Age: 57, Hgt. 5' 2", 38 J - Single Mom/Nana - Tired of Not Being Able to See my Toes when I Am Standing Up. Plymouth, MN

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I am 5' 2" and fit into petite pants and skirts,...

I am 5' 2" and fit into petite pants and skirts, but blouses are either pulling on the buttons, or shaped like a square sack. I just want to feel feminine, and no longer be physically or psychologically burdened by these anchors.
Cleavage - smeevage, bring on the lace bras with the tiny little straps.

Femme 2.0

Femme 2.0

Things have gone a bit askew

Still a little tender, but LOVING my new bust size. I'm smaller than planned. Had asked for a 38D after being a 38J. But as I said I am very pleased, still feel curvy and feminine. I am a 38C, but am most comfortable in a 40B/C. Lost 4lb. 7oz. total weight from breast reduction.
Now for the oddness. As I have healed, the difference between my nipples/areola has become more pronounced. I was told my breasts would probably not be exactly the same. More like cousins than twins. Due to initial scarring, I knew to wait on making a judgment until the breasts reached their settled height and shape. Now that they are nearly there, I see that the height of my nipples/areola are different, they are not positioned on the breasts the same and their trajectories - if you will, are considerably different. My left nipple/areola is centered and the trajectory is straight forward, if not a little down. My right nipple/areola is off to the right and the trajectory is up & right. This is also noticeable when bra-less in a tee shirt. I have not done any actual measurements, but know they are off at least an inch, and not just centimeters. I brought this up to my PS when I first noticed the differences, and was told that once my breasts are completely settled, an adjustment can be made. Not looking forward to additional surgery, but appreciate my PS's can do attitude. I would post photos, but I was in a car accident a week ago and the left side of my shoulder and chest across to my lower under breast portion of my chest is covered in green & purple bruises from my seatbelt. Hey, my car may have been totaled, but all the safety features saved my life. Yeah, Honda CR-V!!! Had to postpone my 2 1/2 month photo op with my PS until the photo subjects are bruise free again.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

I have complete confidence in Dr. K., She was highly recommended by my Primary Care doctor. At the initial appt. she was willing to answer my questions thoroughly, as well as, go into great detail regarding what I could expect. Post-op Dr. Tracy Kayan, is confident - and rightly so; professional; compassionate; quickly responsive to all questions & concerns; personable - called me directly the afternoon after my surgery to ask how I was feeling; very positive and up beat. I could go on and on. Her staff members are just as awesome.

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