48 Years Old. Uplift with Implants and Rhinoplasty. Changed surgeons. Now Dr Alejandro Nogueira in Madrid.

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To be completely honest, I was not going to write...

To be completely honest, I was not going to write a review, until closer to the surgery date. I felt that nearer to the time, my emotional status would help to reflect a true account of how I was feeling within days, rather than weeks, leading up to the surgery. I also didn't want to bore anyone with details of preparation etc. There are so many fantastic reviews on here, that could and have been used both for pre-op and post-op reference, that I did not feel it beneficial to add yet more.

However, I hold my hands up to admit that I am an absolute nightmare in thinking on behalf of others that, I have never met!! The above paragraph statement is a prime example of this! I have absorbed hundreds of reviews on this site and what makes it so damn interesting and a must read each and every time, it that every review, provides a different perspective. As such, I too have collated many essential tips, that I plan to put into practice. We are all unique and experience events differently. So that being said...maybe my adventure... as a cosmetic surgery novice, could act as a helping hand for another individual who plans to share a similar journey. The factual and moving stories from 'Realself', have resonated emotions and ideas within me; so if I can help others too, it's a win win situation all around!

So my journey starts right now, here with you! There are exactly 50 days to my surgery...sounds sooooooooo far away! Like everyone else, I am eagerly counting down the days, in the hope that it will arrive sooner...hmmmm.....! Wish is was tomorrow! So this is what is happening so far. I have chosen a surgeon after many months of research and many hours scrutinising reviews, both good and bad...I have to be realistic here! I doubt that there exists a cosmetic surgeon that has not received a negative review in his/her career. So, I just outweighed the odds and ensured that my research was as thorough as can be.

I chose a surgeon from Poland. Many people cringe at the prospects of getting surgery abroad, because of all the horror stories we hear in the tabloids and read from reviews. I have read many painful true accounts on 'Realself' too. All the accounts are agonising to read and my heart goes out to each and everyone who has been through and is still living that hell. So I totally understand people's response. The information helps you to opens your eyes and be upfront with yourself with what could happen. Yet this can happen anywhere and still does! It makes you research so much harder and yet even then, you cannot be certain of the outcome.

I have taken the choice to follow my instincts and go for it! If it is a mistake, then be it on my shoulders and you will find out...as if you continue to read my posts, see my photos and review my videos, we will be on this journey together! I promise to be brutally honest about the surgery and will continue to update the site, so who ever decides to go through the same treatment, can have a clear account of the good, the bad and the ugly!!! Stick with me on this!

The surgeon will be Dr Adam Kalecinski, who owns a surgery in Wroclaw, Poland. He has received many excellent reviews. Many more that are good than bad I am relieved to say. He has a Facebook site, where you can see before and after results and talk with patients who have had the surgery. This is quite unique. Some say only the good reviews get published on the site, whilst negative reviews get deleted. However, I have recently seen first hand that this isnt always the case. The fact that you can talk with people who have received treatment from Dr Kalecinski, is reassuring to me. I am happy to proceed with him and feel confident he will deliver great results. I need to be positive!

I am going on my own and will arrive in Wroclaw on the 16th June and the surgery will arrange transport from the airport to my apartment. I am staying for 10 days! They will then arrange for me to be picked up from my apartment the next day, to be taken to the clinic for my consultation, Psychological review, blood tests ( I may choose to have the blood test here. Not decided yet ) and the operations! Gulp! After a night at the clinic following my surgery, I will be taken back to my apartment.

I have chosen a wonderful apartment in Wroclaw, 10 minutes drive from the clinic with many amenities on its doorstep. The clinic has apartments you can book and share if you're travelling alone. It also recommends other hotels close to the surgery, which are popular too. I opted to choose my own apartment via Airbnb. I have used this site a few times before and love it. The apartment is gorgeous (I will be spending most of my time in it recovering!) and the owner is bending over backwards to support me through this journey. I have just been honest with him.

