Consultation Review: So Very Sad" but Still Gonna Move Foward! in Search of A PS That Will Listen - Atlanta, GA

So today I went for my consult, I was so excited...

So today I went for my consult, I was so excited to see this "Award Winning" Plastic Surgeon, I felt as tho I was taking up his time...he glanced at my paperwork and saw that I was a smoker,(I have quit since January 2016, saw a PS in Atlanta before my move to the beach for a new life) he told me he would not do my surgury and to come back in 3 months after I quit smoking. After he examed me and suggested what he would do, I had a few questions and he looked at me and said...Oh you worry about wrong things. Come back in 3 months went you quit smoking and left the room. I just stood there stunned..The assistant came in gave me a piece of paper that had a tummy tuck price for $11,000. And a breast lift. With implants for $9000.00 without implants $7500.00.

I informed his assistant to please let the doctor know that I had been quit smoroom, For 7 months , he didnt give me a chance to tell him. I came for a consult for a tummy tuck , breast lift and a BBL not a lecture on smoking. My friend that was with me was as stunned as I, she has been there and has seen how hard I have worked to get to this point...So the quest continues...searching for an awesome PS in the Panama City Beach area!
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