5'8" 133lbs 34a to 590cc uhp mentor gel silicone underbreast augmentation, rhinoplasty and upper eyelid

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I have my breast augmentation surgery in 2...

I have my breast augmentation surgery in 2 weeks!!! I will also be having a rhinoplasty and upper eyelid surgery done at the same time. I have never had any surgeries, besides my wisdom teeth removed. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I have always had small boobs and after nursing 2 kids for 13 months each, they have some how gotten even smaller!

My nose is another story. It always has been large and has been fractured 2 times. Once in 3 places. It has a hump, and I cannot wait to have a more feminine nose with no hump.

The eyelid surgery is something I have never thought about. When I went in for my consultant it was suggested bc I have droopy eyelids. I figured might as well since my eyes will be swollen from the rhinoplasty. Why not look more refreshed.

I have 2 small children, one will be 4 soon and the other just turned one. My husband and I will be spending 6 days kid free, thanks to my mom, but after that it will be back to reality of stay at home mom. I am also traveling 5hrs from home for my surgeries. We rented a house and be starting the week where I have my surgery so I can have my cast removed before I come home.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Nose pictures

Here are a few pictures of my nose now.

Has anyone had all 3 procedures done together? I am having trouble finding reviews of all 3, so I really don't know what to expect. I've been taking my multi-vitamin, arnica montana and bromelain everyday for about 4 days, so that will be 18 days before my surgery of having the arnica montana and bromelain. I always take a multi-vitamin so that's no change. I have also been drinking pineapple juice. I ordered a lower back massager, a wedge pillow, round ice packs and a full face ice mask. I am also going to order post op recovery bras. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. 14 days to go!!!!


Reposting pictures of my boobs before. 34a hoping to be a 34DD. Getting ultra high profile mentor silicon under the muscle. Would like 550cc if there is enough room.

Surgery is a Week away!!!!

I cannot believe this time next week I'll have boobs and a new nose!!! Really hard to wrap my head around. I decided to play around with rice sizers today and really like the feel of what equates to about 550cc. I have been reading that you loose some ccs when going under the muscle so I am thinking between 550cc and 600cc. Hoping they will fit.

Here are the pictures of my rice sizers at 600cc and my wish pics.

Nose pictures..:

I re added my nose pictures. There is no way to reorder the pictures so I had to delete and re add so my boob pics would be first.

4 days away!!!!!

I cannot believe I'm only 4 days away from my surgery???? I'm so excited and anxious at the same time. We are supposed to leave to go to Dallas today and it's snowing up there, so we may wait till tomorrow.

Surgery is today!!!

Getting up to shower one last time and then head to the surgery center. Super nerveous. My pre op went really well yesterday and helped calm some of my nerves. My nurse Debbie was SO sweet and the doctor came back in to re-evaluate my breast since I was still nursing at my consultation back in August. Of course Cathrine was amazing as always. The staff is truly one of a kind! We are going with either 590cc ultra high profile mentor gel silicone or 535cc. He is going to see if the 590ccs are way too big and if so, he will go smaller. I trust his opinion.

I'm super nerveous about the pain after! He gave me pain meds, anti anxiety/ muscle relaxers, anti nausea pills and an antibiotic. I am his first surgery of the day so we have to be there by 6am and surgery is at 7! Excited and nerveous. Praying for a beautiful outcome and a painless recovery.

Can't believe today was the day!

All is well. Pain is very minimal. The nose and eyes don't hurt at all. The breast are sore but not unbearable. I am having very blurrier vision which is to be expected with the upper eyelid surgery. The nurse, Dr. Raphael and anesthesiologist were all amazing. He gave me local anastetic in the breast and nose (during surgery to help the numbing last longer) and a shot for pain before I woke up from my generaL. I am thinking that is what helped me wake up practically pain free. I was pretty nauseous when I woke up and the nurse gave me a shot for that. They were SO amazing. I now have mentor silicone ultra high profile 590cc unders. Thinking I'll end up a DD! He also had to suck a little extra fat out of my left so they will be even as it was a little larger. The left breast is def more swollen and tender.

My husband has truly be an angel and has treated me like a baby! He is one of a kind. God has blessed me. My nose doesn't hurt at all and Hardly any bleeding. I'm sorry for any typos I just cannot see That well. Will post pictures when my vision comes back a little bettter. Thank you all who said a prayer for me today.

