Freaking out with Nerves and Excitement -tummy Tuck/abdominoplasty with Lipo - Wroclaw, Poland

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Hi everyone. well. my first post here and what can...

hi everyone. well. my first post here and what can i say. finally have saved the cash for a full tt with lipo. looking to go abroad, and its not the money reason, its because of the surgeon who i want in particular.previous uk nhs surgeon Dr.adam kalecinski and also on the uk gmc register. yup..checked with my own doctor and all rings well. m just bricking it. ive been waiting for the day for 8 years and now its here and i have the ash i just have no idea how to handle it. its like winning the lottery and not knowing what to do with all the plain and simply petrified yet so excited. just dont know how im feeling now. ive been building myself up and preparing myself but never thought the day would come, now its here..i dont know how to feel.i plan to stay for 10days even though only 5 days are recommneded. most other countries only say 3 and the uk, u get sent home the next day might i add.anyway, wanted to stay for 0 days so i can get drians taken out in poland rather than have to travel with them.if ANYONE is feeling the same, please do tell me for reassurance. thank you x

dr adam kalecinski

ive been googling and came a few forum websites about surgery which led me to wanting surgery by him.i found out he does all the surgery himself. just need to make that move of confirming all is great with my gp and safe etc, then im ready to book.

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