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Poor Experience

Hair Transplant

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21 Sep 2016

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Poor Experience

I had a procedure about 2 years ago -1200 grafts. It was my second procedure. The first procedure I had was with a different doctor and I had a pencil thin scar and a great experience, but Dr. Zufelt gave me a 1/4 inch wide scar and about 15-20% of the grafts took... if that. My scar line still hurts about 2 years later. Find a different doctor. Travel out of state to find someone else if you live in Utah. I literally paid for a wide scar on the back of my head. He tried to contact me to make it right, but I couldn't let him do any work on me again. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but just because someones nice doesn't mean they should perform this type of procedure on you. I went to a different doctor afterwards for help.