46 Year Old - 3 Breastfeeded Kids -always Had Small Boobs

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This is really new to me. I have had always small...

This is really new to me. I have had always small boobs A, but I also have been thin and lean. My youngest child is 9 years old and I have been dreaming BA since stopped brestfeeding him. I don't know is this some kind of age issue or what, but beginning of Dec I decided to go forward, one life one chance! I went to PS for consultation ( actually 2 different) and made my decision very quickly. I was so relieved PS was so nice and understood my opinion to have quite natural look after BA. I will have anatomical silicone implants with size 320 under muscle to my both boobs. It should give me about C cup in the future. A-> C.
I have told to my husband who was shocked in the beginning, to my sister and one of my girlfriend. I am afraid to tell anyone, because I will be judged. It is not common here to have BA ( Finland! small town). I am not able to be off work for a long time, so that is why my surgery is in on Friday morning. I will go to work already on Wednesday next week. Luckily I have light office work, no physical efforts needed.
Of course I am little bit worried swelling and pains, but will see. And want to hide my surgery absolutely.
It has been really helpfull to read your experiences and stories, those have given me strenght to go forward even I am quite a lone with this decision.

One week to go

Hi there,
Yesterday I panic, what if do not to to BA? Should I cancel it? But later decided to go forward. I was reading all those surgeries which went badly...
Now, I am thinking maybe 320 is not enough, I want full C, nothing less. I should call my PS on Monday morning and listen to his opinion. When we met first time he said that he thinks I should take more. I am 168 cm tall and weight 57 kilos. What do you think ? I want natural look but full C cup, my implants will be anatomic under muscle. My breast is 12,5 cm and PS said 320 is the minimum size.
Oh jeah, my sister came by today and tried to convince not to go to the surgery. Great, she is my support and now she is afraid. She will come with to the clinic next Friday. I can not wait for a week to do it!
I appreciate your comments about the size. Should I go with bigger implants?

Can't wait - 2 days to go

Hi there,
Well two days to go. Today my PS called and we discussed about the size of implants. He said that the best and natural size /look what I am looking for will come with 320cc. I trust him totally, he has done a lot of these.
Today I need to pack my suitcase, cause I am leaving to another city tomorrow after work. I will have my surgery on Friday morning at 8 am.
Thumps up and wish me luck.

It is done - first day

Hi there,
Now it is done! I have two nice adopted daughters ????. I was so nervous before surgery, but then after anesthesia everything went smoothly. I was awake quite quickly afterwards and was able to eat and drink after two hours. They did not gave me any narcotic pain killers, only normal pain killers (ibuprofein and paracetamol). And it is quite ok at the moment (8 hours after surgery) when I am laying in hotel bed.
BUT there is a but. When surgeon made the check, he noticed a little hematoma on my right breast. It is not bad, but I need to check it regularly during the evening and night time. I will have next check tomorrow morning with my PS. He gave his mobile number that I can call him any time, if something feels not to be right. And I will do that if needed. He was soooo nice and all people at the clinic was super friendly and nice to me.
My boobs looks nice, oh so nice. I sent a picture (with bras on) to my hubby and he is already so anxious to see them ????. He asked me how long we can wait until we can have sex? Men...
Well doing fine, not worring too much. Need to go downstairs (hotel) and have some dinner with my sister.
I will download new photos after I can take my bras off. Take care.

29 hours after surgery

Night went quite fine, just having usual pain killers. Hematoma was calm, no need any sudden first aid during the night.
I met my PS in the morning and check my breast. They look so nice already, my girls. Finally got the boobs what I have always wanted. I know they will change, but still. Awesome. I have my next check with PS on the 23th of January and they will remove those stitches and check the hematoma.
I am surprised how good I am feeling at the moment. We were walking around the city and made some shopping and had lunch. I was able to walk quite nicely which helped the swelling. Now we are heading back home by train and I will have a long shower then , will release my girls, hahah.

Pics after surgery 36 hours

Some pics first is the before surgery and 2 pics afterwards.

Pictures and update - lympatic "line", double bubble

I will add some post op pics. Hopefully able to do this time.
I was wortied about the lympatic line which appeared after 3 week under my left breast. I did talk with my PS and it is harmless and will dissappear within 2 months. It does not hurt but feels very tight.
Now after 4 weeks my right breast got on her own too. So balance achieved, haha.
Anyway, I am so pleased that I did this. My breasts are improving and shaping every day. I have double bubbles but most of those has also gone nicely. My PS told that those will appear to me, but will go away after few monts and improvement has happened already so. Needs to be very patient, final result takes time. I really really love my boobs now. And my hubby too, he said that he will send a bottle of whiskey as a Xmas gift to my PS. Happy indeed.

After 3 months can't be happier

It has been 3 months with my new boobs and I am so happy that I really did it. After some worriers about double bubble efect, my boobs has been settled well and fits to my body so well. They look as natural size as I wanted and now I am using bra size 32DD instead of 32A. I had 320cc under muscle (Nagor Go gel implants). I will add some new pics after 3 months + 1 week. This was one of my best decisions of my life.
Docent, Plastic Surgeon Jyri Hukki

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