Transconjunctival Lower Bleph with Fat Transfer - Greenbrae, CA

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I'm scheduled! I've waited 20+ years to do this....

I'm scheduled! I've waited 20+ years to do this. And, of course, now that I've booked it, I'm feeling nervous and scared but also excited. Am I really this vain? Maybe? But after hearing 'you look tired' for so many years when I'm not the least bit tired or seeing pics of that fat under there and airbrushing it out with one app or another, I'm ready!

Today was the day!

I arrived at 7am and wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. This is something I've thought about and painstakingly researched for YEARS. Dr. Hvistendahl came so highly recommended from close friends and I felt comfortable with him right away. My husband liked him, too, which was a plus. My husband can be pretty picky about these things. Anyway, I got a good night sleep (as best I could with the nervous excitement) and then I got there and was taken care of. Before I knew it, I was hooked up to the IV and breathing through the oxygen mask ... And then waking up in a recovery room. No recollection of anything else. I felt I was in very capable hands.

Floyd Mayweather on the way? The bruising begins...

The bruising is that was fast! I have only been home for an hour. I put some arnica cream on my cheek bone, taking Arnika Forte orally and eating pineapple! The Bromelian in the pineapple is supposed to help with swelling and bruising, too. I'll keep you posted on all the little details. I hope to help others considering the same surgery and there are not that many who have had this specific procedure: Transconjunctival Lowry blepharoplasty with fat transfer!!!

Here's where the doc got the fat. That's supposed to get pretty tender here soon. Ok I am going to go watch a movie and then try to fall asleep. My wedge pillow should be arriving today! Sleeping on my back is one of my biggest challenges!

Feel free to ask me any questions. You all helped me SO much and I learned so much from you. I hope to do the same for you. Xoxo

Day 2 - as expected, look like Rocky but feeling ok

I woke up looking like I spent the evening with Ike Turner. Yikes! The truth is, I slept extremely well. The Percocet and Ambien saved me and I drifted peacefully off to sleep on my back. I never, ever sleep on my back. Like never. I got a wedge pillow from
Amazon which is incredibly helpful. I then used a pillow under my knees and a pillow under each elbow. I even woke myself up snoring twice! I don't snore! Anyway, I suppose a recliner would be ideal for this type of surgery but this really worked for me and I'm so relieved!

My tummy where the fat was taken is very sore this morning. Very sore. I asked my husband to feed the dog because just bending over to do that simple thing was agony. I took a pain pill and am waiting for that to settle in. I am now on the couch watching a Robin Williams movie. I am perched comfortably up on my wedge pillow. I put a flat gel ice pack on my tummy to soothe the ache, and a heating pad under my back (just for cozy comfort). I am having a protein powder, fresh pineapple, fresh banana and raspberry smoothie for breakfast. I have some turmeric tea with lemon and cayenne pepper and my water. I've been drinking TONS of water - the bendy straw helps to drink more- and overall I feel hydrated and okay.

Some advice: don't watch anything emotional on tv. Anesthesia can make you unexpectedly emotional and weepy and you don't want EXTRA swollen eyes from any crying! We were watching Forest Gump last night for the thousandth time and I started to get sad at the end and asked my husband to change it immediately. We had a good laugh about it and switched to Cast Away.

Anyway, my lovelies, that's all for today. Me and my Ike Turner eyes.

The nicest thing: last night Dr. Hvistendahl called me to check on me. He asked me how I was feeling, told me I'd be really swollen today, asked if I had any questions and said that our surgery had gone PERFECTLY. He called from his personal cell phone and said I could call anytime. That made me feel really good and cared for. I feel very encouraged. Can't wait to see the end result. ??

Day 3 - Super swollen today but less pain

I woke up at 3am having fallen asleep with a cold compress on my eyes (just a washcloth soaked in ice water). My eyes were, again, crusty, like they had been the day before. I looked in the mirror and I really look like a distorted, beat up chipmunk. My upper lips are now swollen also. I tried not to panic but I'm sort of high strung anyway. I asked my husband to get me some frozen peas and put them in a kitchen cloth so I could ice my eyes. We were out of peas, apparently (doubt it) so he brought me a partially open bag of blueberries which I proceeded to spill on the bed, on the crisp brand new white sheets. Nice. I didn't yell. There was some sighing and minor crankiness on both sides but no big deal.


