Booty by Summer 2015!! HOPEFULLY - Plano, TX

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So far ive had 2 consultations here in Dallas, and...

So far ive had 2 consultations here in Dallas, and I have another scheduled for 9/8/14. The first doc seemed to steer me away from the butt implants and said I just needed a BBL. I kinda felt like he just wasn't too experienced with the im 5'7 120 lbs, with not near enough fat for BBL. Next doc I was very happy with. He actually said he loves doing buttock implant procedures and had lots of photos to show me of the work he'd done. He says he always does the intramuscular and said if he did a little lipo around my lower back and transferred to my hips it would make a world of difference. He was very thorough, professional, and seemed very experienced. The next consultation will be with another butt specialist in Dallas.

Care Credit...will it cover my entire procedure cost?

My middle score is 625, with plenty of good history, income is right at 70k/yr, great debt to income ratio. Will Care Credit cover my entire procedure cost if im even approved? It should be around 12k for everything. I may be able to put down $1500-2000. Havent applied yet and I hate the "denied" response! No cosigners. I don't even want to apply if its going to deny me or just offer like $2500. Has anyone with similar score/income been approved for over $5000?
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