TT Lipo of Flanks and Arms-So Ready! - Pittsburgh, PA

I am a mother if a beautiful 7 year old that I...

I am a mother if a beautiful 7 year old that I adore with all my heart. Unfortunately my body has paid the price dearly for my pregnancy. I'm ready to get my body and confidence back and I have finally scheduled my surgery! I'm so ready for this!! I'm trying to eat healthy and remain in shape till then

Counting down the days!!

Here are some before pics


Does anyone know of any foods that you should be eating prior to/after your surgery to help with the healing process? My dr only told me what to avoid but I wasn't sure if I should focus on eating more of any certain foods for vitamins for healing?

Coming up so quickly!

I'm getting so excited it's surreal to me! 9 more days before the big day and I couldn't be happier to start this new chapter of my life! I read on here that someone bought a pair of maternity pants to go back to work in so I bought a pair this week since I only have 2 weeks off work. I have a desk job so I don't think it should be an issue going back so quickly. Does anyone have any input on that? I know everyone heals differently and I'm not too concerned just checking

Feeling so ready today

I got some more stuff today including the arnica tablets and other items that will make it easier to shower after surgery. Talking with family and friends helped relieve some of the tension and reminded me that everything is going to be ok! Here's a few more pics before to remind me exactly why I'm doing this!

freaking out today

I'm so stressed today even having a little bit of a panic attack thinking about having this done! I'm hoping and praying it'll be worth it I just know how long the recovery is so I'm starting to freak out. I scheduled a massage for Thursday in hopes that will relieve a little tension. Any suggestions on how to keep yourself calm these next few days? Is it normal to be this nervous??

curveball this week

So I was focused on preparing my mind and body this week and my ex fiancé (we broke up amicably) decides to come visit me from his home in Puerto Rico without even asking just bc he wanted to see me before surgery! I'm so emotionally overwhelmed already and then he pulls this. I know his intentions are good but all I wanted to do was focus on myself for this week and now I'm having a hard time focusing at all! I'm not ready to be with him again and that's what he's looking for right now which is why I told him I wanted to wait to see him until I was emotionally ready. I sick to my stomach that he did not respect my wishes and he just showed up on my doorstep after all this time. I still have my massage scheduled for tonight hopefully that'll help with some of the stress. I just keep taking deep breathes and telling myself this will all be ok and I just have to get through this bit of a curveball that he decided to throw at me :(

feeling great today!

I'm so elaterl Monday is just around the corner! I can't believe how quickly it's come!! I'm making my ex leave first thing tomorrow so I can focus and get some things done for the big day. I'm also heading to the Steeler game tomorrow night which I'm not 100% sure I should be doing since it's a Sunday night game so I'll be out a little later but my surgery isn't until noon on Monday and I don't have to be there until 10:00am so it's not like a have to get up super early or anything. I'm sooo excited! I got my MariaEFaja compression garmet today in the mail for after I'm done with the one they provide after surgery. This thing is not true to size like the reviews stated but I ordered a few sizes up to accommodate.


I'm so excited** not whatever my phone typed in that first sentence lol

on my way to the hospital now!

Please keep me in your prayers today for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery!! Xoxo

I'm alive!!

I'm so in the hospital but I feel great!!! I just saw my incision for the first time and it looks looks amazing!! I didn't have my phone to take any pictures my sister just brought it back to me but I can't wait to take some and show you guys!! Thank you all soooooo much for your well wishes this site is amazing and you guys are awesome!! :)

first picture!!

This is my first pic I was able to get. My body is a little slanted bc of the way I'm sitting so it kinda looks crooked but it's not. Almost every single one of my stretch marks are gone I started crying when I saw my stomach last night!! I'm so amazed at the work they did... my belly is gone!!! The pain isn't too intense yet either. It burns a little and feels like I did 5000 sit ups lol but other than that it's not too bad. I heard day 3 is the worst? I'm just trying to keep a positive attitude about it I am not going to let any pain steal my joy!!! I'm so happy!!

forgot the picture lol

feeling good so far

I'm feeling pretty good so far. I'm very happy with the results that I've been able to see I just have to be more careful transferring myself. I fell last night in the middle of the night bc I tried using the bathroom on my own. No one else we awake so I didn't know what else to do. I ended up passing out and my chin hit off the ground and I was bleeding on the ground when I woke up and my mom came running when she heard me fall. I'm def not going to try to do anything like that on my own again that's for sure!! I'll post soothe pic my friend took of me.

