5'6, 135lbs 28 Year Old Mom of 1, 500cc-550cc HP Mentor MemoryGel Silicone - Plano, TX

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I'm like you. I've been stalking women's journeys...

I'm like you. I've been stalking women's journeys for months and waiting for the right time to get a breast aug. I have finally mustered the courage to write my own review and contribute to the RS community now that I’ve decided to get it done. Hopefully, you'll gain something from my journey and I'll at least get some therapy from blogging this process.

Why I want a boob job: I've always been a solid 34B. I've loved it, I could wear an "add a cup" Victoria's Secret bra to add some volume or play it down with just a cotton bra. But then I had a sweet baby boy. My boobs went from B's, to D's (I breastfed for 1 year), then back down to B's... but, like, sad deflated B's. When I would go to put on an old pre-baby bra, there was a little gap between the top of the bra and my breast. I would constantly dig my hand into my bra to yank up my boobs so that it would sit on top of the padding instead of sinking behind it creating an even bigger gap. I'm freaking sick of it, I'm ready to knock out this procedure and move on. (I'm not angry, lol. Just READY)

My stats: My build is pretty straight forward. I have broad shoulders, thick arms, and a straight waist. 5’6, 138 lbs, I hit the gym a few times a week and enjoy long walks on the beach. lol

What’s happened so far: I’ve had a consultation and my pre-op appointment was this past Monday. My surgery is Friday. You guys, that’s less than a week. I chose Dr. Scott Harris at the American Institute for Plastic Surgery because of how comfortable he made me feel within 5 minutes of meeting him. He asked if I wanted to look natural or a little more than natural; I chose the latter. After he examined me, he suggested 500cc HP Mentor Silicone implants. To me, based on his reviews and BA pictures he’s performed, I trusted his gut recommendation. I have included a picture from my pre-op with 500cc VS 550cc's. I decided to go with 500cc like my PS suggested because the 550cc made me feel a little top heavy.

My next update will be a list of all of the things I was prescribed, things I’ve purchased to prepare for surgery/recovery, and notes from my pre-op appointment that I haven’t found widely discussed yet.


Here are pictures of my wish boobs, pictures of me, and pictures of me with sizers on during my consultation. 5 more days!!! Let the count down begin!

My Recovery List

I've found so many useful tips from others so I'll just pay it forward. Here's a list of all the medications I've been prescribed, over the counter drugs, gels, and cremes as well as any other items I've purchased in preparation. Just food for thought, the cost of the BA does not stop at the doctors office. Well, not for me and some others.

Things I’ve purchased based on others recommendations to aid recovery:
1 Reebok front zip bra
1 3-pack sports bra in large from Amazon (Cabeles brand)
1 large arm pillow from Target
Arnica gel (topical bruise treatment from GNC)
Arnica 30x tablets (from GNC)
Bio Oil (helps moisturize skin stretching)
Mederma Stretch Marks
Mederma Scar Gel
Tylenol Extra Strength
Colace Stool Softener (my pre-op paperwork specifically instructed me to start taking stool softener two days prior to my surgery since the Norco hardens your stool)
Multivitamins, multivitamins, and more. I bought individual vitamins so that I could specifically exclude vitamin E since it thins your blood. My pre-op paperwork also specifically calls out not taking additional vitamin E.

I’ve been prescribed:
1 transderm scop (patch to put behind my ear night prior to my surgery to prevent nausea, stays on me for three days)
Ondansetron ODT (nausea tablets)
Cephalexin (antibiotic)
Diazepam (muscle relaxer)
Hydrocodone (for pain)

I think I’ve spent about $55 for my prescriptions and an additional $200-$250 for the other items listed above. Some may call me crazy or ridiculous or maybe even over-cautious but I’ve been waiting for this for so long and I just want to do it right the first time. Do right with what I can control, right? If there’s anything else you guys can add, please let me know! I feel like I’m packing for a summer trip and I’m going to forget something.

