24 Years Old and Needed Work Post Pregnancy - Pomona, CA

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I have been wanting breast implants since I...

I have been wanting breast implants since I realized I was a "late bloomer". I waited until after I had my first baby and after pregnancy I looked like a total different person. I'm 5'3 weighed 203 upon delivering my son, breast fed ALOT for 4 months and tried my best to snap back to my old figure but,with no success, I decided Summer 16 I was going to book consultations and get my breast augmentation. My first consultation was with Dr.Omidi and he was extremely informative! I went in there prepared with info from Real Self knowing exactly what I wanted and I didn't have to explain much at all he knew exactly what I wanted I trusted him completely he recommended for my desired look and my frame 600cc sub muscular saline implants with a Benelli lift which I agree I really need! Due to my lagging, I prolonged my scheduling of my augmentation and haven't even set a date yet but I'm going tomorrow to set it so I have enough time to heal before I leave for summer vacation in July! I'm super excited and a little anxious to know if I'll be healed and ok to enjoy my vacation with my new body!

Day of surgery!

I finally received my breast augmentation with a lift by Dr.Omidi it was so quick and I hardly feel any pain! I'm feeling like the worse is either over or still to come. The only obstacle I can't get past is SLEEP! I only took one capsule of hydrocodone after surgery around 9pm and have only been napping every hour I can't stay asleep and it is currently 2am! I'm going to take another since it's possibly discomfort and I'll update at post op appointment tomorrow.

One week post op

This week post op has been surprisingly super easy. Virtually no pain at all if anything throughout my experience the only issue was discomfort but after major surgery it's nothing to what I anticipated pain wise and compared to what other testimonials I've read and seen on TV. I healed so well Dr. Omidi and his staff did a wonderful job, I never experienced any issues or had any concerns or doubts on my procedure they're extremly trustworthy and I'm very thankful for that. Dr.Omidi even asked to see me the next day just to make sure I was healing well. I already had my second post op appointment and by next week should be expecting to have my stitches removed and by then be off all medication and bruising and swelling should subside then I can post before and afters. As for now I am over joyed and can't wait for summer to show off my new boobies and confidence. I highly recommenced Dr. Omidi and his wonderful staff especially his consultants Alexis and Louise for being so friendly and down to earth at the Royalty Cosmetic Center in Pomona you guys are awesome keep making people happy and feel better about themselves! xoxo

2 weeks post op

Trying on summer clothes never felt better I look amazing!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Omidi was extremely professional, knowledgable straight to the point, no nonsense type of Doctor and he's exactly the type of Doctor I would consider to trust with my life in his hands. I went to other consultations and even though he was my first consultation, I chose him because he was not pushy at all and understood me from the beginning. He wasn't trying to simplify my procedures, take easy routes or over charge me, he was thorough and honest. I'm very excited to have him work his magic on me!

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