feeling great today

I feel really good today other than my chin hurts from falling. Everything else is going great. I rented an electronic recliner that helps tremendously getting up and down when needed . I'm very swollen in my flanks and some swelling in my arms but I haven't had too much pain overall so far. I'm trying to stay positive and focused that way hopefully the healing process will happen more quickly. I'm so thankful my mother is letting me and my daughter stay here while I'm out of commission. It helps greatly to have someone around when you need them! I'm trying to get up and around as much as possible but still being a little if headed I can't do too much. Overall feeling great though. :)

getting better everyday

Last night I was able to sleep on the bed with a body pillow so that was a lot more comfortable than continuing to sleep in the same position in this recliner!! I'm hoping to keep a strong mind and I'm looking forward to focusing on healing this week. My post op appointment is on Tuesday so I'll be able to know more about how my body is healing but I think so far so good. I asked my ps about the drains and he said sometimes they come out at 1 week but since he did lipo of my flanks it may be 2 weeks? Has anyone else needed them in for that long? I'll add a couple more pictures these are me laying in the recliner I'm going to work on getting some pics of me standing up today

standing pics

It's really hard to stand and try to take pics my lower back hurts from being hunched over but I got a couple

slowly but surely feeling better

I slept on the bed last night again curled up with the body pillow. Does anyone know if this is ok to do? I don't want to do anything to damage the muscle repair but it's so much more comfortable than on a recliner. I gave myself a shower today alone and washed my hair by myself. It took me awhile but I'm determined to get over this hard part with positivity and a sound mind! I keep telling myself 'this too shall pass' I know God has been with me from the beginning and I'm so thankful for all the support I've had along the way. Excited to get to my post op appointment to see how I've been progressing. Hopefully all good news! I also haven't been draining much at all. With the TT and lipo of the flanks has anyone else got the drains out at 1 week? Or is it usually 2?

6 days po

Going out for the first time today

I'm heading to church with the family finally leaving the house for the first time. I had a very hard time getting ready finding something to wear with these stupid drains but finally I found a dress that hides them somewhat. Can't wait til these come out!! I did notice earlier though something I'm a little worried about. I feel like my stomach was really flat the first comple days then now I feel like right under my boobs in my upper stomach it feels really puffy. I'm wondering if it's just extra swelling or muscle repair damage?? I started crying today while thinking about it bc that was the main reason I had this done! I'm trying not to freak out about it and hope it's just puffy from the repair and stuff. Does anyone have any input on that? I don't want to jump to conclusions but I'm def scared that the muscle repair failed already or something?

The drains are out! Merry Christmas to me! :)

So I went to my post op appointment and my drains are out! Doc said I can stand straight up now and sleep any way I chose! I feel so great today it's only been 1 week since I've been home from the hospital and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! I'm hoping adjusting back into work next week will be as seem less. I'm going back to my house tomorrow after staying at my mom's for the week so I'm going to try to adjust to home life before returning to the real world. Hope my pre surgery clothes still fit with the swelling and this garment!

Merry Christmas!!

Today is Christmas and I'm so thankful that I got to spend it with my family and I'm feeling well enough to enjoy myself! I think the key to this surgery is being prepared and knowing what to expect. This website has been crucial in that preparation for me. I have researched and read so many stories before going into this about all the ups and downs and how much of an physical/emotional roller coaster this all will be. I think that is what has helped me get through the hardest part of this process. You guys are all so awesome for sharing your stories and encouraging each other through this vital time in our lives! Thank you all for your inspiration and support! I don't know what I would have done without the knowledge & experience you all share! XoXo

sending the recliner back today

I read on here a while back that someone advised renting a recliner if you didn't already have one. Such a great idea! This thing has been a God send in the first few days of healing. I would def recommend if you don't have one to get one or rent one! I rented one of the remote ones that actually helps you out of the awesome :) glad I don't need it anymore and I dodo comfortably in the bed! I'm going home from my mom's today. She and my siblings have been such a tremendous help. I swear I would have had to go into a nursing home if it weren't for them! Haha. But the only thing I'm bummed about is the gash on my from falling I swear it's the thing that's taking the longest to heal! Lol. Oh well if it's the worst thing out of this process I can't complain too much. happy healing xoxo

belly is healing better than chin lol

Getting ready for the day. So glad my scar can be covered wth undies!

Back to work tomorrow!

