Haven't Seen Results Yet After 3 Treatments

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I am 52 and have just completed my third...

I am 52 and have just completed my third Pixel treatment.  Each cost $500 - there would have been a discount if I had paid for three up front.  The first treatment was set at 1000, I had my face done from the eyes down and my neck.  The neck hurt like crazy for the first 24 hours, but the face did not.

My skin healed so quickly, (I had makeup on and missed only one day of work) that the second time they set the machine at 1200 and I believe 4 pulses - did the entire face and neck.  Once again, I healed quickly but the dryness lasted a little bit longer.  I really felt that there was no change to my skin what so ever.  So this third treatment - (all treatments were 1 month apart) they set the machine at 1400 and 4 pulses.  It is the next day and I can tell that I will heal quickly again.  My neck is always the most painful.  I am going to stop at 3 for now and wait a few months to see if there are ANY changes before I spend any more money.

Overall, it was pretty painless - just a deep sunburn feel and I experienced very little down time.  I have read on the internet that individuals with dry skin need more treatments than those with oily.  I don't know if that is the reason for no results.   Because they say that it takes 3 months for the final results to show, I am going to tag this review as worth it, because it was worth a try.

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