Also I have kept ice on all day. Very limited times of no icing. And have slept most of the day, propeed up of course. I can get up and go to the bathroom by myself and am sitting up watching tv with my hubby right now. I can tell the local that they gave me is wearing off bc my boobs are getting more sore. I haven't had much to eat, I think 5 frackers but have drank about 8 plus cups of water and 2 cups of pinapple juice. I have brushing on my eyelid but non under the eyes so far. Really hoping my nose is tiny! I can breath through my nose perfectly fine. Although I have no clue what the results are going to be as I am not even 12hrs post op, I would do it 100 times over. I was SO nerveous about the pain, but Dr. Raphael and his staff ihave went abov and beyond to make sure that it stayed to a minimum, almost none existent. I can not recommend Dr. Rapheal enough!!!

Updated nose pictures

Here are some updates pictures of my nose. It does not feel very swollen and the only bruising I have so far is on my eyes from my upper eyeliner surgery. I have been icing constantly and using arnica gel and taking the pellets. My husband has been my lifesaver. He has been changing my dressing, cleaning my stitches on my eyes and nose and the inside of my nose with a hydrogen peroxide/ water mixture. I can breath through my Norse as if nothing happend.

Can already see a difference?

I can already tell my nostrils are narrower and my tip is less bulbous and it's only been 15 hrs ????????????????

Bandages off

We went in today to get my bandages off. It was a super fast visit. They put me in a recovery bra and checked my stitches in my noses and upper eyelids. The said my husband has been doing a GREAT job keeping them clean. I have hardly any dried blood in my nose. My boobs are still pretty sore. I woke up at 7:45 and my pain med wasn't do till 8:30 so I waited and I have to say it was the most pain I've been in since this whole procedure. Probably a 7 out of 10. I could up my pain meds and take 2 instead of one, but I just want to take as less as possible so I am gong to tough it out. All I know is I def had morning boob lol. The bruising on my eyelids is about the same, but now I am getting some under my eyes. I am still applying the arnica gel under my eyes, I can not apply them on top bc of the stitches. So far no bruising on my boobs; although, the nurse said my left will probably get some bruising bc they had to suck some tissue out to make them even. They look bigger now that the bandages are off, but I still don't think they are going to be huge. 590cc sounds like a lot, but when you start with nothing it really isn't lol. I was hoping for a DD but thinking I'll be more of a D possibly a C. I guess only time will tell as the drop and fluff. These pictures were taken immediately after the bandage removal so you can see all the indentions from the bandages. I will try to get more later.

Also I asked the nurse if the tip of my nose that I can see is swollen and she did oh yes hunny, everything is swollen. So that made me smile bc I can already tell the tip is smaller, so knowing that it will be even smaller is amazing!

Post op day 2 feeling Great

I Just woke up and am post op day 2. I am feeling GREAT! My husband has done such a great job taking care of me during the day that I have been cutting his alarms for my medicine off of his phone for the past 2 nights so he can rest through the night. I have alarms on my phone as well even the 1st night after surgery I was able to get up go to the bathroom, clean my eye and nose stitches and take all my meds and fix my ice packs for my face by myself with no problems. He tells me not to cut his alarms off, but he needs rest too. I have to say once again and I know you may be tired of hearing it, but I am truly Blessed with him. Just seeing how well he takes care of me through something like this shows me just how much he loves me.

Ok enough mushy talk lol. Dr. Raphael is truly amazing. His pain management for after surgery is top notch. I have been taking my medicine but only one pill at a time instead of 2 and for having 3 procedures done at once and being able to control my pain with half of the recommended dose is amazing to me. Also his work is SO clean. I have seen some nose jobs where there is so much dried blood left post surgery and the cast looks kind of just thrown on the nose, but not with Dr. Raphael. I am by no means trying to put any other doctor down. I understand that my rhinoplasty may not have bleed as much or been as invasive as others, but I am just amazed at how clean my nose looks and feels. Also my incisions under my breast are so small. They are also perfectly clean. They made sure and clean off all of the orange cleaning solution (I believe it is iodine) that I see many doctors leave on. Again I promise I am not talking down any other doctor I just HiGHLY recommend Dr. Peter Raphael in Plano. I have traveled 5 hrs to get to him and would do all 3 procedures again in a second with him, and if for some reason ever need another surgery, he would be my 1st choice.

As far as my rhinoplasty all I can see are my nostrils and a little bit of the tip, but they look so much better than they did before and this is only 2 days post op, so it is with swelling! As you can see in my pictures, my tip was very large and bulbous berfore. I can't wait to see and share with you my final results. I really hope my review helps someone or multiplie people who want a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or upper eyelid surgery. If you can travel to or are in the area of Plano Tx, please make a consult with Dr. Raphael. I promise you will not regret it. I will post more pictures later today. Have a lovely and Blessed day ladies.