The surgery costs have played a huge part in helping me choose my destination. Its not the cheapest by far, but still far cheaper than having the surgeries carried out in the UK. I just could not afford to have it done here! The Surgeon has worked in the UK and is qualified over here. The clinic also has to abide and conform to the european standards. By all accounts and reviews, it is absolutely spotless! Some reviews have said, 'better than UK private hospitals'. I am relieved about that.

So, I am due to have a breast uplift with implants and Rhinoplasty. I am concerned about the scars, but having watched the Doctors videos on Realself, and read their comments, I am happy to proceed. I know there will be unsightly scars, but in the long run, it will provide a much more pleasing, youthful, aesthetic result. (need as much help in that department as possible) The scars will fade eventually. There are always scar treatments I could use to help this process. I just do not want to have to go back to the surgeon in a couple of years time for an uplift because the weight of the breast has caused my breast tissue to sag even further! I've reviewed photos of women who have had implants to improve their volume and size, and have chosen a higher profile to help uplift their sagging breast. Consequently, the nipples are still low and drop below the fulness of the implant. This is a personal choice for everyone, its just not a look that I would desire. I would prefer to have the scars from an uplift to give me a more perkier breast. This is coming from an individual who has not even got stretch marks!! Its going to be difficult at first, but will pay off in the end I am sure.

As for the breast type and size...hmmmm...Im not at all certain about that . I am leaning towards a high profile textured anatomical breast. The size around 450cc if possible. It will be a discussion that I will have with my PS on Friday 17th June!! He is the expert, so I will listen to his advice and go from there!. Again, I will keep you posted and in the interim post my ideal breast pictures. I've seen some excellent results on this site!

You can see from the pictures I have posted that my pregnancies, breast feeding, lose of weight...oh and my age (im old now ;o) ) has taken its toil on my breast...They are not a perky as they use to be. 5 months ago I was a 34 DD. and 1.5 stone heavier!. NO volume in them now. I do not even like bending over without a bra, as they just hang like deflated lemons! Not a site to behold for my husband either if Im ever on top......So consequently, my confidence in my body has hit rock bottom!! Look ok in clothes, but naked....nope...need a lot of work there!!!..

So this is my first post. Not certain if I will have to split it up as its loooooonnnnnnggggggg. Sorry guys...you have all probably switched off by now or flicked by this review due to prospects of a torturous read!! I will end here for now! WIll write again regarding the list of tablets I have ordered to get myself fit and able, prior to surgery and the tablets and other bits and bobs required to aid my recovery. Oh and the post op bra too!!! Thats yet to arrive, but I will take a picture and review when it's here. Its not a pretty one thats for sure!!

Hugs to all Jen x

Before my planned BA

Confused and greatly concerned! Uplift without implant not an option for me!

