Did Not Work - Porter Ranch, CA

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Although the Titan laser was used by a MD who...

Although the Titan laser was used by a MD who seemed very experienced, I have noticed no results at all. The doctor did inform me that the procedure for some reason does not work on 5-10% of his patients. This could be an exaggeration. From the comments I have read by other patients, I feel that the percentage of failure is probably far higher, maybe 30-40% would be more accurate. We are all looking for a quick fix, but, unfortunately, there is no such thing. Save your money!

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Although the doctor seemed sincere, he might be hyping these treatments hoping you'll be one of the ones who will have a successful outcome. I find it hard to believe that only 5-10% of his patients see no results. Of course, the photos he showed me of other patients were amazing.

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