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Hi! My name is Anna, I am 29 years old. I am a...

My name is Anna, I am 29 years old. I am a Russian but currently living in London, UK.
I have just contacted Adam Kalecinski's clinic regarding rhinoplasty - waiting for his feedback.
I cannot say that I have always hated my nose - no, but I never liked it. I am a happily married mum of 3 beautiful children, and my husband loves me and accepts me the way I am, so it was quite hard to make this decision. I always feel like it is rather a psychological problem than physical. My nose obviously could have been improved, but then..
Anyway, I decided to give it a go, if Adam says that my nose could be re-shaped the way I want it, then most likely I will go for it. I had a SEPTO-rhinoplasty back in 2010 because my nose was bent on one side and I couldn't breathe properly through one of my nostrils. It did help, but even though I was offered a cosmetic improvement at the same time, I denied it. Who would have thought that I would come back to this question again almost 6 years later.
So - here I am, my "before" pictures and what I want to achieve (please note the second pictures are photoshopped - I haven't had a surgery yet!!).

I will be keeping you updated. I noticed there are quite a few people waiting for an op by Adam in the near future, so I guess he is getting more and more popular.

Any questions, please ask


Total disappointment in trying to book a date with a clinic

Hi there,

So now I have been in touch with the clinic almost every day. At first I have given them my own choice of dates - they were fully booked already (the dates were in April). Okay. Because I have 3 children and my husband working on 2 jobs he cannot take a week off easily. And I cannot afford to have a nanny for a week for 3 kids - its too expensive (I could have done a surgery in London for that price!). So I have asked the clinic what the available dates were. David sends me the dates, I pick one, write him back. He comes back to me the following day saying that unfortunately that chosen day is already fully booked. It was a big disappointment for me. But I then choose another day - he comes back to me the following day again saying that "apologies, that day is now fully booked either". The thing is, as I am not very flexible with my dates, I don't have a huge choice of days when I could go for a week abroad. And we are talking about days 2-3 months away, its not like I am trying to book a surgery for tomorrow! I understand that they are heavily subscribed and everything. But - could they be a little bit more organised with the "free dates"?
Now I got to the point when I will either have to think about rhinoplasty in London, or hire a nanny for my children, because in other weeks my husband won't be able to have any days off. I have to re-think everything again because I didn't realise it would be so hard to book a convenient day. The clinic totally sounds like they are not interested in one more client... Did anyone have difficulties when booking a date with Adam?

Finally booked in

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that I finally booked a date - 20th of May. Sooo excited!!

Booked my flight tickets yesterday

Hi there, Just wanted to write a quick note saying that I have bought my plane tickets yesterday. I made a decision to fly on a day of surgery! The surgery will be on the 20th of May, it's Friday. To be honest, flying on Thursday would have been much more complicated for me and my husband/kids due to some reasons, so I was hesitating to buy the tickets for some time. I have contacted David and he said that it is pretty much a normal practise for patients to arrive on a day of their surgery if they arrive before 11:30am. As far as I understood from his words, my surgery is scheduled for the second half of the day... And even though I will have to wake up at 5am to be at the airport by 7am, I have decided to go for it. So I will arrive on a day of my surgery and stay for 5 more days, 25th of may in the evening is the date of my returning flight home (London). I had to buy one ticket off Wizzair and the second one off Ryanair because Wizz air arrives at 11am (Ryanair arrives at 11:45am - and even though David said this time would suit me too I decided to pay extra £20 for Wizzair to arrive 45 mins earlier... The earlier the better). And Ryanair for my returning ticket because only they depart in the evening (I will need to have a morning check up first before I fly home). So all in all its starting to feel like the operation will actually happen :). I have also asked David if there are any cancellation slots for earlier dates but he said there weren't such dates so far. May is not very ideal to have a surgery for me as we may end up having to move house due to my oldest child starting a new school from September (and we need time to sort out a school for two little ones before September), but my husband is totally supportive and says 5 days of my absence won't do any harm :) So all in all, very excited!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Hi everyone, So i am flying to Wroclaw today. Will hopefully be there in a few hours - so nervous and excited at the same time. The hardest part so far was to leave my children behind for a week! My husband is so good and I have really nothing to worry about but I just couldn't help myself and shed a few tears anyway :). I will try to post a quick update tomorrow but it depends on how I feel of course. I thought about every single detail I want to mention during the consultation so fingers crossed Adam will understand my idea and will be able to create something nice out of my current nose ;). I understand that tomorrow could be a very important day in my life because it will change my face features but at the same time I am worrying that my nose will end up looking almost the same :( I honestly can't imagine how he is going to change my nose and how it all works. So I have to put my trust in him. Hopefully see you all tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Anna

