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Hello Ladies, I have the most perfect, natural...

Hello Ladies,

I have the most perfect, natural looking, round breast all thanks to Dr. Goico. I decided to augment my breast in 2015 and consulted with a few doctors in NY and two other Doctors in the Dominican Republic. I found Doctor Goico when I was instagram stalking @showcarlosduran ( a funny DR account) and clicked on the Doctor's page. I read his bio and sent him a message through whatsapp. Immediately, after conversing, with him it became apparent he had abundant knowledge and expertise. I spoke it over with my boyfriend and we decide he was the one ! Dr. Goico is a perfectionist, has an impeccable trained eye, amiable, personable, funny yet simultaneously professional . One of the Doctors I consulted with in NY, convinced me that due to my tall frame (I am 5'8 in stature) I should go with 407CC's silicone under the muscle implant placement and I walked into my consultation with my mind set that is what I was getting. First of all, let me share with you that I am a proud native to DR and was reluctant to have surgery in DR because of the bad reputation circumventing that women were dying at the hands of unlicensed surgeons or malpractice. After speaking with Dr. Goico, he changed my mind and I am pretty stubborn and difficult to dissuade. The day of my consultation (one day pre-op), Dr. Goico and I discussed what results I was looking to have. I explained to him that I wanted fullness but I didn't want two basketballs sitting on my chest. I wanted my breast to look as natural as possible, not because I would try to pass them off as natural but because I didn't want to have vulgar looking breast. I told Dr. Goico what the NY Doctor recommended, and he adamantly advised to go smaller and over the muscle. He explained that implant would look huge on my small, tall frame and I needed to consider that I haven't had children yet. Dr. Goico said I might have needed a lift on my left breast and asked for my permission for an areola incision and to insert an implant that gave me the fullness without protruding too much from my frame- which I happily gave. I couldn't have my surgery done the day reserved because I had a fever, throat infection and a terrible cough. Surgery was suspended until further notice. On Friday May 22nd, I was cleared for surgery. I went in around 10:00am and according to my companions (boyfriend and mother) I was only gone for 45 minutes. When I woke up from the anesthesia, I was joking with the doctor and nurses and was in great humor. I didn't have a horrendous post-op like some of the stories I have read online and heard from girls I know. I had the best recovery. I'm not going to say the procedure is painless, there is a lot of discomfort and soreness - nothing unmanageable in my opinion. Removing the drainage was probably the most pain I experience besides the back pain due to sleeping on my back at a 45 degree angle post op. Before heading back to the States, I went in from a final consult and to remove the stitches- everyone- I mean EVERYONE was in awe of how beautiful my breast look. Dr. Goico comes highly recommended from me and If i ever decide to have any other work in the future- it will be no one else BUT him.

Amazing Natural Looking Results!!!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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