I'm now searching Amazon for the right thing and feeling irked that I didn't have this prior. I thought I had the little round ice packs all set but those are pretty stupid as they just slip off your eyes and when I tucked them under my sleep mask to keep them in place, they're just too damn cold to keep on there for any length of time.

Feeling swollen and irritated emotionally today. :( At least my husband is being sweet. He isn't a fan of plastic surgery but I think he'll be pleased when this is all done.

Feeling hopeful - despite currently looking like Rocky/a beat up chipmunk....

Day 4 - a little itchy, still swollen, feel ok

My under eyes feel a little itchy - like they're healing? I'm still SO swollen. My upper lids are also swollen and I look just plain WEIRD. That being said, I don't have any of the terrible complications I've read about and my bruising has been pretty minimal. The swelling for me is the worst. Other people don't swell much, some do... it's all very unique it seems.

Putting arnica cream on my bruising and icing a few times a day. I figured out a solution to icing: I use a Bausch and Lomb eye ice pack (the beaded kind) I picked up at rite aid and because the damn thing is too tight to wear, I place it under my sleeping mask and it holds it nicely in place. After 20 minutes on my phone timer, I take it off and I do notice a decrease (temporarily) in swelling. And it just feels good.

A word of advice: find a good eye mask beforehand. I wish I had! I would've iced a LOT more on the first two days. I wonder if that would have made a difference...

Day 5 - chipmunk face remains

I went out today for the first time to run some minor errands. Other than when I went to doc after my stitches on my finger were concerning me on Wednesday, I haven't been anywhere. I've been resting, couch bound and very quiet. It was a lot for me to go out today. I am still very much healing and need to be mellow and not do a lot. And that is ok.

This swelling sucks. The bruising is going away but the swelling is stubborn and hanging on. I've been putting arnica on it everyday. Maybe that is helping. Time to ice. ...

And then I got queasy...

I took some pain meds late yesterday but none today and I guess it all caught up to me. I have been feeling fine all this time (other than minor pains that I managed with the medication etc) but today I thought I was going to be sick, I was soooo nauseous. I took the Zofran my doc prescribed and within minutes my nausea passed. I also had some plain crackers and ginger ale and now I feel ok again. Whew. If there's one thing I hate it's feeling queasy. Keep this in mind if you take any pain meds. Most people won't need them beyond a day or two but because I had a hand surgery as well, that's why I've needed them. Today: no more pain meds! Make sure your doc gives you anti-nausea medication. I'm so relieved I had that, too. I didn't think I'd need it but I sure did.

I feel some achiness in my cheeks from time to time and they are tender to the touch and also itchy (the itch like mad when I apply the arnica which makes me feel like the arnica is helping even more; itchy is a good sign).

Other than that, kind of boring Sunday. My husband is going on a hike with friends. To be honest, I'm glad. I'm going to OD on some chick flicks and curl up with my little dog right now. Ahhhhh....

Post-op today, doc says all looks 'great!'

Out and about today, running a few errands and feeling pretty good! My energy level still isn't normal and I cannot wait to couch it with my dog tonight! Husband is heading to Giants game with clients and I'm like: yasssss. Ha! I can't get enough of my proper couch time. Ordinarily I wouldn't feel that way but since I'm so blah and recovering right now, not having to compromise on my TV/Netflix choices is bliss to me. Haha!

Doc says I am doing very well and that now it's really a 'hurry up and wait' thing. The swelling is just the part that hangs on. I'll be ready to see what I really look like without it!

Now moving on to alternating between warm and cold compresses to help lymphatic system to drain this edema.

That's it!

Happy healing. Off to get some arnica gel (better than the cream!)

Frustrated and emotional

I guess I'm right on time for the cliched roller coaster reaction: did I do the right thing? Why is this taking so long? I'm so swollen, will I always be this way?

Couple that with a chick flick I've seen a few times before (In Her Shoes ???? which I LOVE) and I CRIED (because that is ME) and, to my horror, they were bloody tears! Yikes!!!! No pain, nothing other than a little blood streaming down my cheeks with tears at the sweet little movie I was watching. 'Tis true, I am kind of a sap and even though I've seen this movie 5 times, easily, it brings up stuff about my family that I can't let go of.

I did not expect bloody tears!!!!