2 More Days: Boobsession and Nerves

Boobsession = obsessively reading reviews of others BA surgeries and constantly thinking about boobs. That's me right now. I'm two days away from my BA and I CANNOT for the LIFE of me stop thinking about it. I can't even sleep well. I don't think it's from fear, it's out of anticipation. I need to know so badly how well things are going to turn out. It's killinggggg meeeeeeee!!!! Thank goodness I didn't get "boobsession" until this week. I'd have gone crazy if I felt these nerves any sooner. I'm such a planner, sometimes I hate that part about myself.

I'm going into nesting mode, too. Just like when I was 9 months pregnant and I was preparing for my new bundle of joy. Except... now I'm preparing for two new bundles of joy, hah! I'm cleaning the house, hired a lawn mowing company to help out my sweet hubby who's going to be busting his butt to care for me, and even took my car in for service over the week. Don't ask why, it was just something I needed to do!

Overall, I am excited and hopeful that everything comes out alright. I have full confidence in Dr. Harris and can't wait to see his work. 2 days!

Day Before Surgery Thoughts

Today is the last day I'll ever wake up with these boobs ever again! I slept on my stomach and enjoyed it because I won't be able to do that again for a long time. Got a call from my nurse this morning to confirm my arrival time of 8am and was told to drink a ton of water and get plenty of sleep tonight. I'm still expecting a call from my anesthesiologist later tonight. I have my clothes ready for tomorrow and my prescriptions are in my purse to bring with me. I will be going to the grocery store to make some food for myself to eat tomorrow. What should I cook to eat for my recovery tomorrow? Will I even feel like eating? What did you guys do as far as food goes for day of surgery? I want to keep my diet clean and green! So maybe some salad and chicken? I don't even know. See how bad the planner in me is? Why do I have to worry about stuff like this? Lol sigh

On the other hand, my husband will be here and I could just have him go get whatever. See? Problem solved. Hah! I still want to know what you ladies are after surgery!

Ladies it's 3pm and I think I'm going to continue cleaning the house and just take it easy. My hubby is taking me on a little date tonight to ease my mind so I think I'll just start getting ready for that too. I'm excited and ready to GO! Positive vibes for all!


Good after noon my darlings! I made it!!!! I'm 1 day post op. Let me give you guys the break down on what happened.

I arrived the surgery center at 7:30 and was called back at 8:00. I was given some really warm hospital socks and was asked to strip naked completely and put my surgical gown. They weighed me (135lbs) and then brought me into a room and put me on a bed that had warm air blowing into my covers. I signed a bunch of consent papers and got an IV hooked up to me.

Dr. Harris came in shortly after, unrobed me and drew surgical lines on me and asked what size we had finally decided on and I told him we had previously discussed 500cc's. Let me tell you something about Dr. Harris.... he is a boob god. One of my breast were larger than the other and he said 500cc in my left and 550cc in my right. He had a very "Tony Stark/Ironman" attitude. Like he would draw the lines on me, cup by breast with one hand, then step back, blinked, cocked his head to the side, then said, "yep, let's go for it." I LOVE that confidence in him. I LOVE his excitement. He seemed so ready to get my implants in and excited that I was there trusting him. After we discussed what sizes we were going with, he went to the backroom where the implants where and brought them out to me and said, "Here they are!" and showed me and my husband. He put the two boxes of implants right at my bed and said "I'll see you in a few, hun!". I had been extremely nervous all morning but after seeing him so excited to perform the surgery, I forgot all about my nerves and just became excited. What excellent bedside manner. I couldn't have picked a better surgeon.

After Dr. Harris left the room, my anesthesiologist came in and next thing I know, I was kissing my husband and was wheeled into the surgery room.

Waking up was rough. My throat hurt because of the breathing tube and I starting coughing uncontrollably. This is TMI probably but I need to share that I coughed so hard I peed myself. I PEED MYSELF, Y'ALL. I was kind of dazed and couldn't control my muscles so as I was coughing uncontrollably. I remember everyone crowding me worried that I would injure myself from such hard coughing. But after about 10 minutes, I was able to stop coughing. After the coughing (and peeing on myself), they gave me a hydrocodone to help with pain. I remember grabbing my anesthesiologist and telling my how much I appreciated him. And then thanking everyone around me. I would say my pain level after waking up was about an 8. I couldn't take deep breaths because of how tight they had the ace bandage wrapped around me.