Operation - done

Hi everyone, Thought I would give you a quick update on how everything went yesterday. So I have arrived at the airport and nobody met me there. My phone didn't work there at all for some reason. Perhaps I should have sorted a roaming before hand but I thought it's automatic ;(. Anyway, I have waited for an hour and nobody came so I just had to take a taxi and go. There are lots of taxis just next to the airport, so it's not a problem. I chose to stay at Boutique Hotels solo and they turned out to be 10 mins walk away from the clinic (on a straight line). The rooms are great, but a bit nosey. On a date of my surgery I woke up at 3am - and then couldn't fall asleep. At 8am I came to the clinic, filled all the papers in, had a blood test. The consultation with Adam was quite quick despite of the fact i planned my speech 2 months in advance ;). The first question was - So what is that is bothering you about your nose? And that was pretty much the last question, he then started saying what he would do - as if he examined the pictures I sent the clinic in February very well and knew what to do, or maybe he is that professional that he can tell what needs to be done straight away? I don't know. But to be honest I was left a bit worried that I haven't asked whether he will shorten the tip of my nose too or narrow it a little bit. I didn't feel rushed, but as some of his patients were saying in their reviews - he seems to know what to do and tells you this, and I felt he was a bit sceptical about my own expectations (for example, I asked whether its possible to create a little "curve" on my profile side rather than just straight nose and he looked skeptical and said he doesn't know until he opens up my nose and see what's inside, so this put me off from asking a couple of more questions - I managed to ask them at a later stage though). I was second in a line to operation and waited until 2pm. The last thing I remember was general anaesthesia which was quite painful - I could feel a strange sensation in my arms and legs. I don't remember how I ended up in "my" room afterwards, the room I shared with another patient. My nose felt painful and from anaesthesia everything was shaking in front of me as if I was on drugs ;). In a few hours I drunk a little bit of water and immediately threw up with blood - I guess the blood that went down my throat during the surgery. It was awful. I am now in a lot of pain, I have read that it feels like a nasty cold but I guess it depends on how much work has been performed. My nose hurts and my upper jaw does too. The swelling showed up, it's purple and heavy, feels very uncomfortable but I don't really care about it. I can't sleep because the tampons in my nostrils don't let me breathe by my nose and I can't fall asleep breathing through my mouth. It gets dry quickly and my throat is already soar. I am not sure whether I had any painkillers, I am in a lot of pain all night. In the morning tampons from my nostrils will be removed so I am counting hours to that! I hope I will get some nights sleep next night or I will explode. As far I can see now, my tip of the nose has been lifted and nose straightened., I am not too sure whether it has been shortened but it feels like not? Anyway, I am feeling so rubbish now, all I want is to get rid of pain :(. Hopefully will write something nice soon

Day 1

Day 2

Not much happened, still very sore and swollen. Can't breathe through my nose, which is the most frustrating part for me. I manage to take naps here and there, but with my nose breathing I could have had a much needed good nights sleep. I just really hope I could breath through my nose by Wednesday because this is when I am returning home. Because my nose is blocked I can't talk properly and I worry what I am gonna do in the airport, lol! From the bright side, I can't eat anything, only drink, so hopefully I am loosing some weight :)).

Day 3

So it's 5am in the morning and I already look like this - the swelling got down a lot (3 hours of ice on my face for 2 days in a row must have paid off!), I have a chipmunk look and really happy about it as it seems to be the last phase of swelling. In the afternoon I think I should look even better, judging from yesterday's and 2 days' ago experience.

I started managing to get some nights sleep. I do wake up every 1-2 hours to have a few sips of water and to put some lip balm on my lips - now I am prepared and all these things are ready for me on a bed side table. It is still impossible to breathe through my nose, even with the swelling going down. I am meeting my Dr this morning so we will see what he says. But last time he saw me (on Saturday) he said that just as much swelling I have on my face is inside my nose too so that is why I won't be able to breathe through my nose for some time.

In general I am feeling a little bit better, finally can wear my contact lenses today (it's not allowed to wear glasses for 4 weeks after the surgery because of the pressure they cause on the nose), my eyes are open enough for me to put them on. For 2 days after the surgery I was without glasses/contacts so it added to the discomfort I was already having. My vision is not particularly horrible, but anyway in Tesco I had to be very close to the shelves to actually see what's in them ;).

I am worrying a little bit about the final look my nose will have. I have come to 1. make my nostrils narrower 2. reduce the length of my nose. Dr. Kalecinski said that he doesn't recommend narrowing down my nostrils as my nose will have a "pinched" effect. I don't know why it is only for me, because from his other patients' reviews I saw him doing this. Regarding the length of my nose, he said he did create a shorter nose, but because it's all swollen now it looks even longer than before and I worry that when the swelling gets down it will look almost the same.

But what he did, he cut a little bump that I have. Then he narrowed the middle part of my nose - it was slightly too wide. And then he obviously reshaped the tip of my nose (put it up and rebuilt my columella as it was too little and that's why my nose would crook down when I smiled).

Well, I am hoping for the best. If my nose doesn't remain too piggy as it is now and doesn't crook down (at least that much) as it used to - I will be more than happy with my results. It already looks smaller from the side but I am waiting for the tip to come down as the swelling reduces to see the final result.

Just for you information (because I didn't know that), the revision surgery is usually £200 plus all the other expenses (accommodation flight tickets etc). So it's not the full price. But it needs to be in 12 months and agreed by the Dr.

