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The medspa I went to was great. I had a great...

The medspa I went to was great. I had a great treatment coordinator who set me up with a nice discount (normally $680 per treatment). Once you start Tx with Sona they give you everything 50% off for additional treatments, so that's pretty good. Today I did the Pixel treatment. It was less painful than AFT/IPL laser treatments, it just felt like a mild hot/cold/shock sensation over a very small area. The treatment took about 1/2 an hour. The nurse this time wasn't exactly nice but was thorough. My skin is very sensitive so when she was done and had applied the CeraVe cream, my face was absolutely stinging like the worst sunburn. I had to sit for a few minutes after the treatment with cool air blowing on my face just to let some of the pain wear off. After that it was fine, like a bad sunburn with manageable pain as long as I didn't touch my face or move too much. I was beat red and the skin around my eyes, etc was very white. A little scary. The redness wore tapered off after and was greatly reduced after 2-3 hours, but still very noticeable, especially on my neck. I was disappointed when I looked in the mirror and noticed that the nurse didn't treat the skin near (but not at) the far corners of my eyes where my crow's feet began. I talked to the nurse and she explained that they would not treat my skin so close to my eyes. It's now 10 hours later, I rinsed off the dead skin and excess cream from my face and put some more on. My face is still pretty red, and possibly slightly swollen, but much less pain than a sunburn (except for putting on the cream) Youch!

Sona Medspa, San Jose (RN)

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