56 Year Old with Failed Lapband/ Getting the Sleeve. - Plano, TX

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Well I'm on my way. EGD is schedule 7/21,...

Well I'm on my way. EGD is schedule 7/21, excited!! Not sure of my surgery date, but I'm praying to get this over as soon as possible :) I had lapband surgery 2 years ago, maybe lost a totally of 15lbs, which I could have done that on my on lol I'm at 190lbs now, but my idea weight is 150. I started out at 205 two years ago.., So here I am, going under the knife again, but for a good reason. I want to be around to see my grandkids finish school and enjoy my life with my husband that's a few years younger than me ;) Any information to help me through this journey, please bring it on. :)


I having been on this site since 2015. I love to hear the pros-and cons..I must say there's been more pros than cons!! Thank you everyone for the updates, you have really made this journey easy for me.I'm waiting on the big day, wanting to get this all behind me. I will continue to update..Waiting for that big day :) God Bless All of you!!


Highest weight: 205 

Appointment weight: 197 

Projected surgery weight: 181 

Current weight: 191

Your EGD is scheduled for 7/21 at

I'm getting closer and closer!!! So excited about my EGD tomorrow, yayy!! I will keep everyone posted.

Your EGD is scheduled for 7/21!!!

I'm so excited!! Its getting real to me now. 1st step in getting my life back on track. I should know my surgery date next week..yayyyyy.

My Surgery date is here- 8/18/2016

Well surgery date is finally here Thursday!! Just like everyone that had VGS, I’m excited and a little afraid. I’m having it here in the states, but either way I’m still afraid. Please pray warriors put me on your pray list. I am so grateful I found this site. It has really prepared me. I’m asking all the right questions thanks to you all that have gone thru it. I got all my meds, even the gas-x. I will be on top of things this time. When I had my lap band 2 years ago, I was not prepared. I’m hoping all I experience is the gas pain, which I’m prepared for that…I will post picture soon..I get really excited and then anxiety sets in. I guess that can be expected. Thank you in advance.
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