After getting home, my husband helped me into bed and I just slept. He was on top of my medicine schedule and woke me up for my valium and hydrocodone every few hours. Getting up to get out of bed was hard. I needed help lifting my back up off my pillows but I was still able to pee and wipe myself. (barely)

Sleeping: Sleeping upright does a serious number on your back. I consider myself pretty fit but all those years of sitting straight did nothing for the hours of sleeping upright. I would suggest a heating pad and a neck pillow. The heating pad saved my back and the neck pillow allowed me to sleep comfortably. I have been using the gel ice packs and placing them on top of my breasts. That's been helping with the swelling as well as just helping with pain.

This morning, I woke up much better. I had my 1 day post op just now and they took the ace bandages off and put a sports bra on me. After the ace bandages came off, I was finally able to breathe normally and it felt SO SO SO SO great. I can finally take deep breaths! They gave me a cute pink sports bra that surprisingly did not have a front closure on it. The nurse and my husband helped me pull it over my head. Since it was so stretchy, I didn't have to lift my arms to get it on. After having this bra on, I feel so much better. I've stayed on top of my medications and I cannot stress how important that is. DO NOT MISS ONE DOSE OTHERWISE YOU'LL BE IN PAIN. Beat the pain and stay on top of your medicine.

How I feel: Right now, I feel like someone is grabbing my boob and pulling. My nipples are numb even though my incisions are in the fold. What else.... oh. My incisions feel like they are on fire and when I let my right arm down just to let it hang, my right boob feels like something is stabbing it. It's nothing my pain meds and muscle relaxers can't handle. That's why I said to not fall behind on your meds. Overall, I feel a lot of tightness and pulling but that's it. Meds are definitely my friends right now. Today I feel better than I did yesterday and hopefully, I'll continue to feel better as each day progresses. Thank you to all those who have sent me sweet words of encouragement. It helped me so much. Here are some pictures. I'll keep updating you all!

I'm feeling better today

Morning boob is a thing, you guys. I woke up and felt fine until I needed to get up to go to the restroom. Felt some pressure on both of my side boobs but it wasn't unbearable. I took my muscle relaxer and hydrocodone and felt better immediately. My implants are high still but not as franken-boobie as I thought they'd be.

To be honest I feel great. I'm so happy I went through with it and that the worst is over. (I hope) My other friends warn me that my nerves will begin trying to reconnect and the "zings" will begin soon. hopefully that won't be too horrible.

Dr. Harris is incredible, I can see my incisions and they are TINY. I got 500cc & 550cc's and the incisions are no longer than an inch and a half. I'm incredibly happy I chose him. So far, no signs of bruising. I love this cute pink bra they sent me home in!

So far so good, girls. Happy healing to everyone and to those who are close to your surgery date, remember to follow your prescription schedule to a T and don't over work yourself. I'll post new pictures when I shower tonight.


When did you all begin weening off your hydrocodone? I'm sick of being groggy and out of it all day.

2 Days Post Pictures

My implants are high but as of right now I'm feeling great! I can get up and walk around, move my arms a little. Even feeding myself has been nice. Its amazing how much you use your pecs for every day things.

My back

You guys my back is killing me from sleeping upright. Any advice? I'm dying over here...

Day 3 Updates

Today the soreness is almost gone. I'm feeling good. I started my morning off with just tylenol and will take a muscle relaxer in an hour. My implants are still riding high but overall I'm extremely happy with the size and placement. Dr. Scott Harris is a boob god.

I showered last night and it felt soooo good. I'm able to get in and out of a regular stretchy sports bra by stepping into it and having my husband pull it over my boobs.

Weird topic but I haven't had a BM yet and it's making me so bloated. I feel heavy and unhealthy. I've been taking colace (stool softener) and will be upping the dosage today and tomorrow. Any other advice?

Now I'm just waiting for them to drop and fluff. When should I start massaging? I massaged the top of my breast a little because it felt sore and massaging felt good. Am I doing any damage?

Day 4: Veins and Whatnot

Today I woke up better than yesterday.