I can't believe this time went so fast! I'm back to work tomorrow and I hope everything goes smoothly. I can walk upright just fine but I'm still a little slow moving so I hope no one notices a difference. I don't plan on telling anyone still so hopefully they don't question me! I was enjoying my time off so not sure I'm ready to go back but that's life I guess...gotta work for a living! Lol. Hopefully I don't swell a ton or overdo it this week...I guess I'll see tomorrow how things go! Wish me luck :) xoxo

This is the garmet I've been using

I have others but this one feels good and holds everything well

Today was a lil rough

First day back at work was a little rough. No one noticed anything different but it's hard not being able to move full speed like usual. This was definitely worth it so I'm trying to remind myself that the worst is over and it's only uphill from here. I'm def swollen and I couldn't wait to get home and get my work clothes off and change into some Cindy clothes. I'm just gonna relax and hang with my little girl the rest of the night. Today wore me out. I ended up not needing the maternity pants I bought for after the surgery bc I was able to fit back into my work pants from before which I was was pleasantly surprised with. They were a little uncomfy only bc I've been wearing sweat pants and yoga pants for the past 2 weeks but I think it'll be fine. I came back to a bunch Christmas cards and gifts from my clients which made me feel really good. It's nice to be missed :)


Comfy clothes** not Cindy clothes. I don't even know a Cindy lol. Dang auto correct :P

Happy New Year's eve :)

New Year... new me! So thankful to start off the New Year on a good foot. Couldn't be happier!! Can't wait til I can start working out again!! I go back to see my ps soon but when can we start working out again? 4-6 weeks? I'm def not going to start until I have his clearance but just wondering. I'm not gonna risk messing anything up. :) Happy New Year all of you beautiful ladies!! xoxo

as requested :)

I was so happy about my TT results that I almost forgot I got my arms done! Here's an update of how they look. I've had to wear my compression garmet which is extremely annoying on the arms and they are still swollen but there's def a difference from beforehand. The only thing is the skin is a little saggy but he told me that would happen ahead of time and since i workout I'll be able to bounce back hopefully it won't take too long. I'm excited to see the final results.

Ready to start my new diet

Everything has been great these last few days. I'm getting used to wearing my work clothes again and no one at work can tell anything is different! I've had a few ppl say I look like I'm getting skinny but I have so many layers on you can't tell too much in clothes which is what I was hoping for. :) I've been using my Arnica gel which helps tremendously with the swelling so I use that before work and before bed to be more comfortable. I'm still taking ibuprofen throughout the day and go sleep at night to help with the comfortability. How long should we take meds for pain? I know you don't want to overdo it but I feel like it still helps with the swelling. Woke up this morning to a snow storm like a lot of others that were hit across the country. Lucky us. :) Guess that's Pittsburgh life for ya :P Well since I can't workout I'm going to start trying to eat healthier. I've always tried to eat clean but before it never really changed my appearance bc of how bad my belly was. I have no excuse now! I'm going to start 'If it fits your macros' has anyone else done this? My goal is this year to get into the best shape of my life but doing it the healthy way. I'm excited to get started..I figured I'll get my eating habits in place that way once I can workout it'll be that much better. Here's some more progress pics.

So cold today!

Who else is impacted by the winter storms? Tomorrow's high is supposed to be -1 degrees and wind chills as low as -30 to -40! Wish I could get out of this house! Oh well I guess I could use the extra rest. I've been really tired lately anyway so I guess it's a good thing I'm not running all around. Just getting stir crazy. Anyone else feeling the same way?

possible dog ear?

Everything is going fine I've been eating clean and trying to stay healthy ..still anxious to start working out! I have my 2nd PO appointment on Tuesday so I'm going to ask my ps about what I think is a dog ear on my right side of my incision. Anyone know what can be done for that? I'm almost positive that's what it is which my ps told me was a possibility so I'm not totally bummed just hoping it won't take too much to fix it. Also went to the Victoria's secret semi-annual sale today and it some new bras/undies and even some clothes. Best sales ever! I might go back tomorrow :P happy healing!! Xoxo

So much less swelling in the morning

I need to start tracking it. But I so much less swelling in the morning then in the evening. I know this is normal but I haven't had any time to really take pictures in the morning since I'm constantly running but finally I can to see the difference. I know it takes a long time so the swelling to subside but I'm patiently waiting for that day!

My second PO appointment tomorrow

So I'm happy I get to go see my ps again tomorrow. I'm going go ask him about the 'dog ear' on my right side. Overall I'm super happy with my results so I'm not supet bummed I just want to know if it's a problem and how quickly/easily it can be fixed. I've been told it's not too big of a deal so that makes me feel better. I hoping it's just swelling but I'll post pics and you can see the difference b/t the left and the right side. I took these pics at night when I was very swollen. Big difference from the morning pics with little swelling!

