Ruptured Implant Removal - Portland, OR

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Both my implants have ruptured. They are silicone...

Both my implants have ruptured. They are silicone and I have had them for over 30 years. I had them done to fill in an indentation left by the removal of a fibricystic tumor. I have tried to get them removed several times over the years but can't find a doctor I can afford. I was told that if the doctor bills it under 996.54 that Medicare and Medicaid will pay for it. I experience itching which is almost unbearable because it is deep inside where you can't scratch and it goes on for hours. I also experience pain and think the implants are contributing to back problems. The silicone is migrating to other areas. I would like to have the capsule along with the implants removed and have my breasts reshaped at the same time. I have been told that they may not be symmetrical if I have both procedures done at the same time, however, they have not been symmetrical since I had them put in, so I don't really care. I just can't go through it twice. I have decided not to have any more mammograms until I have them removed, even though I have a sister and 2 aunts that have had breast cancer. My fear is that each time they compress the breast, more silicone is forced out. I think I am going to see Dr. Ronald Demars in Portland, OR. I haven't made the appointment yet because of transportation problems.
Thank you for giving me this chance to join this forum. I guess it helps to talk to others with similar problems.
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