I was also the most emotionally weird and burned out today yet. I'm swollen in the morning, swollen all day, and sick of it. It also makes my smile forced and strange and now I'm noticing my freaking jowls even more. Ugh!!!! Does one procedure lead to the next?! I'm not even sure I like my eyes yet and I already want a facelift! How sad is that? :(

My first 'bad' day. How long am I going to look like a swollen beast who looks just ...weird? 2 weeks? 4? 8? More? I want a deadline but I know it doesn't work that way.


I got the symbol for patience tattooed on my left ankle when I was 31, while trying to figure out my first marriage. It's never been my strong suit. (Patience, not marriage!) ;) Anyway, I've heard this kind of surgery - and plastic surgery in general - requires it.'s to looking at my ankle as a reminder. Deep breaths.

I have lots to be thankful for in my life - my loving husband, family and most of all, my health. My vanity can wait....and it seems like it'll be waiting a while.

Maybe you can only post a 'max' of pics?!

Seems like I can't post any further pics at this point. I wish this site would alert you when you reach your 'limit'? I swear I've seen people with 50+ pics on here. Maybe they're just tired of me. :(

Puffy. Puffy. Puffy.

Yesterday was worse actually and I was feeling depressed, honestly.

Just taking it day by day. Grateful for all I do have, just feel kinda weird, puffy....not 'me.'
It's only been a

Day 9 Puffs McGee

Puffy. Still. Maybe I'll start referring to myself as J. Puff. And own it.


Things that are good:
I love my husband.
I love my dog.
My hand is healing well although it's still numb at the tip.
My parents will be here in a few weeks for a month and I'm so excited.
Even though I'm not working, it's almost Friday. That's always a good thing.


Ten days - it's getting better

Icing, arnica and hot compresses are finally actually doing something other than making me feel good. They are working.

The swelling is, by no means, 'gone' but it is starting to dissipate after these treatments. This is encouraging.

For comparison: my eyes before and my eyes now....

Unforgiving overhead fluorescent lighting

Some comparison pics and some crappy lighting!

Every day is a new day :)

When I smile I see little wrinkles under there. Yikes! I am still quite swollen so that may be a contributing factor. What will it look like when all the fluid is gone? Not sure how this is going to look when all is said and done but I remain very hopeful!

Two weeks today!

Today is my first time trying makeup to conceal the redness underneath my eyes. As people have said, concealing bruising is very difficult! Not sure I'll bother again, honestly. I also had fun attempting to make my once super-thick, plucked to death in the '90s, eyebrows look thick again (very hard to do! Why do we lose hair where we want it and gain it where we don't? Aging is so weird!)

Here are some pics from tonight with overhead lighting - the most revealing and unforgiving kind! I'm getting there. Puffiness is stubborn!

Feeling pretty good today, getting my energy slowly back.

Happy healing! Xo

Day 20 - Three weeks officially tomorrow! :)

I am starting to look like ME again! I'm very pleased with my progress so far. Each day brings new changes, the swelling goes down, etc.

This afternoon I went to get a pedicure and the owner remarked that my 'skin looks glowing, you look SO pretty today.' She kept looking at me, like 'there's something nice here that's different but I don't know what it is!' ;)

26 days, 4 thousand thoughts

No more bags. A much more natural look now.

A month tomorrow!

I notice that if I steer away from salt and booze, there's little to no swelling under my eyes the next day. It was my birthday last week and my parents are visiting so I've been celebrating for DAYS. And I can see it in my face. Going to cut back on the salt intake and wine and I know I'll look (and feel) better. My mom said I looked so much better having had this done and was happy for me that I finally did it. My bags were detracting from my looks and that was just a fact! My mom hates plastic surgery but she agreed this was a good move for me. I feel a lot better when I look in the mirror and see a rested looking person looking back at me, not a baggy old hag. Very happy I did this. :)

A little discouraged the last few days...

Quite pleased with the right eye - it's nice and fiat as I was hoping it would be - but the left is looking puffy and baggy again. Could be edema, could be the fat transfer, could be part of the healing process? No idea. Just kinda waiting it out...hoping this won't be permanent. :(

I voted today!

Still wearing my Bernie t-shirt. ;)

Eyes are better today. Saw my doc for follow up on my hand surgery yesterday and he said everything I'm experiencing is normal. One day it's puffy, the next it's not. It's still healing and all settling. Overall I am happy, I really am, I am just a bit neurotic and staring at things too much.