I have spent months researching doctors to finally settling with Dr Adam Kalecinski in Poland. His end results of both BA and Rhinoplasty are amazing. Having booked flights and accommodation, I thought I was prepared to proceed with the biggest decision of my life. Putting myself in the hands of an experienced surgeon and hoping to come around from the local anesthesia in perfect health...although in discomfort, with a neater nose and decent sized pert breasts. Now having learnt on the Facebook site, that he sometimes refuses implants with uplift (granted the PS knows best/is an expert and I cant argue with that) and is reluctant if agreeing on implant with uplift to put in anything bigger than 220 to 230cc. (Again each case is diffrrent ). This concerns me. I do not want to be smaller than what I am now. Just an uplift takes me down a cup size. Having that with no implant won't give me the top pole fullness I yearn for. Granted, we are all unique cases and cannot be assessed accurately until he sees you in person. Yet that won't happen til the day of my surgery! I imagine it will be an emotional time in any case. Now having to also prepare myself for the worst scenario, does not sit well with me. What would I do? Walk away or go with it as perhaps anything is better than what I have now!! I personally believe this additional concern will cause me more heartache than I need. Surgery alone is a worry. I dont want to add to that. I could book to see Adam before surgery for a consultation. He sometimes flys over to London, but not certain when. However, the time is ticking away. I dont have money to burn. If I dont cancel my accommodation soon I could potentially loose out on that too. That was for 10 days!! I have written to David to request he sends more photos to the clinic for further review. He didnt do this the first time I asked. He just sent a reply along these lines to say that an accurate diagnosis can only be given during consultation. That said, I would still like an idea of what could be expected.... I asked him again to send through the query adding new photos. He has done this now. I know the diagnosis will not be guaranteed as the outcome may change again when Im seen in person. But knowing whether an uplift with implants is feasible would help in the first instance..Just give me an idea please!!! I have since been searching for other reputable PS whilst awaiting a response from the clinic. I need to decide soon. I have accepted that i will lose out on my flights £200 + but dont want to leave it too late to book else where. I came across Dr Alejandro Nogueira who has an impressive catalogue of qualifications and is accredidated with many board certified affiliations. He is based in Spain, Madrid. Already I have put forward questions and have spoken with his administration team, as well as himself twice. He calls you back that same day! His administration team respond within the hour. I have carried out extensive researches and read authentic reviews. One being recent by Naomi Alex. Her breast uplift and reduction is absolutely amazing. She has outlined her full proceedure and also posted many photographs. Fantastic, honest and open review. I hope to do the same. Others reviews on his Rhinoplasty proceedures. All good as he is also an expert in Rhinoplasty revision surgery after other surgeons disastrous outcomes. I could potentially book myself in for surgery at the end of May. Will potentially have uplift with lollipop technique and superficial tear drop implants. Implants they use are mentor and guaranteed for life. Made in the UK and used by top surgeons. Dr Nogueira also carries out the lumore technique (I don't think I've spelt that right so will amend later if need be) It's nerve racking thinking of changing doctors after you console yourself on having found the right one...but further research has led me to Dr Nogueira. Perhaps for good reason. I will let you know what I decide and keep you updated. I just hope that whatever happens it all works out in the end xx

Everyone wants perfect boobs

It's getting close now. To be honest, changing doctors and flights & accommodation has been a headache. With all that comes the research! It takes so much out of you. All that's done now. So the days start ticking away. So much to plan before heading off to Spain. I just want to get to the day, I'm on the operating table and begging the surgeon to do a good job before being put to sleep. Stopped my herbal meds and will wait until after the op now. Husband looking forward to it. I hope he loves the end result as much AS I hope too. God....it's terrifying! So many what ifs! Reading the reviews...good and bad...I know we all want that perfect result. Those perfect boobs. That perfect pertness and the wowzer cleavage!! Wish me luck, as I pray my results will be just as good as others I have seen on here. Although with an uplift and implants...the doctors say not to expect perfection... I will be happy with nice :@)

Boob heaven!

My wish list pics!!

Welcome my new booby friends!! Day 2 post op

The operation has taken place and I am feeling very sore. Especially between my breasts and under my arms. Couldn't dress myself yesterday as the pain was so intense. I never imagined it would feel like this!! I'm looking in the mirror and seeing my new assets... although the padding is very thick and the support bra sits on top, I can't see the results as yet. I can see a clevage when looking down and the breasts seems well placed. By nature I was given breasts of different sizes. Not enough to worry or be embarrassed about. Just slightly uneven. Consequently, Dr Nogueira implanted 350cc in one breast and 370cc in the other. I'm expecting them to be very different in size until the swelling reduces and they settle. The surgery went well by all accounts. I was the last to go in. My surgery took place at 5pm. I was woken up at 1145pm. Remember though I had an uplift, implants and full Rhinoplasty. I'm pleased these proceedures were not rushed. When I got to the theatre, two nurses were present along with Dr Salmones the Anestheasia and Dr Nogueira the plastic surgeon. The team really work well together and put you at ease. This was my first surgery...never had surgery in my life! I didn't bring a companion with me, so had no support other than the staff at the hospital. To say I was nervous is an understatement! Straight away Dr Salmones put me at ease. She warmed up my drip solution so it wouldn't be cold when entering my veins. She is such a genuine, warm almost motherly individual. Extremely professional and knowledgeable; yet very gentile and approachable. An absolute gem! Dr Alejandro Nogueira was all smiles in the theatre and joked continuously to help relax me and make me smike. He drew on my chest and explained each process and why all these steps were necessary. Such a perfectionist and passionate about his work ethics. He never cuts corners. (No pun intended) The nurses were really friendly too and I was made to feel secure and began to relax. I was terrified believe me...they managed to calm me down and made me feel that I was in the safest hands possible. Dr Nogueira held my hand until I fell asleep. I must admit I was so groggy when I woke up and so stiff. I was in so much pain that I struggled getting back into my bed in my private room. A male nurse helped me and was very gentle and reassuring. I felt too ill to return to my hotel, so I stayed the night at the hospital. This type of surgery is an ordeal. Perhaps because I had all three together. I cannot express enough how important it is to feel safe and secure. The whole team and being in a fully functional hospital environment reassured me beyond belief. It really helps. You feel so fragile and helpless. You need as much support as possible. However, as I said, this was my experience and we are all different. A lovely young girl had breast implants before me and walked back to the hotel that same evening! She flew back home the next day! Amazing!!! I could not even attempt that with my surgery. With the padding, the swelling and the bra, my boobs look big!! Im so chuffed with the size but also aware that they will drop and settle so will become alot smaller. Dr Nogueira implanted the biggest he could with the type of uplift I had and my breast size. I'm looking forward to seeing my new found friends in a few weeks time. At the moment they feel like two bolders under my skin. Will update as the days progress Hugs xxxxxxxx