Pain is down to a 2 out of 10. Just my incisions bothering me. I have been religious about applying bio oil and arnica gel twice a day or whenever my skin feels dry. I'm noticing veins being more prominent and its making me kind of upset... My implants are still high, especially the bigger one on my right that is 550cc's. Overall I'm still happy, I just want them to drop and the veins to not be so dark/prominent. Today's pictures were taken in daylight so you can see more subtle bruising and veins. Kind of sad... =(

Day 5: Much Mo' Betta (haha)

It's officially day 5 and I am feeling great. Morning boob sucks but that goes away within a few minutes of getting up and walking around. I still get tired a little easier than usual so I'm still taking it easy. Right now, I only take muscle relaxer and tylenol; just hydrocodone at night for sleeping.

I have decided that sleeping upright was too much for me, last night I slept just flat on my back and woke up the happiest person on earth. I made sure to place ice packs on my boobs immediately after waking up though just to keep the swelling in check. I've checked my incisions and everything looks good. No more pain other than the morning boob I mentioned earlier and I don't really even feel any soreness. Dr. Harris is freaking amazing. Can't believe he got 500cc-550cc's in me and soreness is gone by day 5. You guys were right by the way, the veins are already fading and so are some of the little yellow bruises.

My boobs are fluffing a little but my right boob (the one with 550cc's) is still higher than my left. I'm right handed so I'm thinking it may have to do with the fact that my pecs are tighter on that side.

I have side boob now which is pretty cool. I'm excited about my progress so far and can't wait for them to drop and fluff more! YAY! I MADE IT - NO MORE PAIN!

Day 6: Going Braless More Often

360 degree of the girls in a large sports bra. Sorry for the heavy breathing, LOL! And the dirty bathroom.

Explicit - Click to view

Today I feel almost back to normal. Morning boob is a monster but, again, after getting up and walking around, the pain goes away within minutes. (Or either that, I have a super high pain tolerance)

My pre-op larger boob is dropping faster than my pre-op smaller one. I'm okay with that because Dr. Harris put 550cc's in my smaller breast and it happen to be my right breast (I'm right handed). So since I don't feel any pain or soreness, I'm listening to my body and going braless as much as I can to allow the implants to drop. If you're a surgeon and reading this and completely disagree, please let me know. I've read questions posted about going braless this early post op and the reviews are mixed. I've left a voicemail for my nurse so I'll see what she has to say about that.

Going braless is not hurting, I just can feel my implants settling down. When they're in a sports bra, they feel lifted and kind of bolted on. I'll continue to sleep with a bra and go braless during the day so long as I don't start feeling too much soreness.

Here are some new pictures. So far, so good. Hope everyone is healing well!!! I cannot give more kudos to my plastic surgeon. He is incredible. I LOVE YOU DR. HARRIS!!!!!

Day 9: Waiting Game

Officially 9 days since my breast aug and I'm feeling great.

I have a confession. I went to Target today and bought sports bras that I needed for a tighter fit. I the post surgical bra I got from my PS is wonderful and fits great but it wasn't tight enough to help my implants not fall to the sides when I sleep. I made the decision to do this because I tried on a medium Champion sports bra from before my BA and slept in it and woke up significantly less sore. So I went to Target to get more sports/ spandex bras just to have more than one and be able have the surgical bra to wear during the day and the tighter one for sleeping.

These days, I'm feeling good. Still sore but it's not severe and only warrants a Tylenol or two. I stopped taking my muscle relaxer yesterday so now I'm on antibiotics and Tylenol. Day 9 and I'll be driving tomorrow; I feel ready and I'm not on hydrocodone or Valium anymore so let's get back to the daily grind!

Here are some pics of my new bras.

Day 12: MY 550cc HP Mentor Memory Gel Silicone Implants in the same shirt worn during sizing consult

My implants still have more dropping to do but I wanted to do a progress comparison as well as discuss how realistic the sizers from the surgeons offices are. In my opinion, I'm too early in the post-op period to say if the sizers were spot on or not but they are pretty close. I can see that when my implants settle that I'll be close to what I looked like in the sizers during my consult. Check out my pictures and let me know what you think.

L breast: 550cc, R breast 500cc. Does this mean I'm a 550cc gal? I had to change the title to my review from 500cc to 550cc. I remember my surgeon saying 500cc would be a great spot to start based on my wish pics and build and I was so torn between 500cc's and 550cc's. Look what happened - I got both because one breast had more tissue than the other. Hah! You know how some jokes were made too soon? Well now I'm over all the pain and soreness and I can laugh about my pre-op anxiety attacks. These days, I just go around on Real Self helping other women by offering my insignificant advice when I can.

