Retin-A for Acne - Pittsburgh, PA

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I'm just about at the 1 month mark from starting...

I'm just about at the 1 month mark from starting Retin-A, and I definitely see some differences. My skin has always had mild-moderate acne and after trying several different medicines I was officially fed up, so my doctor prescribed Retin-A. I was a little wary at first because I do tend to get sun in the summer, and didn't want my whole face to peel off, but i tried it anyways! The first couple weeks I didn't notice too much, other than a little bit of flaking. Now, one month in, I notice that my forehead is a lot clearer but my chin and around my mouth are still breaking out pretty bad. I feel like I get several big zits popping up every week, and to me they seem pretty bad but I'm going to stick it out. My downfall is i tend to pick at anything that pops up, which only damages the skin further, but if i refrain from that and just let the medicine do its job the process would be much more efficient.
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