23, made it to the flat side- Pomona, CA

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I had two consultation scheduled one with Dr. dr...

I had two consultation scheduled one with Dr. dr tarnick smalli and one with Dr. Michael Omidi. Dr Smalli literally spent less then 5 minutes with me. He came in told me everything I needed to get done and left. It seemed like I was just another paycheck to him not a patient. After that I was extremely nervous about going into the consult with Dr. omidi because I only had those two Doctors and if that did not go right than I would be back to square one but he spent at least 30mins with me he was kind explained everything in depth to me he genuinely seemed like he cared about me and my concerns. He answered any questions I had and explained it thoroughly which I loved. So of course I chose Dr. Omidi.

Before pictures

Here is me at 225 I am now 214, I am planning on weighing again on Friday. My goal is to be at 200lbs or lower before surgery.

Wish pic

I am hoping my results come close to these!


Today was my pre-op appointment. At the appointment the Dr goes over everything with you about your surgery. My surgery is in less than two weeks I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I weighed in today at 208 which I'm really excited about I lost 12 pounds since my first appointment which was extremely hard for me but I did it which puts my BMI at 29.

7 hours away

Only 7 hours until my surgery I am extremely nervous. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. Wish me luck here my final pre op pictures.

Surgery in about an hour

As I am sitting at the surgical center waiting for them to call me back I came across this prayer. I thought I would share it with you guys!

Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1 was a little rough I woke and I couldn't feel my hand and I had to cough. It hurt like hell to cough but because they stick a tub down your throats I was coughing up a lot of flem. I live in an apartment and parking is pretty far so getting from car to apartment was so exhausting I had to keep stopping and then I had climb up stairs I just about died. Pain is minimal I'm staying on top of my pain pills, I'm just really really sore. Day 2 I had to go the dr omg that walk literally took everything out of me to do but each day gets better. I haven't gotten to look which is why I haven't posted anything. I apologize if this review doesn't make sense these pain pills make me extremely groggy. I will post pictures soon

1st photo

Here is my first photo I've been so scared to look underneath but I finally did. I just can't believe my love handles are gone I thought hose things would be with me forever! I did not get a shot of my boobs I try and take one soon.

5 days post op picture

Finally took a picture! I'm extremely happy! I told doctor I wanted a small waist I already had thick hips and legs, It's the body always wanted but never had. If I love my results now I wonder what it will look like when all the swelling subsides.


6 days later I finally had a BM! It didn't hurt because I was taking stool softener every day sometimes more than once a day. This might be a bit much I really didn't have to push much it kind of slid on out. I tried pushing because it was taking forever to slid on out but it hurt to much to even push.

2 weeks PO

I am two weeks post OP today and here's a little update. 1. I still have this annoying drain in and it really hurts 2. I am still bent over and my back is literally on fire but besides those 2 things I'm doing great I am healing perfectly. I will post pictures as soon as this drain comes out and I am standing fully straight up.

3 weeks post op

Drains are out! Almost walking straight up! I feel really tight though! Feeling really good about myself, I can't wait to get in the gym and get ready for summer!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I was extremely nervous going into the consult but he spent at least 30mins with me he was kind explained everything in depth to me and genuinely seemed like he cared about me and my concerns.

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