48 Years Old, Mother of 3, Finally Getting Tt with Lipo of Flanks

I'm on here to share my journey like the brave...

I'm on here to share my journey like the brave ones before me. I'm a little nervous but excited. I will post more pictures weekly before tummy tuck. I'm mentally preparing myself. I love my curves just not my stomach. I have 3 kids 28,27,&18. I've been going to my ps since 2007 when I had my breast done. For the past 4years I've been dreaming of this procedure. I'm so excited. I have read so many reviews this past week. I started shopping for items, maxi pads, medical tape, etc. I'm eating right and stopped drinking since august 3. I want my body to be healthy to heal faster. I'm hoping for support here since I have not told my family yet. Only my husband knows. I'm afraid of judgement from everyone else. At least here I can vent and cry and relax.
Thanks for support in advance.

Good news

Well i decided to tell my oldest daughter about my TT. I was pleasantly surprised by her reaction.
She said that she was happy for me cause she knows how I dont like my belly and she cant wait to see the results. I'm so happy I have someone to talk to about this and you girls here also. My surgery is Nov 7th and I will be taking off most of the month if not all the month to recoup. I will post more pics the week before and I pray for everyone on this site to have good results and doctors with good hands.
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