $1,000 for some sort of healing proceedure which was a blue light that was passed back and forth over my belly area for 20 minutes during the first few check-up sessions.

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