47 and Tired of the Roller Coaster. Port Macquarie, AU

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I'm 99kgs at the moment and have struggled with my...

I'm 99kgs at the moment and have struggled with my weight since my first child 22years ago. Im wanting to have the gastric sleeve surgery and have joined a health fund specifically to do this surgery and help cover costs. I have to wait 12months to be covered but that's ok, more time to research and I can start the pre stuff with doctors and dietician appointments. My first appointment with dr Peck (specialist) is 7th March. I hope a qualify for surgery.

Dietician tmo ????

I take my 2nd step towards my new life tmo with my first dietician appointment???? it's a long wait I have but a year goes pretty fast as we all know..... Can't wait


Went to the Gold Coast theme parks for a holiday with my partner and 2 boys this week. Felt like a fat blob most of the time. Had trouble fitting my arse in the seat on "the claw". The water slides???? Not comfortable and just Depressing....... I wish it was December already! ????

It's almost time!

Only 4 more sleeps to surgery finally! Tuesdays the day 29/11/16. It's been a long years wait but here we are. I'm very nervous and scared for some reason. I have my Pre admission clinic today at 1pm and then on Monday it's final appointment with the surgeon, anaesthetist and dietician. Wish me luck

I'm sleeved!

I was sleeved today, yay! I have had bad gas pain in my collar bone area and bearable pain in my stomach, no incision site pain at all. All in all feeling pretty good!

HW - 112.2kg
SW - 105kg
GW - 70kg

2 days post op

I'm 2 days post op now and everything I eat or drink drills my stomach! Only for couple of seconds per sip but is this normal?? Just checking if it is and how long it lasts if anyone else has experienced it? Thanks fellow sleevers!! Xx

5 weeks post op

Hi all
Im bit disappointed with my weight loss being only 5 weeks post op. I've only lost 7.8 kgs since surgery and would've thought I'd lose more quickly. Maybe with Xmas I was eating a little pudding etc... but only a little. I'm sorry if i seem a little negative, I really don't want to be. I don't know if anyone can offer me any reassurance but kinda feeling a bit "meh" at the moment
Dr Peck

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