Brazilian Butt Lift (Male) - Too Early to Tell

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*Treatment results may vary

What a great forum. I just recieved the BBL...

What a great forum. I just recieved the BBL surgery one week ago and am happy with the original results but am concerned with the final outcome. Originally the doctor had concerns with the amount of fat that could be harvested. Her goal was to lipo 1000cc and unfortunately she came short and was only able to inject 150cc per side. Although the amounts seem very small compared to the other posts I am currently happy with both the lipo and transfer results. I am doing everything I can to help sustain the transfer.

I am a 6'2" man and weigh 200lbs. There appears to be minimal swelling and bruising in both the buttox and 4 areas that were lipo'd. Do men react differently than women?

I will post the B&A photos when I receive them from the doctor. I am very comfortable with the doctor but will wait to give results after the sites have settled.

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