Could not sleep. Swelling in right side of breast.

Really struggling to sleep tonight. Feeling alot of discomfort in my right breast. A bit worried as I woke up twice and my little finger on my right hand was numb. Came back to life once I move my fingers. I think the swelling on my side close under the armpit, is hitting a nerve. My arm and hand aches.

Just emailed the doctor to ask if this is normal. I'm not panicking. I just want to make him aware and to be reassured that this can happen and is nothing to worry about.

It's 450 am so I'm certain he will call me this morning. I've not removed my top, or my bra. I've not wanted to agrevate the condition as it's still early days and I'm still healing.

I ended up removing my nose packing to elevate some discomfort in my recovery process. I have wrote a review about this on the Rhinoplasty listing. Photos added too.

Hugs x


Unfortunately I did too much yesterday when I moved from the hotel to the apartment. I didn't lift anything but my movements were excessive as I had to pack etc. Consequently I've caused a bleed in my upper poles. It was the right breast at first but the left breast ifs full now too. At least thats what my doctor thinks. It could be a mixture of blood with some other fluid too. Long story short. He is trying not to have to drain as this in turn can cause more complications....potential infection then loss of implant. He wants me to stay completely immobile. As was his advice to begin with. I just found that hard being by myself. People take note... it's really difficult being on your own without assistance. I thought by stating here a few weeks to recouporate would help. This was against my dictors advice as he felt 4 to 5 days was enough. Then best to travel back and heal in yout own environment where friends and family can support you. In retrospect he was right. I didn't do any lifting at all. Yet the excessive arm movements caused the complications. I was mortified when I sent photos and received a call from him. He was firm with his responses and advised I had done things he had specifically told me not to do to cause this to happen. He is right I got very distraught and scared about it all. Being on my own didn't help the situation. I broke down. I sent more photos last night and he called me back. Just told me I needed to relax as much as I could as being anxious was making matters worse. Psychologically, he wanted me to put myself in a better frame of mind. This he insisted would help. He could hear my distress as I was crying and just talked calmly with me to try to releave my anxiety. He wants me to send him more photos through this morning. I think my breast are as swollen as they can be right now. Very uncomfortable but I'm not in huge amounts of pain. I'm just hopeful I do not get bruising etc and that my body treats me far better than I have treated it and reabsorbs the fluid. The last thing I want is my stiches to split open withe pressure causing more problems for me. When i tap the upper poles you can hear a hollow sound. Like tapping on a ballon fully expanded with water. I cant stop crying... I will let you know how I get on. X

Breast update. Dr Nogueira

Still very sore and you can clearly see the stitches which are disolvable. One breast dropping and the other due to follow (hopefully) still early days.