Driving. Driving with implants. It's weird and I feel side boob every time I turn my wheel. Kind of cool because that's never been a "thing" for me before. Last night, I used my boobs as a place to put my cup of water and almost spilled it everywhere laughing hysterically when I realized I could even do it to begin with. hahaha

Positive vibes to all of you who are considering a breast augmentation, to those who are healing, and to those who've helped me through the first 12 days. Hugs!

My 2 Week Post Op Appointment Notes (3 new video uploads)

Nurse Narrated Instructions on Silicone Tape Application

Explicit - Click to view

Breast Massage Demo by Yours Truly

Explicit - Click to view

2 Week Post Op Demo of 550cc HP Mentor Silicone Memory Gel

Explicit - Click to view

I've created and uploaded 3 new videos for you guys:
1) How I've Been Taught to Apply Silicone Strips. The video was taken at my 2 week post op appointment and narrated by my incredible sweet nurse. I've been instructed to use these strips for the next 3 months.
2) How I've Been Instructed to Massage My Breasts. Please remember that every plastic surgeon has their own technique and yours may be different from mine. The video is meant to demonstrate one of the very many ways to massage your breasts after a breast augmentation.
3) 2 Week Post Op Demo of 550cc HP Mentor Silicone Memory Gel. This video is of me at 2 weeks post op after my first session of massaging. It's simply meant to show movement, stiffness, shape, size, and projection at 2 weeks PO. Your results may vary. If you’re considering 500cc-550cc and your stats are similar to mine, I hope my video helps you!

Now here are my 2 week post op appointment question and answers:

Q: I want to take advantage of my nipple and areola numbness. Can I get my nipples pierced yet?
A: Yes. I will definitely be prescribing you antibiotics to prevent infections. Make ABSOLUTE sure they sterilize everything. But yes, you may pierce your nipples at this point in time.

Q: Can I exercise yet?
A: LIGHT cardio only. This means 30 minutes on the treadmill only.

Q: Do you see any signs of abnormal scarring? I coughed a lot for a really really really long time after waking up from anesthesia and I’m worried I may have done some damage to my incisions.
A: Nope, none that I can see.

Here is additional information they gave me on things I can do now going forward:

1: Massage: massage breast 3 times a day for 3 months then 1 time a day for the rest of your life (My nurse said it in a really funny way, love her).

2: Sleeping: you may sleep on your sides, no stomach sleeping for 6 months, do not sleep elevated.

3: Taping: keep incisions taped for 3 months (silicone tape) take tape off 3 times a week, check incisions for healing then retape. Change tape out every two weeks or when the tape is no longer sticking.

4: Bra: you no longer have to sleep in a bra. Underwire is fine, no push up bra until further notice. (I was surprised by the underwire being allowed, this is a controversial topic amongst the BA world as to how early/late an underwire bra is allowed and what potential damage could be done but I absolutely trust my surgeon.)

5: Bath: baths are ok, no pool, spa, lake or ocean for 2 more weeks. (He considers those waters still foreign bacteria infested while your bath water is filled with your own bacteria)

2 weeks ago today, I was 1 day post op and knocked out on hydrocodone and valium. I was in pain, I couldn’t move my arms, no peeing without help wiping, my incisions were on fire, my skin felt stretched, my back was going to be the death of me, and I was wondering if I had made the right decision. Today, I went to a day/lunch wedding in 4 inch heels and felt incredible, sexy and confident in my dress. No pain, just a little soreness that went away after a 15 minute icing session. My boobs feel less foreign now. I’ll update as I see more progress.

I Sprained My Ankle Last Night... And Cried My Eyes Out

I'm hitting my 3 week post op mark this Friday and going strong. Less and less soreness and zero pain. And then.... I sprained my ankle last night passing a volleyball back and forth. I jumped up to catch a high bump and landed on the side of my left foot. I heard the crack in my ankle as I came crashing down and all I could think of is "Of course I'd break my leg now." I also couldn't stop thinking I may have hurt myself but realized I came fell on my side. My husband came running to me and a crowd of people surrounded me. I tore my shoe off immediately to check for something crazy because of how loud the cracks were. I honestly don't know what I was looking for but luckily, no blood.

