Ready or Not, It's Almost Here! 34E to a 34C :-) - Pittsburgh, PA

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Growing up, I always wanted BOOBS. I just had to...

Growing up, I always wanted BOOBS. I just had to have 'em... Be careful what you wish for! :-) By the time I was in 7th grade, I was a full C-cup. Then they got bigger... and bigger. I'm currently a 34E and HATE them! I've thought about having a breast reduction off and on for several years but thought I was too young for such a "drastic" surgery. Was not being able to wear normal clothes, bathing suits (a bikini, YEAH RIGHT), hating to exercise in front of people, and having neck/back pain really worth having surgery...? YES!

I've worked at a hospital for about 1 1/2 yrs now and the neck/back pain really kicked it up a notch when I added on nursing school full-time. It was then that I realized to avoid future/more serious problems, I should proceed with a BR. I saw Dr. Kenneth Shestak in August for my consultation. I was interested in a liposuction only BR which he thought was possible.

When I went for my pre-op appointment a few weeks ago, my PS changed course and recommended a full surgical reduction. He said that it would give me better results that I'd be happy with. Liposuction would give me "mediocre" results due to my measurements/breast ptosis and he would only be able to get me to a D-cup. I opted, at this point, to proceed with a full surgical BR in order to successfully get me to a C-cup and know that I'll love my results. Go big or go home, Right?

My surgery is only a few days away on December 22nd. MERRY CHRISTMAS! My major concerns? General anesthesia freaks me out and I'm worried I'll have untolerable pain. Thankfully, I personally know 3 people who have had BRs and they've reassured me how well things went for them. I'll post some pics when I can. Any tips for recovery, etc. are appreciated!

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