Looks Bulky and Unnatural - Pittsburgh, PA

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I had 16 teeth done, eight on top and bottom. The...

I had 16 teeth done, eight on top and bottom. The color was a lot whiter than what I had expected and they sort of feel like horse teeth. The dentist took all of the tooth structure off of my bottom teeth to accommodate the procedure, so now my top teeth feel huge.

It is not an easy two-step process, and I am seriously worried how my original enamel will look whenever these fall off/are removed because of the bonding used.

I had permanently yellow teeth that were genetic, so I'm glad for the whiter change in color, but was not expecting such a significant structural change. I even feel like I talk different

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I think he simply wanted the money from this very expensive procedure. Little was explained to me and minimal consultation was given. I wouldn't have picked the color I have, and I didn't get the shape I requested.

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