Plasma Portrait Procedure - Temecula, CA

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Well its only day 4 for me but thought I would...

Well its only day 4 for me but thought I would write hows its been so far. The actual procedure wasn't that bad at all, a little painful in spots but it was quick. The worse part was the sedation, hate that feeling. Immediately after they put a thick layer of vaseline on your face and send you home, It fetf like a bad sunburn not very painful at all. Days 2 and 3 i was very swollen and red but not in pain. Today is day 4 and i am peeling and flaking quites a bit and still a little swollen and still very red. Probably the hardest part has been putting all the vaseline on and feeling goopy all the time and trying to sleep at night. You have to sleep on your back which is very hard for me. The jury is still out on if it was worth it or not. I will update more later


Well its day 7 today last time i wrote it was day 4 after my plasma procedure. Tomorrow i can return to work and a normal life, i have been in this house for 7 days, that was very hard. All my peeling and flaking is done and my skin still has that pink look to it. I still a few spots that are reddish. So was it worth the 1,000 dollars, I'm going to have to say NO! My skin doesn't really look any better, i still have all the same wrinkles and spots that I had before. I still have the atenic keratosis lesions that I had before and that was one of the reasons i did this. They say it takes a few months to see the results but right now I'm very disapointed. It was not worth all the down time, the money , some pain and the nights of no sleep. I've seen some amazing before and after pictures so it might be great for some people but for me it didn't happen.

Dr Donald Lee

He has better prices than most doctors in area

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