In the car, I dont know why but I just bawled my eyes out. I was just FINALLY getting back on my feet and normal. I am healing well, I was loving my results more and more every day and now... I'm typing this update with an ankle brace, iced up, and legs propped up on a billion pillows. I can't walk anywhere, it hurts to put pressure on my foot and once again I'm bound to my bed with just ICE AND BANDAGES. AGAIN. A-FREAKING-GAIN. I have an official doctors appointment tomorrow. I seriously can't believe I'm here healing again, this time, on the opposite end. I was just frustrated and lost it. My poor husband... He ran around buying me all sorts of ankle wraps and additional ace bandages. Icing my ankle in the middle of the night. Now I'm feeling so guilty, sore (now at my ankle), and horribly upset. I don't know... My husband is showing signs of exhaustion... I know he needs a break...

3 Week Update: I Got My Nipples Pierced!

Firstly, major thanks to those of you who encouraged me to be positive when I sprained my ankle. Turns out, it was a sprain and thankfully no broken ankle. I got a knee scooter to get me around town. Back in business.

At 3 weeks post op, I'm feeling incredible. No pain, soreness only after my massages, and my incisions are doing great with the silicone strip scar therapy. I'm still wearing very loose cotton bras during the day and have gone to bed without a bra every night this week. I need to address something, though. Numbness. My right nipple is completely numb still while my left is very numb with only little feeling. I'd have to pinch my left one really hard to actually feel anything. Feeling has returned to my side breasts but the area where my incision was made (Inframammary incision) all the way up to my nipples are numb. I can feel pretty much 3/4th's of my breast, but the nipples down to my incisions are numb. Will the feeling every return? Or will I be numb forever?

So while we're on the subject of being numb... I decided now was the best time to get my nipples pierced. You guys read in my last post that I was given the OK from my surgeon to go get them done, so I did. So yesterday, after doing a few days worth of research on the best piercers in town, I got my nipples pierced. Piece of cake. My nipples are so numb that I didn't feel a thing. Even my left one that I get the occasional tingle from didn't make me flinch a bit. If you've ever even considered getting your nipples pierced, and you get the OK from your surgeon, now is the best time if you're still numb! I have read so many piercing experiences where girls say it was the most painful piercing they've ever experienced. Now, at 1 day after the piercings, I forget they are there. I feel no difference between having them and not. I am following the cleaning instructions given by my piercer and taking antibiotics prescribed by my PS. If you're wondering what on earth would compel someone to do such a thing. I like that it's a sexy secret. A secret that only my husband and I know about. And now... ALL of Real Self. hah! -________- Best decision I ever made, I love it and he is crazy about it. Win/win.

Dropping slowly but surely. My left is dropping faster than my right which is kind of annoying if I'm wearing anything slightly low cut. It's almost like wearing a bra with only one pushup side. I have my 4 week check up in a couple weeks so I'll ask my surgeon for advice then. For now, I'll stick with the program and massage as directed. =)

Quick Update with Pictures

Its been a little over 2 weeks since my last update. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Comment if you have any questions. I have my 6 week post op check-up appointment coming up this Thursday and I'll post a bigger update then. Cheers to all and happy healing.

6 Week Post Op Appointment Notes & Weight Gain?

I had my 6 week check up with my surgeon yesterday and it took, like, 5 minutes. I was called back, asked to undress and robe up. Dr. Harris came in with his medical assistant, unrobed me, squished my boobs, told me he was very satisfied and answered my questions.

My questions:
Q: Can I work out now? I'm dying and I feel like I've put on about 6-8lbs since my surgery!
A: Yes! Just don't go do 8 hours of yoga tomorrow! Take it easy and work up to your usual routine. Listen to your body.

