27 Yrs Old, No Kids, Always Had a Pooch - Plantation, FL

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I have always had a pooch in my lower abdomen, but...

I have always had a pooch in my lower abdomen, but don't gain much weight anywhere else so if I gain any weight it goes only to my stomach and I look like I got this weird food/baby pooch going on. SO I decided to do coolsculpting. They said there would be minimal down time and not too much pain. I had it done 10/19 (last wed) and the tech who actually did it, told me it would be VERY painful since I was thinner, for the first 10 mins. She was right, I wanted to cry- but then the pain became bearable. The machine was on for an hour. When she took it off and massaged it, pain rushed back. I have been in pain since then- deep pain with random shooting pain and deep itching. Also on top of being sore my lower abdomen where I got the procedure done is still firm and sticks out further than before I had this done.. They said it would be firm for a couple days, but it has almost been a week, so I am wondering if this is normal or if I should be concerned?

I will update as the weeks go by.
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