Post op day 2 pictures

Here are my post op day 2 pics of all 3 procedures. I feel like I am healing really well.


I apologize for all of my misspelling and typos. There is no way for my to go back and edit so I'm hoping you can make sense of what I am saying. My eyes were so blurry after surgery and I am also horrible at typing on my phone. I will update tomorrow.

P.S. I love hearing your feed back. It helps keep me entertained during this recovery. So comment away with any thoughts, questions or concerns.

Post op day 3

I am feeling amazing! However I could not sleep last night. I went to bed at 12:30am and woke up at 2:45am and was awake till 6am. Then I woke up at 7:30am and have been up ever since. But I feel great! About to take a long nap lol. I have read many reviews that say days 3 and 4 are the worst and I honestly feel better than I have the whole process. I believe my doctor does amazing work and I may have a pretty high pain tolerance. Here are some updated pictures of my rhinoplasty and upper eyelid surgery. Both are healing VERY nicely. I can tell the results are going to be amazing. I will update my boobie pics later today.

Nose progress

Wanted to show my progress. Can't wait to see the end result.

Post op day 3 breast

I am SO extremely bloated but here are the pictures of the progress post op day 3.

Post op Day 4

My friend and her husband came up from where we live (5hrs away) and surprised me last night! They brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate to a spa I use at home. So SUPER sweet! On top of that I actually slept last night! I took one muscle relaxer at 11:30pm and we stayed up and visited until 1am and shortly after I went to bed. I woke up at 4:45 am to use the rest room (still just peeing it's been 5 days since number 2 and I am SO bloated, sorry if TMI just keeping it real and if you are getting surgery letting you know what to prepare for lol). Then went right back to bed. I slept until 10am! When I woke up my pain was maybe a 2 out of 10, but we made plans to go get mani and pedis today so I decided to go ahead and take one of my pain pills. I just put a hat on and really didn't get to many strange stares, not that I could see anyways lol. I was super self conscious going out with a cast on my nose, but I figured I will never see anyone again bc we are out of town. We left the house about 11am and got back about 1:30. They were wanting to go out for lunch, but I just feel so sleepy. So I went ahead and sent them to eat and I had a small salad (I really have had zero appetite) at the house and am going to rest. It's crazy how tired you get. I am ALWAYS on the go, so getting wore out from just being out for 2 and a half hrs is very strange to me. I get my 3 year old (he'll be 4 in February) and my 15 month old back tomorrow; So, hopefully my energy picks up some. I am in zero pain right now, so holding off on the pain med, Tylenol or muscle relaxers. The last one was at 10am (4 and a half hrs ago and I feel fine). Just thought I would update you ladies for the day and post my day 4 post op pictures. I love hearing your feed back and answering any questions so ask away! Have a Blessed Saturday!

Another update

I am kind of obsessed with my new additions lol. I am amazed at how small the incisions are and how good they look 4 days post op! My doctor and nurse did an AMAZING job not only cleaning me up after surgery, but cleaning the incision sites and cleaning my nose up after my rhinoplasty. I'm so grateful that they did that while I was still under general anesthesia. It has made it possible for me to breath through my nose. I see so many rhinoplasty relievers where there is lots of dried blood and it looks like it would make it super hard to breath through all that. My husband also did a wonderful job helping keep my nose clear and stitched clean. Anyone that is hesitating getting more than one procedure at the same time, I am telling you it is honestly not bad. Go for it!

I did just have a little episode of nausea out of no where a few minutes ago. I took a zofran and am resting for a little bit. My husband and our friends are watching a movie and my sister and her friend are heading over so we can play some board games. So I'm hoping this passes.

6 Days post op

So I missed updating yesterday. I got my kids back (3 and 15months) and things were kind of hectic. I stopped taking my pain meds and took Tylenol instead. I had run out of arnica Montana and I was so exhausted. I felt like my bruising, which has been very minimal, looked worse yesterday. My son did not freak out at all about seeing me in my nose cast and my daughter just pointed at it. My husband was awesome as always and helped WAY more with the kids than he normal does. (Which he does a fair amount, but I am a stay at home Mom, so it's kind of my job lol). I was so wore out yesterday, not in pain, but my body was just tired. My husband let me take a long nap. I did pick my daughter up twice. I know horrible, but she is a mommas girl. Both of my kids are. I was very careful and squatted down and she crawled in my lap and I used my legs to stand up. I also took my post operative bra off that my dr gave me to wash it and put on another post op bra that I purchased myself from brilliant contours. The bra I purchased was a little more compressive but felt fine. Well after we got my daughter to sleep I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed and when I took the bra off to put coconut oil on my breast I got a shooting, throbbing, horrible pain in my lower left breast. (This is the breast that the had to take some tissue out of) It was not on the incision itself just right to the left of it. It was the WORST pain I have had this entire recovery. It almost brought tears to my eyes. I yelled for my husband and I think he was more freaked out than I was. He hurried and got my post op bra from my dr and my pain meds and was like TAKE IT!!!! I did and it helped.