My second post op appointment

So I saw my ps this morning and he was very pleased with how everything is healing. He said that if the 'dog ear' is still bothering me in 6 months then it's a simple easy fix in the office. Yay! So happy to hear that. He also told me only 2 more weeks before I can start working out!!! That's the best news ever :) haha I'm so excited about that. I took some pics in the office...

First night out drinking tonight!

So tonight my girlfriend is taking me out for a girl's night out and I'm going to relax and enjoy myself! I'm going to drink some and I'm nervous I'll swell like crazy but I'm crossing my fingers I won't! Everyone have a good weekend!

change of plans

So because I live in Pittsburgh and blizzards occur out of nowhere I will not be enjoying a night out on the town lol. So being that I'm stuck in the house I figured I'd ask around about scar creams. Anyone have a good one they would recommend? My ps said on on Tuesday that I'm allowed to start using them and said some patients line Mederma (not sure of spelling) but I was wondering if anyone else had some good ones that have worked well for them? Any advice would be appreciated :)

starting the scar therapy

So I read a bunch of reviews on Amazon about different scar creams/strips. I didn't buy any yet bc I wasn't sure but I stopped at the drug store yesterday and picked up these Scar Away strips bc I read some really great reviews on them. I cut them to fit over my scar and we'll see what happens! I'm also going to purchase a cream as well for when I'm not using the strips. These are silicone based and used for burn patients and all kinds of surgeons. I picked them up foe line $20 at a local drug store for an 8 week supply. You can wear these up to a week per strip and they're washable and reusable. I'll keep you all posted!

Haven't been on in a few weeks. need a little encouragement!

So things have been good.. the healing up until this point has been great. But I am starting to get impatient with the swelling and healing process! I don't have any feeling in my lower stomach and I'm still swollen from the lipo on my flanks and arms and any time anyone touches me in those areas it's such an odd sensation.. like I'm somewhat numb still. I hate it! I'm also pms'ing right now but I'm feeling depressed for the first time since the surgery. I feel fat and like I'm not healing as quickly as desired. I've been using the Scar Away strips but idk if it's helping. My ps told me that these past 2 weeks my scar would look raised and it def does. It also is darker than it was which is upsetting. I'm trying so hard to be patient with the whole thing. I know I look better than I did before the surgery but I just want to be back to normal :/ I hope this is just a short phase and I'll get over it soon. Any encouragement would be appreciated :) happy healing everyone xoxo

Feeling better

So I've been going through some different emotions but when I went to the drs for my most recent po appointment he showed me by before pics that he took and I remembered why I went through this! The before and afters are amazing and I truly look and feel so much better than I did before. I go through stages where I'm upset about the scar or swelling or whatever.. but overall I'm def happy with my decision. I kinda regret not getting the lipo on my legs but I know I just need to get serious about working out again. I've been slacking bc of the stupid weather it's been snow storms basically every day and when I'm home from work I don't want to go back out to the gym! But I'm def going to start getting serious no more excuses even if I have to do workouts at the house I think it'll help me feel a Lot better to lose some of this extra weight. Hope everyone is healing nicely. Xoxo

Things are going well :)

Things are going well recently... I'm anxious for this cold weather to break so I can get more active outdoors! I've been doing some workouts which def have made me feel better about the healing process. Still not going 100% but doing the best I can. I sometimes forget how awful I looked before and it's easy to point out my current flaws and things I still need to work on but I'm really trying hard to love my body and change things holistically and in the healthiest way possible. I don't wanna be one of those people who changes everything with surgery even as tempting as it can be! I want to really try to improve on my God given body and feel good in my own skin. My scar strips seem to be working pretty well I guess. The scar is healing nicely. Still darker than I'd like but doc says that's normal. Scar Away makes a special strip just for those long scarswith their c section line. It's 7 inches long and doesn't quite cover my scar completely so I use 2 of the smaller strips in addition but it seems to work pretty well that way. I got those from amazon for like $20. I'm also trying Mederma once a day too when I'm not using the silicone strips. Hoping it'll speed up the healing process :)
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

I am so pleased with Dr. Gusenoff! He has made me comfortable from the beginning. He has been confident and professional since day one. I believe that he under promised and over delivered! I'm very happy with my results and how he and his team has been through this process.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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