If you haven't voted yet, get out there!


Two months!

This pic is taken with bright overhead lighting: the least flattering, in my opinion. Before this surgery, you'd be looking at bags galore. Not anymore! My left eye has a bit of puffiness under it still but, overall, I'm very happy I did this. :)

Am I picky?!

My left eye is still...puffy.

Obsessing but accepting ....

I'm a little under the weather so maybe my eyes are just puffy from that. They're puffy every morning. Some angles make it look like the bags are still there. :(

Got fired today. Also really tired and recovering from a cold

Still not bad. Ha! We were at a good friend's birthday on Sunday night which made for a rough Monday - and it shows - but still, I look better than I did before on days like these. I can't wait for the holidays to be over so I can detox.

I also got fired today. My boss was so uncool. Worst fit. Had it in for me. They say people don't leave jobs, they leave people. Well, he just got to bear me to it. That's all.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty much my worst today and yet: still feeling ok.

Greener pastures are ahead. I can feel it in my bones.

I said, after the bs meeting with my boss, the CMO and HR, to my boss: 'Hey, S., so was this your first firing?'

Awkwardly, sheepishly, he replied 'Yes.' He looked like such a dweeb.

I said 'Ah, well, don't worry, your next one will be much easier.'

Then to them both I said 'happy holidays!' as I left the building and went on my merry way.

Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. Whatever you celebrate, I hope it's a good one you all.

No need to edit out the eye bags in my photos anymore :)

It's 2017, I ain't got no luggage under my eyes and I'm ready for a great new job. Wishing you all a great new year (hope it's not too nuts).

It looks natural...

I don't look like I've had anything 'done.' A part of me wishes, somehow, the change were more obvious, more smooth, more perfect, no 'divet' under the eye at all. Just a flat smooth surface under there. Alas, this is not the case. It's very...natural. Like: if I looked like this before the surgery, I probably wouldn't have had anything done but I'd still feel like I looked my age. Maybe I was hoping to turn back the clock just a little more than this. Society has a way of telling women: you need to look younger. Younger. It's all about youth. Or your value is fading. Sad. Well, I am who I am and I am not aging in reverse. I'm just me. And perhaps natural is what I am supposed to look like.

Video update - different lighting makes all the difference

Video 1 - natural lighting

Explicit - Click to view

Video 2 - my mean bathroom mirror

Explicit - Click to view

Sometimes I'm happy with my result. But other times, like when I look in my super unflattering bathroom mirror every single morning, I feel like it's barely better, like the bags are only half gone. And that bums me out. :(

Not as dramatic improvement as I wanted :(

It's been another month. 5 months total now since the surgery. I'm frustrated with this result. Yes, I know it's better than it used to be but for nearly $5K (time off, meds, supplies, etc) I was hoping for ZERO bags. But that's not what you see here. In harsh lighting, the bags are undeniably there.

Adding a frame to the portrait :)

Got my eyebrows microbladed yesterday and they add a little extra 'something.'

Just add...EYEBROWS!

Was feeling dismayed that my eyes weren't as tight/flat as I had hoped. Getting my eyebrows microbladed has improved my overall eye appearance a lot, I think! (See pic of me at age 9). I had plucked my eyebrows to death since the '90s and they were practically bald. I think this has helped me to look a lot better overall.

Blah blah blah this app is messed up

This app needs WORK

Maybe I need to do this all over again.

It's ok. Not great. But ok.

Explicit - Click to view

Not pleased. Bags are baaaaack like Poltergeist. Perhaps I should have gone to an ocuplastic surgeon for this instead, someone who specializes in the eyes. I don't know. It's just not as good as I had hoped.

I am disappointed.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Excellent doctor. Very knowledgeable, professional and personable. He came highly recommended by two friends of mine who both went to him for two very different procedures. Both raved about his work so I made an appointment for a consult. I immediately felt comfortable with his confidence and the way he was able to explain things to me very simply and clearly. I made my surgery appointment that very same day and I'm delighted I did. My experience was first class all the way. From the pre-op to surgery itself - nurse, anesthesiologist, etc. - to aftercare, I've been impressed by the warmth, genuine care and kindness I've received by everyone there (something you want and need during elective surgery). I can also say that the prompt responses to calls and minor concerns I had were a great comfort. The overall professionalism of the entire staff is top notch.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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