Today, I was still pretty wore out this morning. So he took the kids to the park and I took a 4hr nap!!!! I am NOT a napper. I hardly ever sit down. I am up and moving almost all day, so this being wore out is driving me CRAZY! I have still had those pains in my lower left breast today. I called the nurse bc I also have had some bouts of nausea and I was out of zofran. So I asked her about the pains and she said it sounds like my nerve endings healing. I did not tell her that I had picked my daughter up. I have my post op appointment tomorrow to have my cast removed from my rhinoplasty and stitches out of my nose and upper eyelids from my eyelid surgery! Super anxious about that! I figure I will ask the dr if the lifting could have caused it. I know he will examine my chest as well.

My sister was a life saver today and brought me some more arnica Montana and WASHED MY HAIR!!!! I have been able to take baths (not submerging my breast of course) but have not washed my hair in a week! I usually shower 2 times a day so this whole process has been a struggle. I don't wash my hair every day (not good for it) but my body twice a day. Thank goodness for dry shampoo, but it's not the same. It feels SO good! Now to scrub my face! I have been using a wet wash cloth and face wipes to clean it, but I'm ready for a good scrub and mask. It may be awhile bc I know I will still have to be gentle with my nose, but at least I will be able to get it wet. I want a microdermabrasion and/or some type of peel SO badly. I just feel like my face needs scrubbed lol.

I am so excited to see my new nose tomorrow!!! Some days I feel like the tip looks smaller and others I don't. I know it's still swollen from being worked on, I just hope I LOVE it and that it is smaller than before.

Cast removal day!

Last picture with this cast on. I'm feeling super nervous and excited to see my new nose! Anyone have any tips on what to expect and/or not to expect on cast removal day? I know to expect swelling, I'm just hoping it's smaller!!!

Cast is off!!!

I finally got my cast off and stitches out, and OMGoodness I Am in Love, Love, LOVE with my profile. I have never in my life wanted to snap pictures from that angle lol. It's gorgeous! Dr. Raphael is amazing. They told me it is Very swollen and it is going to get bigger before it gets smaller. (3 months ????)My eyes are still slightly swollen from my eyelid surgery and my nose is swollen, so the front view is going to take some getting used to. I like it and it looks so much better, I just have to adjust. Also I cannot really smile normally bc the tip of my nose is still so numb I think it has kind of affected my upper lip. But my profile is AMAZING! I have to keep tape on for another week. And holly black head. My skin is not happy with me having that cast on and I'm sure this tape isn't going to be much better. At least another week of no makeup ????

My boobs are doing great. The nurse told me not to be scared to touch them lol. I didn't hurt them picking up my daughter, but she told me to not pick her up anymore. I have to drive back up to Plano (5hrs) in a week for a post op visit. They will teach me how to massage the girls to help them drop and fluff.

Post op day 8

Today has been great. Finally got back home last night and even though it was a super long day I was so excited to be home. Yesterday was the 1st day I didn't nap. I got up at 9 and we had to load everything up (well my husband did the lifting, I just did the packing, organizing and light cleaning) from the house we rented, we dropped the kids off with my sister for the cast and stitch removal, went back to get the kids and drove the 5 hrs home in the pouring rain. We got home late and my husband and I didn't get to bed until like 2:45 and I woke up at 8. I have just been doing things around the house and unpacking. No heavy lifting, but feeling great. I took 2 Tylenol this morning and no pain.

The front view of my nose looks better today then it did when the doctor took the cast of. I pray that it just keeps getting better everyday. I know it's not an overnight fix but I can tell it's going to be great. And my profile ????. I have to keep my nose taped for a week, but I honestly like having the tape on. Not the looks by any means, but i can feel it keeping the swelling down. I can also feel when it's swelling. A wired sensation. Not painful, just a throbbing pressure. It comes and goes all day.

My husband is home for the day bc it's raining????. So we are watching This is us and just enjoying being home!