More photos of changes

Uplift and implants update 3 weeks 2 days post

I'm happy with my breasts overall, however, my recovery is taking a little longer than most. Still alot of healing taking place and swelling variations in breasts making them look slighty odd in shape with slight asymmetry.
I'm not wanting to post every day, as I feel it more informative if done weekly/weeks. Trying to keep reviews short too, as I tend to rant on!
When dressings were removed 2 week post op, I had no scabbing at all. Wounds seemed perfect! However, things change as swelling goes up and down. It's normal after a lift with fairly big implants!
Some areas of my incisions have become stretched (my poor body). A Few scabs formed. Contacted doctor yesterday with photos and he has suggested wash, bacterial cream with dressings, twice daily.
Not infected at present and this method is only precautionary. The ointment has dissolved the scabs revealing fresh open wounds beneath.
Dr Nogueira, extremely informative, responded immediately (he always does). Put a course of action in place to prevent potential infection. Told me what to expect once scabs removed. Requested further photos in a few days time. It is very reassuring to know he is there when needed.
On a positive note, I believe my bra size will be 32E! Right now they are an F with swelling but this will reduce. With Boob greed (guilty) and uplift, tension occurs and these problems will often occur. But I have faith in my PS!
Will keep you guys updated.

Macom Bra not suited for my implants

Just a quick update regarding my personal experience with surgical Bra's.
Bought two MACOM branded Bra's at £55.00 each and both are regrettably unsuitable for my breast surgery.
Soooooooo disappointed!! Size 34 chest band, the Macom bras are said to expand to your implant size. True! However, these are far too tight and the compression and material is not suitable for my textured anatomical implants or incisions.
Compression needed but not as much as the MACOM provides...nearly cuts me in half!! Incisions irritated by the material. Hate them! Never thought I'd say that tbh!! Raved about them before my implants!!
Anatomical textured implants should be left to settle in the cavity to adhere to the Facia muscle in my case (subfacia implant). No massage required. Macom bras distorted them too much with the compression. (My experience) Others implants they are probably ideal! Very highly rated Bra's, just not for me!
Doctor advised cotton post natal bras, but difficult to find in my size. In the end chose this bra. It's comfortable and stretches to accommodate my swelling. Still holds me in place.

Help me heal website
Post Surgical Front Fastening Bra
Ordered black and white.

Very low today with this setback

Today has to be the worst day ever for me! I can't tell you just how fed up I am having such a setback 3 1/2 weeks on from my uplift and implants.
My husband hasn't been able to hold me close or be intimate with me since this process started. I can't enjoy my new breasts or really appreciate them. I'm most fearful of becoming regretful about this decision! Especially if infection sets in and I have to have the implants removed!
The scabs are no longer present due to the application routine of cream and dressing. Consequently, the wounds look bigger and it's unsettling to say the very least.
I need to follow the doctors advice and keep dressing the wounds twice a day with the topical cream. I had once thought scabs were a sign that the skin was healing itself. But perhaps not in the case of surgical incisions due to the threat of infection.
Will be sending further photographs to the doctor on Saturday. Will update again. I promised I would be open and honest in my recovery reviews to help others. Incudes good and bad days...this my friends is a bad day for me :@(

Uplift and Rhinoplasty 4 month pic update

Well guys I am healing really well, after strictly following my PS instructions. I went out last night for a meal and dressed up!! Felt really good!
Just another week to go I think, before my wound on my left breast (biggest implant) heals completely. My right has sealed up well.
I will update thoroughly in a few weeks time with photos of the transition phases of the healing. Think this will help others too, to know that what looks horrendous can heal really well. Its a scary time but is a common occurance with uplift and implants. Good diet, vitamins, positive outlook, dressings (following PS prescription) and patience. It pays off in the end X

Still uneven 6 months on. Excess skin on right breast.

The scarring is healing well considering my complications.
Left breast, excess skin at bottom of breast, makes the shape look square.
I like the shape and eveness with bra less tops; but concerned about the asthetics naked.
Im going to leave it for a few months before deciding how to proceed. The thought of additional scaring to correct the problem concerns me.
Spain Plastic Surgeon

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