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We are currently stationed in Fort Bragg and so...

We are currently stationed in Fort Bragg and so far I have consulted with two other PS before meeting Dr. Zoellner. To give you some details, I've consulted with Dr. Richard Cummings in Kingston and Dr. Stoeckel in Cary.

Dr. Cummings- known as the boob doctor. I learned from another wife who had her BA done and swore he is the best! Since I didmt know her personally, I wasn't about to ask her to show me her boobs. But from what I can see, with her clothes on, they looked good. I decided to get a consultation and drove all the way to Kinston. Dr. Cummings was nice, a joker, but our meeting was brief. I guess that's what you get with a free consultation. No pre op appt needed, just show up on the day of surgery and you don't get decide what size. He does. He determines your size the day of surgery with sizers inserted in your boobs.
Wasn't comfortable with a guessing game so I'm not comfortable with that. Also he never renewed his Board certification since 2011 therefore he's no longer Board Certified, not comfortable with that either.

Next was Dr. Stoeckel. Consultation fee was $125. So with that amount he did spend time with me and went over some questions and he explained the type of procedure he would perform on me regarding implant placement. He wasn't pushy on whether I should go with saline or gel. I did freak out when he showed me the revisions he had to do on some of his patients. Since I've never had any cosmetic surgeries done, it freaked me out and reminded me of that show Botched. Also he has 1 Board Action on his file. I won't discuss it here but you can find it on It may not be anything to be concerned about to a few, but it is bothersome to me. Plus his patient coordinator never called me back regarding some questions that I had. So he's out.

Last is Dr. Zoellner. I was raised in Los Angeles and majority of my girlfriends had all their boobs done in Beverly Hills. However just because it's Beverly Hills, I don't think their boobs were all that great. I think it's just a hefty price tag. My appointment was at 11 and I made sure all my paperwork was completed to save time. I met his patient coordinator, whom I thought in the beginning his was too friendly. I have reservations with people who are too friendly, specially in the business of making money. I was pleasantly surprised when she informed me that they now do vectra imaging, something that wasn't advertised on their website and something some surgeons tack on to their price in my opinion. After going from room to another, measuring, taking 3D scans, I finally met Dr Zoellner. He reminds me of that geeky student everyone had in school. However, as geeky as he perceived to be, this man knows what he's talking about. He's definitely intelligent and he has 20+ years in experience. We went over the procedure and I asked him about dual plane procedure, which is something that he does in the norm, which is a plus for me. You decide the size, although he will make some recommendations, which is also great and from what his patient coordinator said sometimes he makes last minute adjustments on the CC's to achieve the look that you want in the event the implant you decide may be too small or too big when he sits you up during surgery. Overall I felt very comfortable and with the patient coordinator being too friendly, well, she really is that friendly. Not pretentious. After sitting down with her for more than hour, never once did I feel rush or did she try to rush me out even though they were already closed at noon, and I was already 1 hour overdue. And by the way Dr.Zoellner is military friendly, another plus. So I'm excited, booking my surgery on 7/14/16.

T'was the night before the boob job.

Nervous, anxious, concerned. Hoping everything will be ok tomorrow and the procedure goes smoothly. Not looking forward towards the pain. I have 2 children, ages 3 and 1.5. Both breastfed and my perky full sized B cup breasts are now completely deflated and saggy.

Here are some of my "Wish Boobs"

Post op

Here's what my deflated, collapsed boos look like.

This is it!

Drowsy from Vicodin but excited about the procedure. Just not looking for the pain afterwards. I honestly just want to get this over with. I'm hungry and dehydrated.

Owner of 510 cc's saline moderate profile.

Due to the amount of breast tissue I have, my PS initially started out with 475ccs as a sizer. However, it was big enough for to reach my dream boobs wish. He added more saline to the sizers during surger to 525 and finally scaled it down to 510.

I have to admit, they hurt, the tyre tight, and feels like someone is sitting on top of me. I haven't stood up yet to see what they look like standing up since I've been bedridden since I got home due to the Percocet I took.