Here are some photos from today. Tried a cute bralette in I ordered from express pre surgery and I cannot wait to wear it!!!

Day 10 post op update.

Not much had changed. Still taping my nose, taking Tylenol 2 times a day and my chest is super tight. I have been way more active the past 2 days bc I have had my kids at home with me by myself so that may be the reason for the tightness.

I have attempted to shave under my arms a few times, but due to my now large chest and them needing to drop and fluff it is really hard. There in now like a concave area that is impossible to shave. I'm hoping as they drop and fluff it will be a little easier. I had laser hair removal done under my arms about 7 years ago and it didn't really work. I'm sure it has come along way in the last 7 years, so I maybe looking into it again.

Also, I finally used the bathroom today! It's been 11 days!!!! Sorry if TMI, but I think it should be talked about bc it is pure misery! I took colace starting the day before surgery, then continued for 8 days post op, then switched to miralax. I took that all the way up till today and in between all of that drank prune juice and still nothing! (Well actually I went 2x, but think like a rabbit and hardly any!) Well today my mother in law brought me over some magnesium citrate and about 2.5 hrs later, let's just say it works! I'm hoping I feel better in the morning.

12 day update

All is going well. My boobs are starting to drop. My left (the one he had to remove some tissue from) is more tender and dropping slower than my right. My eyelids are starting to heal and the swelling is going down. I am still taping my nose constantly. Took the tap off tonight to get some pictures. I am loving the changes. Not to dramatic but definitely better. I'm hoping it will be a little narrower from the front when it is completely healed and all the swelling is gone.

I'm taking Tylenol 2 times a day. I'm hoping to get to where I just have to take it in the morning and then not at all very soon.

I am driving to Dallas tomorrow to stay with my sister and then go to my post op apt on Tuesday. They are going to teach me how to massage my breast and make sure everything is healing correctly. I'm super nervous bc the left is sore to touch still. I'm hoping I can start wearing makeup soon and tape my nose only at night. I just want to feel completely normal again lol. Oh and sleeping on my side would be AMAZING!

The next thing that I am correcting is my skin! My teen/pregnancy acne scaring is HORRIBLE! My plastic surgeon has a medi spa in his office, and I am hoping to try the less invasive laser treatments first through them and pray that they work. If not then I will do the laser resurfacing through my surgeon. That looks PAINFUL! But we will see. Just have to get these scars gone. They are horrible.

My eyes

I forgot to add a picture of my upper eyelid surgery progress. This is 12 days post op. There is still some swelling and you can see the line where he stitches were, but what an AMAZING difference!

17 days post op

I am 17 days post op today! Thought I would give an update. Holly nipple soreness!!! It is starting to let up a little, but the last week they have been crazy sensitive! I have nursed 2 kids for 13 months each and have never had any nipple sensitivity, but this is extreme! Ready for that to pass lol.

I went for my 2 week post op visit on Tuesday and he said everything looks great. I only have to tape my nose at night if I want to. I feel like it helps with swelling so I do tape the tip of my nose up at night.

As soon as I pulled my robe off so he could see my boobs, he pushed them together super hard and I was like WOW! I had been Babying them SO much I was in shock lol. But he said it was fine and the nurse showed me the massage techniques, one of which is pushing them together. I am hoping that as they drop and fluff the will move a little closer together. They are about 2.5 finger widths apart right now and I am praying they get a little bit closer. My left is dropping slower than my right. Hoping they even out. I'm also hoping as they drop and fluff they look a little bigger.

My eyes are healing nicely. They are a little swollen, but I was able to put makeup on 2x this week.

Loving my results and can't wait to see the final result.

3 weeks post op

Loving my new nose. Here are some pics with make up on three weeks postop. It's so nice to take pictures and not be self-conscious.

Bra shopping for V-Day

I know I'm only a month post op and I'm not supposed to buy nice bras until 3 months, but I had to go get a pretty bra for Valentine's Day! I went to Victoria Secret and guess what size I need...... a 32DDD!!!!! What???? Is this real life???? This is an awesome thing, except there was only 1 bra in the store that I liked in my size.

My left breast (the one that the dr had to remove some tissue from) is still a little higher and tighter than my right. I am praying that this is normal and that they even out and there is no CC.

I am loving my nose and eyes. I can still feel that my nose is a little swollen, but I already love the way it looks.

Happy Valentines Day Ladies ????

Happy Valentine's Day

I know that everyone says not to buy good bras for 3 months, but I had to buy something for Valentine's Day. And guess what size it was...... a 32DDD!!!! SO excited.

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