So all in all, I may even walk around the Magnolia Park shopping centre today a bit.

Also - they haven't returned to me regarding why I haven't been met at the airport but I am not in a position now to care about it :). I think I saw Chris (taxi driver) the other day in the clinic bringing some patients but as I couldn't talk because of my blocked nose and felt very dizzy I didn't say anything, not that it is a big deal anyway).

I am staying at the Boutique Hotel's Solo which is literally 10 mins walk from the clinic. Right next to the clinic there is this shopping centre with a Tesco in it. I usually go for a check up at 8am and then from 9am the shopping centre opens and I go to Tesco, but some water/food and come back to my place. I am glad I can do everything in my own pace and don't need to arrange a taxi because it would give me an extra stress (to wake up at a certain time, be ready at a certain time etc). The mornings check ups are quite flexible - you can come as early as 7am because the nurse is up from 5am I think and until 9am.

Day 3

Worrying about the outcome... Just realised it may be quite good actually :) fingers crossed

Day 5 - cast removal

Hi everyone So today my cast is going to be removed. I managed to clean my nose last evening and as a result I slept from 11-5am without waking up! For the first time in the last 5 days I actually didn't have a headache from a lack of sleep today. So it was a blast ;). My cast as I said is going to be removed today. I am a little bit nervous. Also I am worrying that I will have a noticeable scar on my columella. I just so hope it will heal quickly and become invisible. As for the current nose shape - my nose is very very swollen now so I guess my first impression will not be that good. But I want to see how Dr K removed a small hump on my nose and also narrowed the middle part of my nose. I am very curious. Going through all this pain/discomfort/lack of sleep/scars, I couldn't help myself but thought yesterday if i was crazy ;). To be honest sometimes I feel like I shouldn't have gone for it. I am on and off all the time. It's not because of the clinic or the doctor, it's the fact that I am now facing an uncertainty as of how my face will look like. Maybe I just didn't hate my previous nose enough, lol? Anyway, maybe it's just my nerves kicking in now because of the cast removal. After my cast is off, I am heading to the airport and taking a flight to London. Hopefully I will feel decent during the flight. After breathing a little bit during the night, my nose is back to being blocked again.

Cast off

So I came to the clinic at 9am and because Adam himself needed to take my cast off I had wait until he finishes his consultations. The amount of people that come and go on a regular basis are impressive! I can't imagine how he is capable to do 4-5 operations a day on a regular basis. So when the time came, Adam came and removed my cast. Man, it was a little bit painful. My whole nose felt very tender - like a big bruise, and under the cast there was something like a very think tape on so he quickly removed it and it was a bit painful. The nurse also removed the stitches - 4 in my case. It was okay. My first reaction when I came to the mirror was very happy - in fact I expected a worse result. My front view - the thing I was most concerned about - was improved a lot. He lifted up the tip of my nose and reshaped the body of the nose. Even swollen to hell, it looked better than my original nose. I looked at it and he and the nurse were just sitting and waiting for me - it was nice that he gave me some time and didn't rush. Then he put a tape on my nose - and said to remove it in 2 days. I have read here that some doctors recommend taping for a few weeks but Adam said its not necceserely. Well, hopefully this fact won't spoil the final result. When I came back to the hotel and took a few profile pictures and examined my nose, I was a little disdained because my big fat nose looked the same (long) as it was before but just with upturned tip. It looks awful because my nose IS long from the side. But I hope as the swelling goes down it will look better. Adam is a very humble and nice man. Overall I am happy with him, he is very professional. I will post another update in 1 or 2 weeks time.

Day 8

Still very swollen but looks good so far

Day 11

Just thought I would write a little update as I am getting more and more busier and can forget. So overall my front nose looks different - the nostrils are narrower and the nose is shorter. But from the side my nose (I think so!) looks pretty much the same. It wasn't particularly horrible, but I was hoping it would be smaller anyway :(

3 weeks post op

Hi everyone So it's 3 weeks post op tomorrow and I thought I would write a quick update on how things have been going for me. The swelling is gradually going down, thought I don't see any dramatic changes anymore. My tip has gone down a lot, so now my nose doesn't look piggy anymore, which is good. Dr K reshaped lifted the tip of my nose so it's not droopy anymore, especially when I smile. I am very pleased with this part. However, there are things that I am not particularly happy with. Firstly, the hump on my nose hasn't been removed - and it doesn't seem like a swelling because it's exactly the same shape as my pre-op hump. I know my nose in every little detail. I am not particularly happy about it because my nose is quite big in size and with a hump it of course looks worse and bigger. Other thing is, my nose in general remained just as big, and I was hoping for a smaller size. I especially asked for my tip to be narrowed, and though it does look A LOT better, it is still huge. I understand that it may be seeking that spoils everything, but knowing my pre-op nose I am pretty much sure it will remain more or less like this. I don't want to make any conclusions now, will see what happens in a couple of next months.

A couple of more pictures

3 weeks post op

Love my new nose from the front
Adam Kalecinski

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