The only think that's really painful is my back. Particularly both my shoulder blades like they both have painful knots and need to be massaged. Not sure why this is happening, but it's more excruciating than the actual breast surgery. Any ideas?

Day 2 Post Op

I just realized I had so many typos in the review I wrote yesterday. Effects of Percocet. So far my shoulder blades still hurt and it's very uncomfortable to sleep. The Percocet did minor help as far as pain wise. But it helped me sleep, although I became a light sleeper as opposed to being completely knocked out. I can feel my right boob slowly feeling better, not so much on the left boob. There's still some tightness on the top and the side is tender to the touch. When I get up, they both feel heavy and feel like they're about to rip my chest wall.

My second child was born at 9.5 lbs naturally, without any epidural. Being 4"11, I was all belly. I remembered after he came out, my body felt like it was ran over by a semi truck. I was in excruciating pain. I lost control of my stomach muscles and pretty much my entire bottom half was in pain. It took me 1 month to actually lift my knees up. Due to his size, he stretched my stomach causing me to have diastasis recti. Fortunately it's not so bad to look at. But perhaps a tummy tuck in the future.

The pain I felt yesterday after being discharged was similar to the night after I gave birth. It was excruciating, throbbing, tight and sore.

3rd Day

I was having excruciating shoulder blade pain to a point that it wanted to make me just roll into a ball and cry. My husband has been diligently massaging my back, along with heat pads and icy hot. I also called my doctor and he prescribed another dose of Valium to relax my muscles from spasms.

I was finally able to shower and today was the first day that I've seen the results.

Day 3 still very swollen. Hoping the the pain, soreness and tightness feeling will go away soon.

Day 3- Correction

I was confused on how this whole countdown works and thought that surgery day is Day 1, however after speaking with my husband he just lectured me day one starts the day AFTER surgery.

So today marks officially as Day 3. Quick update:

Sides are sore
Feels like I did 1000 push ups
Sometimes it feels like pins and needles like your milk is coming in


I finally did arm exercises which helped tremendously,
I'm able to get out of bed slowly on my own ,
Walk around and sit on the couch and watch tv,
Appetite is coming back,
Still haven't been able to do any bowel movements tho,
Wash, shampoo and condition my hair,
Dry my hair using a hairdryer.

So I say there are some progress there. Shoulder blade on my left still hurts a little, so icy hot and hot pads are still being used. It's much more manageable now than the first two nights.

Can't wait till they start dropping.

Day 5

I'm feeling about 60% better today. I managed to watch both of my kids with minimal help from my friends. My husband is still in the field so I'm practically by myself again running the household with sore boobs.

They're still tight, high and hard, although this picture looks like one boob is bigger than the other. Not sure why that is happening. I hope they correct each other soon. My little baby is trying to peek and curious to see what mommy is doing in the bathroom.

1 Week Post Op.

Sometimes it feels like time flew by and most times, time feels like it's not going fast enough. Specially when you're dealing with pain and uncomfortable sleep positions. I count the days and look forward to the time where they no longer feel tight and my back muscles have adapted to the extra weight I'm now carrying in the front. I look forward to going back to the gym, to perform tasks I'm simply just afraid of doing of over exerting myself. Until then, all I can do is wait and let time be my friend.

2 Weeks Post Op

Tomorrow is my 2 weeks post op follow up visit. Just a breakdown on what's been happening to my body:

Shoulder blade pain is 95% gone
Sleeping better
Tightness and soreness feeling when you wake up in the morning is 80% almost gone, either that or my tolerance in pain increased.
Soreness on the bottom part of my boob is still sore but manageable.
When I get the chills, my boobs feel rock hard and tight.
My right boob has dropped more than my left boob.

3 Weeks Post Op

Slowly but surely. The left is lagging a bit behind. I did a side by side comparison so I can gauge the changes that's happening to my boobs. So far I'm about 80% myself. The bottom part on both boobs are still a bit tender to the touch. The incisions are healing nicely. I can wait for them to soften up.

1 Month Post Op

I can't it's been a month! My right is dropping faster than my left as usual, however I am starting to see that the left is finally cooperating.

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