Q: I feel like a have a little bit of "fat" or "extra tissue" in my areola. Most other girls after their BA look different... Their areola lays flat on their implant and just the nipple pops out. Mine looks like I have some tissue under my areola that makes my boobs look a little "coney". What are your thoughts? I don't know if I like this look or not... (refer to picture)
A: This is quite common. About 20% of women have the "extra tissue" in their areola. I see what you're talking about. I can surgically correct this but it would disable your ability to breastfeed. I have seen it go away before but this was the way your areola was before the implants, the BA does not reverse it. I'm going to drag my feet on this a little because number 1, you're still in child-bearing years and 2, this might go away over time. If you ask me, though, it's a very good look. I wouldn't change it.

Overall great feedback from Dr. Harris and yet again, another pleasant experience with him and his staff. At 6 weeks, I feel back to normal. I sleep on my sides comfortably now, I'm not sore anywhere, I'm still numb in the right nipple and the left one is gaining feeling back. Life's good. Very thankful and grateful for a good recovery so far.

Weight gain post BA. I think this is pretty common, right? I have been self conscious about my weight gain from not being able to work out but now that the restriction has been lifted I can be free to get some solid cardio in. I think I've been more motivated to be healthy and get into better shape after my BA so let the Body Project begin.

Official Before and After Pictures

Wow, has it really been 6 weeks since my last update? I cannot believe it! Time flies once your implants settle in and feel a part of you. Some days I notice them, others I forget they're there... Until someone stares at my chest and I remember I got a boob job. Then I look down at my chest like an idiot as if I didn't know what was drawing the attention. Needless to say, my implants have finally settled down and I'm very very happy with the results. So lucky and very grateful.

I had my post op appointment last week. Usually, Dr. Harris will come in, make sure my boobs are squishy and soft (or getting softer) and tell me what I can and cannot do at this stage. This time - all of the above happened as well as some progress pics being taken. Can I just mention how much I love my doctor? He's such a down to earth guy. I told him I wore a bikini the other day and he asked if I got some looks and when I said yes, he nodded and said "good" assertively. Haha! =)

Today I:
1. Wear whatever bra I want, underwire et al.
2. Occasionally sleep on my stomach.
3. Still feel the need to wear a sports bra at night for support. If I dont, I'll occasionally roll over and sleep on my side boob which feels weird and wakes me up.
4. Wear a 34DD/34DDD at VS. (Their semi annual sale that just ended really saved me money in buying all new bras)
5. Still using the silicone tape day and night. I'm religious about it. I don't take it off unless I shower. Dr. Harris has asked me to wear the tapes for another 3 months. (Ack, but okay, fine.)
6. I am back at the gym 4-5 days a week and my first push-up felt VERY strange. I could feel my chest muscles contracting and wrapping around my implants. Weird but not painful at all. I can jog like I used to and perform all my workout moves like before. I would seriously recommend getting a REALLY GOOD sports bra if you're a runner. I'm just now getting back into running and these implants are solid. I have the Knockout underwire sports bra from Victoria's Secret. Its the one that has an underwire bra inside that clasps shut in the front and then an additional layer covering the bra that zips up over it. Great great great sports bra for a D+ cup. If I'm just doing yoga or pilates, I'll wear a regular stretch/compression sports bra. Those work just fine.
7. I am still numb at the base of my breasts and partial nipple. I don't know how I feel about being partially numb forever.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Scott Harris is my hero. He's my Ironman. My breasts were slightly asymmetrical and he was able to determine within a couple minutes what exactly needed to be done to gain symmetry. I had also breastfed my son for a year who is now 4 and after going from a perky 34B, 34D during my breastfeeding days, then back down to a deflated less perky 34B afterward. He has incredible bedside manner, takes time to answer my question and exudes experience and confidence in his skills. I had been nervous leading up to my operation until he walked in and talked to me seconds before the surgery. His technique in breast procedures must be top notch because if you look at my 3 day post op pictures you'll see his work at its best. I'm so proud of my breasts now and I'm only 5 days out. I know this might be weird to mention, but he's actually really funny and his attitude is very "Tony Stark-like". He'll squint, scoot back from his stool, then come in closer for a better look and then announce his thoughts. I adore his bedside manner but more importantly, his surgical skills are out of this world. Look at my pictures and see for yourself. I couldn't have picked a better surgeon. Dr. Harris is a boob god. I LOVE YOU, DR. HARRIS!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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