A 25-year-old's Journey with Accutane - Portland, OR

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Background: In high school, I used to break out...

In high school, I used to break out so I went on birth control and started using proactive and it solved all my problems. In college, I continued with proactive and had pretty great skin, almost never getting pimples. Then after graduation when I moved back to my hometown, I started breaking out ("adult acne"). It's not quite as bad as it was in high school (maybe I'm just better at applying makeup now?) but it's certainly noticeable. The proactive system wasn't helping. I tried the Murad system with no luck. I tried Clinique. No luck. I tried prescription Retin-A which helped (after making me break out terribly first), but didn't fully clear up my skin. I also went on an antibiotic with the Retin-A. No dramatic results there. So basically, what I'm saying, is that I have mild to moderate (but persistent, stubborn) adult acne and I'm finally turning to accutane to try to fix it.

Current status (6 days in):
Right now, I'm 6 days into treatment. I'm taking one pill a day. My lips are already very dry, and I'm constantly applying chapstick. I'm going to need to pick up some Aquafur that everyone keeps talking about. My on my forehead and cheeks and around my mouth is beginning to peel, but it's manageable. I'm still oily, but peeling at the same time. So my skin looks greasy, but flakey (sexy, huh?) My skin feels really tight too. I have a few new pimples but I can't tell if they're because the Accutane is making me breakout, or because I went off the Retin-A so it's no longer keeping me from breaking out. Probably the latter.
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