First Day of Damon Braces on 27 Year Old - Portland, OR

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I got my braces on October 1st 2015 and I would...

I got my braces on October 1st 2015 and I would say the first couple months were the hardest. This wasn't necessarily due to pain so much but to the fact that my lips had to strain more to close my mouth and it looked like I had duck lips. I was hoping to get my teeth extracted as soon as possible but I had to wait 3 months before this could happen.

Here's a bit of background:

Before getting braces, I would often have people telling me that I had a nice smile but inside I felt self conscious because I knew that I had issues with my teeth that bothered me and needed to be fixed. I had braces before back in high school but not wearing my retainer consistently put my teeth back at square one. My main concern with my teeth was protrusion and alignment. I'm one of those people whose teeth look okay but could be improved with the help of braces. I hated taking pictures because my teeth looked so bulky and had a weird alignment.

Some things that were pointed out to me by orthodontists when I was starting out with consults was that I had an open bite meaning my upper teeth did not overlap my bottom teeth, and my facial profile was protrusive since both my top and bottom teeth protrude out. One orthodontist I consulted with said that my lower teeth flare my have been a result of my first orthodontist choosing to rely solely on elastics to move my teeth back instead of having my teeth extracted the first time I got braces. Its funny how the protrusion is not so noticeable in person compared to seeing it on an x-ray.

So I ended up choosing an orthodontist and decided to get Damon braces. Part of my treatment plan was to get my 2nd premolars extracted for both top and bottom as part of my treatment plan. I wanted both top and bottom brackets to be clear but the Damon system only offers this for top brackets so my lower brackets are metal. With these braces, there are less office visits and the only thing that changes is the arch wire as there are no band changes that is typical with traditional braces.
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