Accidental Removal of Dissolvable Stiches 4 Days After Septoplasty

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Closed septoplasty to fix deviated septum and to...

Closed septoplasty to fix deviated septum and to do some minor reshaping of tip because I was not breathing through my nose well and it was slightly crooked due to the deviated septum.

The surgery was covered 100% by insurance.

I had septoplasty and minor tip shaping 2 weeks...

I had septoplasty and minor tip shaping 2 weeks ago. However, about 4-5 days after the surgery, I accidentally pulled out some dissolvable stiches in the tip of my nose with a q-tip while attempting to remove some dried blood. I called the doctors office and the nurse said as long as there was no bleeding when this happened, I shouldn't worry. I do not have another follow-up appointment with my surgeon again until December 14. Do you think I damaged the outcome/results of the shape of the tip of my nose? Is there a way to tell? -- Updated on Dec 1, 2009: I had a closed septoplasty 12 days ago to fix a deviated septum and havd some minor tip reshaping done. I took a pretty hard bump to the nose from my 7 year olds head. I saw my surgeon yesterday and he assured me that the bones did not appear to have moved and the "inside" of my nose looked ok. But my nose is REALLY swollen since the hit, even more than it was right after I had my cast taken off. Is this normal? Will it go away? Is it just sweeling or did I effect the end results?
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He has an excellent reputation as a skilled surgeon and has been practicing plastic surgery for over 30 years. I know some of his former patients and they were all very pleased with their results.

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