23 Yrs, 5'4 145 Lbs, 1 Kid, 60 Lb Weight Loss - Pittsfield, MA

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Hello all! I am very new with this but I am...

Hello all!

I am very new with this but I am sooo excited for my tummy tuck. I had my consult about a week ago to move forward with abdominoplasty and possible muscle repair.

I gained 60 lbs with my pregnancy and have the ample stretch marks to prove it. I have since then lost the 60 lbs, but ideally need to lose 20 more to get to the ideal bmi. My max weight was 201 lbs the day I went into labor. I'm back down to about 145 but need to be around 125-130 lbs for the best results.

I'm scheduled to have my surgery on Dec. 16th and my 6-wk pre-op Nov. 10th. I have until then to reach my goal weight. I'll keep updating as I get closer to the big day. I can't wait!!!

Less than 24 hours!!!

It's done! I'm officially pouch free!!!! The pain is mostly a dull ache because my dr. left a constant pain port in for the next 72 hours to keep me numb. So far, I've only taken Tylenol twice post up I'm moving around well. I also see I'm visibly thinner even with the binder on. I'm very exited so far!!!

Day 4

Yesterday and today went/are going very well. I've had very little pain due to the pain medicine port. However, the last of the medicine in the ball is gone and I still have very little pain. I'm moving very well and am able to do light chores around the house. I am only taking over-the-counter Tylenol for pain management now. I'm very excited for tomorrow as I go back to the doctor to get the medicine ports removed. I'll finally be able to see what I look like. I will update with photos tomorrow!

Pics from day 4

I am extremely swollen in these pics but I am already much smaller. I'm very excited for the final result!! I did notice a lot of difficulty standing taller without the binder on. I also had a hard time breathing deeper without the binder but I'm only 5 days post-op. Each day shows great improvement!

Another pic

Front pic. Day 4
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

The initial consultation was very informative. Dr. Michaels was professional and discussed my options and the outcomes of what procedure I decided to go with. My 6-wk pre-op will be Nov. 10th. I can't wait!

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